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Danut Munteanu 55 Reviews

Awsome! Like Les Cascade in Soma Bay, or Thraccian Cliffs, in Cap Kaliacra

I have played today, 23rd of January 2019 here.
It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! I was astonished by the entrance, although I have some booking issues (by my fault).
Therefore :
1. CONS : they need a real internet site dedicated to golf, because THEY HAVE WHAT TO PROMOTE, others than their ambassador’ interview!
2. PRO :
- fairway quality : absolutely glorious! They are really cut, you may putt from 20 yards to the green, easily!
- green quality : speechless! Stimpmeter values : 11-11,5. Very tricky, quite large but only bad players could not adjust it. Why on Earth you have to have 4 putts???
- waste area : like in desert (Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrein, Kuwait) . No problem, at all!
- ravines : ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICIENT - it seems to me it’s like in Santo da Serra, Madeira.
- water hazard : I haven’t noticed to be unplayable.
- golf facilities : very large and useful! I recomand at least 30 minutes of properly warm up before the round.
- restaurant : quite good, definitely better than in Eichenried GC, MUNCHEN.
- staff people : speaking french, english and deutsch. Very friendly.
- Green fee : 800 Drh. Cart : 400 Drh. 1 golf balls basket : 35 Drh.
- there is a SHUTTLE from Agadir, they pick you up from the mainly hotels near the beach: Riu Tikida (Dunas, Beach, Palace), Club Med, Robinson, Sofitel, Royal Atlas.
I’ve played in Marrakesch, as well, but it was really low, comparimg with this... I would try Mazagan GC, in the future. Until then, this golf course is BY FAR THE BEST GOLF COURSE IN MORROCCO, despite anything Golf Digest may believe. They make a lot of mistake about Ayla GC (Greg Norman design), in Aqaba, Jordania, as well...

tenisman 12 Reviews
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Another place with a great view

Tazegzout played on 25.01.2020 for the second time after the opening year 2015. A lot has changed all around, through the construction of hotels and apartments - but everything is the same on the square. Hard fairways, difficult to play greens and a lot of waste era. Overall a challenging place with a great view. It is not a must but an addition and change to the three similarly designed courses of Agadir.

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Wiesnwirt 14 Reviews
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Great panorama...

Played on November 4,2019:

Fairway and greens really TOP! As long as you end up with the blows... If that does not happen, the ball is lost... unfortunately, there is nothing left to find in this "Waste Area"! But still: the place is worth every minute! and a (possibly) Birdy you can celebrate great in the clubhouse with a view of the Atlantic Ocean...

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golffreund96 63 Reviews
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After the stories and reviews we and this Paltz FULL presented differently. So: rock hard desert place, the fairways remind of needled felt. The tracks by no means tight, not rocky. Rocky here is the rough, who is in it should take another ball or buy new clubs afterwards. Fungus almost throughout the argan bushes, sparse in number but where we were looking for the balls always present. And then showing her 15 cm long pointed thorns.
Many blind blows, Many bunkers with amazingly LITTLE sand, which only hinted at the embedded large stones covered. And you think, here in the desert, there is nothing more than sand. The best thing about this club is the clubhouse with the sophisticated terrace and the wide sea view at almost every hole. The Signature Hole certainly the Par 3 No. 17, a secured by bunker green on a cliff. Unfortunately, just in these bunkers more stone than sand, so rather something for the memory.

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MattiHH 9 Reviews
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Great Place

Very nice facility. Great design but also long and difficult tracks. In addition still very fast greens so that a Vierputt is not uncommon. Nevertheless highly recommended.

