Golf Club Mettmann e.V.

18/3 Hole

Golf Club Mettmann e.V.

Golf Club Mettmann e.V.

Obschwarzbach 4a, D-40822 Mettmann, Germany

Phone: +49 2058 92240, Fax: +49 2058 922449


The course is situated in the region Bergisches Land in a slightly hilly, 93 ha large area, only about 15 km east of Düsseldorf. The fairways are demanding and offer with all in all 71 bunkers and 7 water hazards many attractions for golfers. A training centre with a 3-hole short course, a driving range with 35 tees (6 roofed) as well as with facilities for the short game offer ideal training opportunities.


18-Hole Course

Terrain: Undulating with water hazards

Technical difficulty: Moderate - Hard

Yellow (Men)72721316064 m
Blue (Men)72701305705 m
Red (Women)7273.81255340 m
Orange (Women)7271.81245019 m

3-Hole Course

Scorecard: 3 x 3Löcher
Yellow (Men)27--996 m
Red (Women)27--849 m

Practice Facilities

  • Driving Range (35 tees, 6 covered)
  • Putting Green
  • Pitching Green
  • Chipping Green
  • Practice bunker
  • 3-Hole short course


18-Hole Course

Visitors are welcome Monday - Friday (except public holidays). Guests accompanied by a member are welcome every day.
Advance booking is essential.
A valid handicap certificate from player’s home club is required.
Handicap limit: 36

VcG-Players are admitted.

3-Hole Course

Visitors are welcome every day.
No membership / handicap required.

VcG-Players are admitted.


Softspikes required.

No dogs allowed.

GPS devices approved.

Green Fees

18-Hole Course

Green FeeMon - FriSat, Sun, Holidays
18 Holes60 €60 €
Twilight (18 holes)40 €

Juniors and Students receive a 50% discount.

3-Hole Course

Green FeeMon - FriSat, Sun, Holidays
Day ticket15 €15 €

Driving Range

Monday - Sunday
Bucket (28 balls)2 €


Club Amenities

  • Clubhouse
  • Conference room
  • Locker rooms
  • Children’s playground


Golfrestaurant Mettmann
Phone: 02058-895681, Fax: -910132
Closed: Monday

Pro Shop

Golfshop Mettmann
Phone: 02058/7881998
Credit cards accepted.


  • Trolley for hire
  • Electro-cart for hire

Golf tuition

Dynamic Golf

The Club

General Information

Founded: 1986
Membership: Available - More info


PresidentHorst Fechner
SecretarySona Nemec
SecretaryMateusz Bonczkowitz
Head ProTimo Wiek0172-2111856

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Danut Munteanu 55 Reviews

I was thinking before I was playing here, that GOLF is a sport for GENTLEMAN!

I was so silly to choose playing in a Golf Journal competition here, yesterday. Definitely, I was expecting all the players, included guests have the same rights and respect the same rules! It was awfully to see that local players broke the local rules, AND IS NOBODY FROM THE CLUB ALONG THE COURSE! When I ask them to play properly, they told me "go home, we don't need you here" ! It was the most embarassing thing for me in GERMANY, since 4 years...
The golf course is quite difficult, but challenging, mostly about avoiding the bunkers and water hazards. They have high grass, but they don't have Birdie book, for an example. There are several drawings on each hole, but a few of them NOT INCLUDED some bunkers, others were not updated, since the teeing ground was changed, for an example. They have something on the club's site, but even there is not corect, totally. Above all, was a disgracefully experience and a very unpleasant event managed by the Golf Journal. Not a single word about CHEATING : when players KNOW that nobody are supervising them, when they are 2 players from local club, and others are from different golf clubs... local players can play even 11 (ELEVEN !) strokes, on PAR 4... That's the game and the etiquette in METTMAN GOLF CLUB. Shame on it!!!

ralemb 16 Reviews
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A really beautiful place!

As a beginner, I have started this year on this place my first year as a trial member of a golf club. Although I have not played a lot of places, but quite a few others.

Mettmann has (almost) everything you need beeen place. No train is like a different, slightly hilly, water hazards, really really good. The only thing I miss are short PAR3's. The shortest of money is about 155m and the uphill. Then there is only 175m. On the other hand, the place is long and thus correspondingly high.
The best thing in my eyes that speaks almost every track on its own, ie. there is rarely visual contact with neighboring railways, which I personally find very pleasant.

The practice facility is good, the clubhouse as well, friendly players. Everything was great.

Would always want to play this course again and again, even after many rounds now.

The condition is also very good, although I can not rate this as good. Well I find it good :)

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Greenseeker 39 Reviews
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Great Meadow

In essence, Crazy Horse is right! This is really a successful golf course with beautiful ponds and zero boredom. To my mind there is only one weak point: In the morning, there should be a discount green fee. 8 before but no one bothers. In any case, Mettmann does not hide behind the established clubs near D'dorf.

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