Heritage Golf Club

18/9 Hole Resort

Heritage Golf Club

Bel Ombre, Mauritius

Phone: +230 623 5600, Fax: +230 623 5601

Golf Packages

with Heritage Golf Club
Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort

Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort 5 stars


7 Nights B&B and 5 green fees

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Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort 5 stars


7 Nights AI and 5 green fees

from 1061,- per person Learn more
Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort 5 stars


7 Nights AI and 5 green fees

from 2252,- per person Learn more


Designed by South African golf architect Peter Matkovitch, the par 72, 205 acre course

has wide, undulating fairways carved through a sugar cane plantation and is set between

the volcanic mountains and the turquoise blue sea. Much of the landscaping and design,

such as the use of Vettiver and Mondo grass, simulate the dramatic contours of the estate

fields which still surround the course.

The course is technically challenging for low-handicappers but also highly enjoyable

for recreational golfers, with five sets of tees and bunkers, water hazards and blind greens

strategically placed. Two rivers, the Citronniers and St Martin, cross the fairways at

unexpected points, and lush, exotic flowers scent the air.


18-Hole Golf du Château Course

Design: Peter Matkovich

Terrain: Slightly undulating

Technical difficulty: Moderate

Yellow (Men)72--6498 m
White (Men)72--6121 m
Blue (Men)72--5740 m
Green (Women)72--5214 m
Red (Women)72--4761 m

9-Hole Mashy Course

Terrain: Flat

Technical difficulty: Easy

Par: 3

Practice Facilities

  • Driving Range
  • Putting Green
  • Pitching Green


Both Courses

Visitors - on request.


Club Amenities

  • Locker rooms


  • Electro-cart for hire

The Club

General Information

Founded: 2005

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Mollenstein 2 Reviews
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It is not without reason that the course is a championship course of the European Tour

When I read the last two reviews from MiJor and Heidi M, it shakes me a little! This is about the evaluation of the course and not about personal differences with any players. Something like this is solved on-site and does not spread this here. The course is superbly designed and bears the signature of a professional!
I have now played the course 10 times in February, March this year.
The condition of the greens, fairways, bunkers etc. was really great. The sand in the bunker is very light, you have to be prepared. The greens are turned great and really hard to read! It's really fun! Just a championship course, very demanding with long par 3 and par 4 holes! And very varied! I can only recommend the course and it is suitable for all skill levels,

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MiJor 4 Reviews
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Certainly a good place but without highlights.
At some holes many Kahlstellen around the green.
Grüns (middle - end of October) constantly lightly sanded.
Not exactly what you want on vacation.
As a guest in Awali you play for about 25 € green fee. But the cart beats again with 25 € per person to book.
So then the round costs 50 € per person.
Caddy Master Team very friendly. Reception two unfriendly ladies. No holiday like welcome.
Since we finally wanted to play on greens we went to the Avalon Golf Club. Very good place. It's worth it.
On the occasion, respect the Heritage Awali is not suitable for couples.
A true toddler paradise.

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Heidi M 1 Review
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Attention danger to life for vacationers

We visited the Heritage Le Telfair for the fourth time from 12 to 19 September 2019.
As always, the hotel, all staff and all the restaurants fully convinced us in quality and friendliness. Hotel review is done separately.

We play golf every day, which is now on 14.09. happened on the course has quite negative rarity value.
We start on schedule at the agreed start time, behind us is a single player eigetragen.
However, there is already a 2 er Flight at the tee, obviously without a regular start time.