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ph8181b51 2 Reviews
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The place at Salobre Nord reminds me only more spanning As long as you hit the fairway it is okay but if it does not get difficult The view of the Atlantic Ocean is amazing, although at the moment the coast is completely concreted and there are cranes everywhere. We walked and it was easy to handle.
Secretariat very nice and competent also gives tips, very spacious driving range.
We stayed here in November and it was not busy a 2nd time we would not play here but the place is young maybe that will be. Wind was not an issue for us

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egonoge 9 Reviews
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In good condition, even in summer

29.07.2018 (11.9) Agadir and the surrounding area are perfect for playing golf in summer as well. Not many golfers know that. Because you never have to wait, either during the reservation (presumably you could also arrive without a reservation), before or during the game. Come, pay and get started whenever you want. The temperatures are so pleasant 25 to 28 degrees C. This is due to the constantly refreshing sea breeze, which sometimes takes more and less influence on the game.

To the place:
An open, slightly hilly place with little vegetation. Sometimes there are a few trees in or next to the fairway. In addition to the fairways, there are tons of stony waste areas. Balls flying into these waste areas are usually found again. But they can hardly be played on the racket without material damage. A ball that does not lie on the fairway - most likely it is in the Waste Area - should a provisional ball be replayed.
Positive: All landing zones from Teebox are visible, except for a par 3.
The place has a great visual appeal, with the constant view of the sea. But also playfully he has his charms. Be it a par 5 with over 550m from yellow, or the # 17, a par 3 over the gorge.

Place State:
The signage was sufficient to find the Teeboxen in the right order as Platzneuling (and without Caddy).
All playing surfaces are well watered and therefore richly green. If you hit the fairway, you have the chance to be on the fairway. The Green's are consistent, but not extremely fast, without significant "damage" (mushroom, flowers, holes, etc.).
Some guests, however, seem to have massive problems with their knees. Unfortunately, it has one or the other pitch mark, which is not repaired.

If you have a handle on avoiding the waste areas (actually the goal of every golfer), you will be delighted with the place.
The others (those whose drop-offs or transports often find their way into the conspicuous waste areas, incl. Myself on the front nine) are more likely to have dubious fun on the pitch.
And have on the court.

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hansueliklaey 10 Reviews
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Great new place

15.11.17 (Hcp7.1) Really a pleasure even if the place is difficult! ️Landschaftlich great with great views, always the sea in front of your eyes.
The place has a bit of a linkscour at the moment because it is still new and therefore not overgrown. Hole 17 is a challenge in strong winds. He is very different from the other places in Agadir, and stands out. You just have to play in it. No caddy duty, but Cart recommended, because there are wide stakes between the individual holes to go.
41/2 hours is normal, even if not played slowly. Very friendly staff. Great view from the restarant terrace. Around the square is heavily built (villa by villa) but it does not interfere with the game of golf in any way. Very fast greens, no comparison to the other places. Every put is a challenge.

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Golfmarok 1 Review
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If you have a lot. Have time...

We played the course twice on Nov., 17:
- Each time 5 1/2 - 6 hours, it was played unusually slow, because apparently everyone is allowed on the place, which has a racket and no one cares about the Spielfluß.
-The fairways are tough, the balls jump, sometimes uphill, and your haircuts roll 30m from the direction, like in bunkers or waste-area (= stone desert with thorns and cacti)
-The greens are very fast but sufficiently wet to get the ball to a stop. You have to like that, but it's ok.
-Landschaftlich the place is charming (Atlantic view!) You have plenty of time to enjoy this sight, because you are standing around a lot.
-The clubhouse is very nice, we can not say anything about the quality
We were particularly annoyed by the Pro, who was slow with his protégés and then practiced for minutes on the "9" in the fairway bunker, the waiting flight behind it did not interest him in the least.

-Total the € 200 for greenfee and buggy not worth

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Klaus_12 2 Reviews
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Interestingly square with many strengths

We played the course on 2/24/17.
You should think in advance whether each Series is sufficient!
To write... good discount, but the ball is gone??? Then the tee was perhaps not so good!
Also have the right club selection at Par3 etc. for when you're on other beats in Peddo with a carry of 2-4m is already very ambitious ;-)

Yes the place is difficult to play, the fairways are demanding as well as the greens that do not forgive mistakes Putting!
For me the course was an experience of a positive kind.
Whether the ball washers are equipped with towel etc interested me less, WC Clubhouse was enough for us.
I can any experienced golfer recommend playing there, just because it is a golf course to be not so easy place here in Germany.
Approximately € 80 green fee I find appropriate, by no means excessive.

