Golf Vacations in Lombardia

Golf Vacations in Lombardia

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Golf Holidays in Lombardia

The region of Lombardy thanks to its various natural context represents a perfect environment for enjoying golf. In Lombardy there are almost 60 golf courses covering a total area of 24,000 sq. meter. However number of golf courses is expected to increase further in the short term. Many of these fairways are internationally awarded not only for the beauty features of the locations and their surroundings but because they host international competitions during the year. The Golf Club Monticello (Como) with its two 18 holes each course is the most various fairway in Lombardy, but there are 6 golf clubs with 27 holes. With these figures Lombardy places in "pole position" inside the Italian golf booming.

Such an impressive success is surely due to the high standard quality of life of the inhabitants of Lombardy but remarkably also to the peculiar naturally beauties of the region and the precious cultural and artistic treasures. Indeed most golfers coming from abroad do not only visit Lombardy for merely competitions but they also enjoy the leisure and the cultural aspects of the region.

But Lombardia is not only best for golf, but also for execellent food. An area that stretches from the Alps to the Oltrepò and includes the great lakes, large hilly areas and a plain that has been used for agriculture since ancient times can’t help but be an inexhaustible supply of delicious specialities for gourmets.

Therefore, it is not by chance that this region has over 250 traditional specialities including cheeses, cold meats, vegetables, cakes and biscuits, without counting the DOC wines which are the pride of whole areas.

To sum up, many delicious, different flavours you can try during trips and excursions where you can join gastronomic delights while discovering the rich artistic and cultural heritage of this area.