At hole 1 (par 4) Mr Christophe Kamdiane (local hotel manager) of the neighbor hotel Awali played the tee about 10 meters behind us, we are 60 meters before the green, so a long drive.
Unfortunately, the situation escalates already at hole 2, because we had to wait (foursome flight in front of us), we remained in sight, because we already had the dubious pleasure at hole 1.
When I made my 2nd shot and went forward, his ball flew just above my head and rolls 30 meters ahead of me. A fore sadly missed. With so long drives Mr. Christophe Kamdiane can not play as long as we are still in sight, that is intentional danger, especially since he should be aware of the length of his drives.
His intentional arrogance and his complete lack of understanding of the dangerous situation are expressed through his behavior. Of regret or honest regret no trace.
He was bored and conspicuous, almost provocative, disinterested!
My wife was provoked by it, feeling helpless, alone and abandoned. Also, the fact that you have been told how to speak with the manager of the Awali Hotel suggests that he has a special status, in any case his behavior will be tolerated and paying hotel guests will have to submit.
His statement was, we should be glad, nothing would have happened. No attempt on his part to smooth the waves, on the contrary we were treated like an annoying insect, our assessment and our view of things was never taken seriously.
We did not feel well and no longer welcome.
To play a tee with the driver more than 30 meters above us is a clear impudence and an attack on life and limb.
A train before, the situation was such that his tee still rolled out about 10 meters behind us, but over the head, can be excused with no banal talk.
We have been playing golf on various courses in the world for 20 years and are good players, which includes a handicap, so no bloody beginners who have no idea of rules or etiquette.
We felt it was clearly a malicious and intentional act, as we probably should have played closer to our previous flight for his feeling.
Mr Christophe Kamdiane now contacted the golf club employees, who were supposed to facilitate a quick match for him, proving his impatience and displeasure.
Aldo should settle this matter, unfortunately he has completely failed, he informed only the four-flight in front of us, that is played through.
We were only in the way, it was only about the concerns of the Awali hotel manager.
Our request was clearly defined to ensure that Mr. Christophe Kamdiane should no longer be left behind, as we were justifiably afraid for our health.
No apology, no regrets, no sympathy or interest recognizable by the employee, not even a comment in that direction, the motto was to ignore the whole thing, then we'll let it be good someday. As a result, we also felt in this conversation also not noticed.

Because at hole 9, he was back behind us and played the green even though we had not left the train completely, this one does not do if you have already committed a more than gross misconduct and the apology would have meant honestly.
Here we asked Vijay whether he is now settling the situation, but he did not dare and so there was now the second confrontation on this holiday.
It was expected of us that we let play through him and continue to play behind him, what we perceived as complete impudence, so outrageous we have not been treated on any golf course, as paying hotel guests!
We felt that we were second class, subordinate to others, this was confirmed by the assumption as described above, it was only about the interests of Mr. Christophe Kamdiane implement, we were just annoying and unimportant accessories, here was the well-being of the hotel guest far back.
Even after more than 4 weeks have elapsed, we have no positive feeling in retrospect, mainly and mainly based on how disrespectful, unimportant and ignorant we were treated by all those involved.
We apologize for traveling halfway around the world and paying a lot of money, disrupting Mr. Christophe Kamdiane and hindering his personal play.
A tip, but in the future block the golf course for him, then the annoying tourists are no longer there.

The real quality and helpfulness of the employees ultimately only manifests itself in a situation that is not simple or unusual.
If all goes well and only phrases are exchanged, how: How your your game, see you tomorrow, good weather today... Can not do much wrong.
We have now learned that the well-being of the Awali hotel manager is more important and for us hotel guests only the phrases remain.
Our very special thanks go to France Reine from the Hotel Heritage Le Telfair, who took great care of us and did not ignore it.
It made us feel, at least you, not unimportant!
Even at a meeting the next day, when Mr. Christophe Kamdiane had to apologize, at the request of the hotel management of the hotel Heritage Le Telfair, he has only clearly underlined the impression described here.
Mr. Christophe Kamdiane has confirmed to us that negative reviews are of no concern to him, so to all golfers, as the world is open to all, look at the other places on the island, they are all beautiful and an experience to play and it is usually easier to get a good start time.
And no hotel manager actually no time to play golf and therefore the tourists from the square want to push.

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