The comparison with Soleil, Ocean Dunes or is a comparison of the famous apples and pears! Different golf courses that have in common at all. Besides the aim to play the cue ball into the hole.

And assumptions that in maybe two or three years, the game of golf requires 5-6 hours, is really wrong here. There is much built within but pretty much all the buildings are, if at all, in the shell. And at prices of about € 430 thousand per cabin, it will take some time until the golfers arrive.

Plays the square if you have the opportunity and let yourself be surprised, hopefully positive ;-)

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MarAnd 1 Review
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Expectations and reality do not match

My wife and I were just in January 2017 wanted to play in the neighboring hotel Hyatt Place, which is why we place the 3 times (in advance from D posted) and then had to. We rely on the predominantly positive opinion here and can confirm this is not, unfortunately. So here's some feedback:

+ 19th hole. Great food, magnificent view of web 18 and the sea

+ View of several lanes of the sea (if you hide the 10 construction cranes)

+ The location of the place as such (trough-shaped, the sea sloping plateau) and some spectacular tracks

+ Beautiful placement of sometimes huge bunker areas

+ Quite to walk, not soo exhausting. Although Are there a few climbs, but you have not high jogging yes...

NEUTRAL: "Arizona-style", albeit unintentionally. Man it or you do not like.

- No toilet in the whole place

- 6 Ball washer (and only 3 of them with towel)

- At half the bunkers already looking out the underground flow

- Fairways hardline and beige green; Divots not possible, the bat from rebounds. According to managers deliberately chosen way. Precise game is rewarded with the bad bounce into stone nirvana or with a side of Carry ever 40m in the ball swallowing, about 10-15 cm deep "special grass". This grass balls below the visible and dense grass layer and are no longer visible. If it occurs at random, one discovers (s) a ball. This grass is new and is intended to prevent the balls almost all fairways roll due to the angle in the quarries and stop previously according to Manager. This also works with above-described side effects.

This is just annoying. You have a good discount or 2nd shot and your ball is gone. Looking within 15 m from the presumed point Liege and isser away. . Ex Bahn 9 (se enormously interesting): Reduction to the right direction bunker into semi-rough, ball is gone. By chance, discovered him the Flight partner in semi-rough on the left side - added 40m. Or at par 3 you hit the green with the 8s, where the ball has a normal Carry 2-4 m. He bouncing up and rolls over 10m wide.

- Who likes to play tactically in the opposite slope because of the slopes, is a nasty surprise. The balls remain not lie, but rolled back; sometimes 20,30m or in the just over troubled water hazard.

- The greens are incredibly fast and hard, thereby modeling affects very unfair. Pitch marks there are not (except for Green 17, which is constantly irrigated). That says it all.

- Signage is poor

- Green fee prices on the square state coated immoderate

- In the rocky deserts (waste-areas) are briars that look harmless, whose thorns are but shaped like barbs. Since the balls are apparently easy to reach it, but alas, you put summarizes...

The place made us therefore simply not fun.

Who wants to play it necessarily should be hastened. Currently little is going on in the square, but there are 5 hotels in the shell around where is built diligently. When finished and the guests want to play golf, the place is overcrowded and inevitable seasons of 5-6 hours.

Tip: Dodge on the Golf du Soleil. That's cheaper and nicer to several classes and better.

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Dirk1964 1 Review
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Class place, great greens

The place was just perfect in immaculate condition, the greens. Very fast and true. The individual holes are varied and often with spectacular sea views. If you miss the fairway, one lies between the stones. But that is the characteristic of the plant. Incl. Toller Club terrace space is highly recommended

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Hans2 1 Review
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Best Golf -Clubterasse Agadir

True, the Patz is not easy to play, it must beat pointless in the waste areas, running heads, but especially of white a asoluter dream but no. As described, the last par 3 over the gorge is already an absolutely great hole. The training facilities (driving range playable from 2 sides, Chipping grenn on the rear side of the driving range) are the best in the area Agadir. The advantage of the square there is also the fact that no people in the square are, in my opinion due to the fact that he is not anscheindend popular with the local golf managers in hotels or clubs. The sunset on the Club terrace is unbeatable.

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WG aus AB in D 62 Reviews
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The place needs some more time

It is already received by a very beautiful building or structure. The construction activities around the golf course around are gigantic. One wonders who or buy all who want to live everything in it. Emergence here not already ruined buildings?
The earth movements are very extensive..
The square itself is compared with Soleil and Dunes the most demanding of all. Golfers who are not good on foot, should take a car (especially on the back nine, where it is still hilly).
The place is very wide, modeled throughout and sophisticated. At the edges Moroccan steppe country is (or whatever you want to call it), where you can lose balls already, if one plays off. Many holes require a tactical game because the bunkers are well placed and the modellations or bevels, can sometimes roll away the ball unfair. Of all the holes is 17 (PAR 3, over a deep valley with a small landing zone) is the most spectacular and for me so beautiful "hole" ..
There is also a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the one club (with us Robinson Club) brings back and when the golf course is not locked because of a tournament.
Regarding the grass quality that me (moving to four star) here to a devaluation of the square, was told it in February a completely brown golf course is a very little sod, which is additionally also rolled. It resultert. a challenging game. If you are not precise play, you TOPST the ball. That's not what bothers me, but I just do not the rich green impression I love to golf courses like this. That this is not possible is another matter. I was told that the golf course has been in operation only since, 2014. I think in five years can be a great place.
In other - I was told - is the grass at the moment (February) in a vegetation Stop. It is now when the temperatures higher again, begin with their growth and create something more Grasfilz. But never as much as we have in Europe. A Pro even told me that this is the quality, how they love the professional golfer, since the ball is perfectly clear and the club does not have to go through grass, even when it is cut short in Europe on the fairway... Nevertheless, having I did not like the grass quality.

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UWV 64 Reviews
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Does not need one

Have played the course beginning Feb. '15. It is a place of event. (In the event that he will ever survive) in 5-7 years could be competitive. The fairways are rock hard, the orientation options are bad. It was a bleak and parched steppe. The Caddy Master was already overwhelmed with their work (in a rush of 3 flights). The view (of a few holes apart) on unfinished buildings and construction cranes is not particularly beautiful as all-round view. Who should play the course should necessarily take a buggy. On some holes the way are quite long and steep.

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blackhop 3 Reviews
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Absolutely great

According to some reviews, I wanted to have your say me sometimes. I played him the year before last and also in December 2015. Like the previous speakers, I also have to say the place is very hard and you have to play him with space strategy. I've played him several times and with a not bad score. He's just not a place for beginners or what they think with simple strokes to score. Tactics is called for. The optics is unfortunately somewhat "dirty" by the many construction sites but ansich I find the place of all places in Agadir on the most challenging and most maintained.

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Viel-Golfer 5 Reviews
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Should we not have more light

Played one end February 2015 (5 golfers HDC 16-18, unanimous opinion) tea boxes properly, Fairway extremely close cutting and rock hard greens very good condition, very fast, sometimes wavy. Many bunkers (well maintained). Outside of tee boxes, fairways and greens only extremely stony Waste Area. Signs without Entferungsangaben and is played by yellow or red often leads to not even get past it (if it is running). Often very long distances to the next tee.
Even with a really good shot can roll into the Waste Area due to the hardness of the fairway ball. From there it is about 98% (if you even find it) unplayable when the club is to remain whole. A drop with a penalty stroke also does not help that the ball auf's Fairway place and in the scorecard a dash (who likes that?). Many blind shots! Result then so Views? Well, who the many construction sites, construction cranes, roads and barren land (which determines yet there are five years) and the space between. Hide sea can be, enjoying event. the sea.
Tip: Orange balls can be found much easier in Waste Area.
Perhaps there is some point even a Semirought because the ball can not roll in Waste Area.

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martins 42 Reviews
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Best place in Agadir

We played the course in mid-February 2015 and loved it.

Interesting place architecture whose drama from hole to hole increases.. highlight the 17, a par 3 over a 'ravine'. Hard fairways, but are also quite broad, and undulating greens require a precise game. Long the course is to also. The waterfront location always requires a certain amount of wind. The links influence Greetings.

Because there is no caddies, a Birdiebook would be appropriate. May come in time. We have gone, but if you no longer walk so well, one could possibly take a cart as sometimes the roads are wide.

All in all not a simple place but for me the most spectacular in Agadir.

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K. Per 257 Reviews
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Sensational Par 3

You have the right to give many ratings though, but I'm sure the place after repeated playing certainly has its attractive sides.
It is beautifully landscaped, with the hole 17, he has probably the most beautiful golf hole in Morocco. A par 3 over a ravine with a wonderful view of the sea. In wind a challenge.
The place is pimples hard and unfair in part because it has incredible lengths and behind the greens again very much gravel and stones are - therefore play several times!
Sensational clubhouse, restaurant also very good

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salmiduppa 2 Reviews
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Once played enough

For us 10 golfers turned the place an expensive disappointment is (Cartpreis 40 € unreasonably high, GF-price). High ball loss is inevitable because the fairways are strongly and are tough. You can see the ball may still jump up, then he rolls into nirvana. In the stony, to make matters worse still covered with cacti edges is at most a colored ball found. At some points we felt rather.. as in a quarry because on a golf course The greens are also extremely hard, fast and difficult to calculate for strangers.
Walking distances are hard to deal with - a flight ahead of us broke off the game. Our 3 Flight needed despite brisk game carts and even 5 hours 10 min.

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manfredheid 1 Review
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Beautiful new "Links" course

Hello, I have played the very inter distinctive new place after Christmas 2014. This is in contrast to the other places in Agadir no parkland course but is strongly reminiscent of a links course. All lanes are relatively narrow, exates match is required. Along the fairways are mostly waste areas with little undergrowth. Balls are land lost or difficult to play here. Fairways are extremely hard due to the open position on a slope and the constant wind either directly comes from the coast that has constantly in view, or from the ridge. You can safely leave insert the Driver when playing from the yellow tees on many holes. The balls roll for miles. Anyone who wants to can of white or even black spieln what makes the place correspondingly long. There are many bunkers and remember along the fairways and greens which again links golf. The greens were very fast and are aüsserst demanding. 3 putts can be the rule when the green alludes to the wrong place. The closing holes 16,17 and 18 are spectacular!!! The ambience in Clubhasu is very stylish, from the terrace you have a great view of the circuit path and the Atlantic Ocean. Class. Conclusion: A challenging course still needs some time to develop. You can now pay by credit card, a left-handed I could even hire clubs.
It pays to play at all events this place. Manfred HC 7

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Purralf 21 Reviews
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Young Best place in Agadir with initial defects

Place in Top Design has opened October 2014 only 2 months ago.
Spectacular holes, all with sea views. Fairways and greens in great condition. Do not see Lateral water hazards and unplugged too little.
Bunker partly in poor condition, although 2 weeks after a storm was enough time for recovery. Greenkeeping a disaster. Instead prepare the bunker sweep the desert, the green keeper.
Disaster is also the reception. No credit or Mastercard payment is possible. Only cash or in Dirham in Euro possible.
Great clubhouse with a great view of the 18th hole and the sea.
Due to the current lack of status rather only 2 stars.
If defects are beideitigt, then the place would be here the no. 1 in Agadir.
Green fee of 75 € is currently too expensive.

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