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pgagliar 1 Review

Unpleasant and rude staff

Because of the Berlin Marathon, I couldn’t go to my usual Golf club, so I tried Club Mahlow, what a mistake...

- it’s the only golf I have ever seen with no grass anywhere, only dirt with some patch of dead grass from time to time.

- No driving range at all

- There are a lot of noise with airplane passing by every minute because it is very close from Schonefeld airport, but also it is next to a railroad with many trains coming.

- The staff and particularly the main tenant are really rude, and talk to their customers as they were stupid or a nuisance. They have absolutely no respect or courtesy. While nobody was behind me and i missed a shot, I wanted to play a second ball, and for this I was thrown out of the golf. I have been playing golf for 20 years, I have never seen that...

Advice: It doesn’t’ worth 25 euros, pay 10 more and go to real golf club with your 35 euros.

Katharina70 1 Review
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Golf, as it is fun!

I was already often golf in Mahlow and can only say: The plant is certainly not comparable to First Class seats. BUT: It requires the golfer / golfer the precise play from because of the narrow lanes. The at first glance simple-looking holes make every time a new challenge.

The reception and the cooperation of encountered there golfers - young or old - was very nice and uncomplicated. By this, many other golf club could learn a lot.

The Greens, incidentally, were in excellent condition!

We keep coming back to Mahlow.

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Tiroler 1 Review
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Too bad for smokers but nice

We toyed with the idea there to become a member. Nice chat with Sven. play First of then decide to go. On the third visit we wanted to go a round on 01.07.2016. All ways to pay and further be made in pubs-like interior. Therefore one must always through the conservatory and this Friday stank these unfortunately very to nicotine. Approximately 5 people were smoking in this. Too bad because the operators make a very nice impression. Those who prefer small and smoking is determined repealed as beginners here. We thanked and also explained why we can not stay here / want. Because sometimes a social evening we would to hear it never can participate.
The complex is quite hidden and can only be reached via a road. Aircraft noise is already strong. do not disturb If these points will definitely find nice people to play.

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reiner2304 504 Reviews
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Small, cute, casual and conveniently located

Played on 10/06/2016. The short flat 9-hole course (PAR 31/5 x PAR3 and 4 x PAR4) in the south of Berlin, yet situated within the Berlin ring, is probably in between more suitable for beginners or fast lap. The plant is "conveniently" on the motorway, the railway line and near the Schoenefeld airport, which you can hear clearly and looks. The atmosphere among the members is easy, you know each other. Come, charged 20 € daily green fees, queuing and start playing is the motto. The tracks are relatively close together and there is moreover not a particularly great challenges, except possibly track 7 and some greenside bunkers with relatively high edge. The rough is usually such that one finds warped balls easily. The condition, especially the greens, was broadly in order that Greenkeeper during the round on a Friday lunch at the half, but took into consideration the player. The small clubhouse / restaurant is rather rudimentary. Case example, there are not, you have to move if necessary on the toilet. But the lady at the counter is very nice and has a guest accommodating. A membership card, they would not see me, and certainly not there, thankfully, a surcharge for guests without hologram. The season on a sunny Friday afternoon was very busy, but slow in any case. As a single player, I joined a nice threesome Flight. Who does not expect precious lawn and want to play a quick round of golf unconventional is not entirely wrong here.

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Andreas G. 1 Review
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Mahlow is different and that's good

Many golfers tee off for the first time at the GC Mahlow take the place due to its size is not serious enough and smile at the facility if the "short" tracks and the location between highway, railway line and air corridor.
However, at the latest after the first holes played they realize how Challenging is the place. The not long but narrow fairways demand also experienced players and players from a lot.
The all-season games on the regular greens makes it very attractive to go in the winter to the square. Although the greens in the winter, of course can not be in the condition of the summer.
A bad score is not due to the square but the skill of the golfers generally.
A word to the clubhouse and the restaurant industry. Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant area. Smoking is allowed only on the terrace and in the conservatory.
I would like be happy in the summer, when the grass is grown on the greens again, to want to play well against your statement again here to welcome you to a game in Mahlow.

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Hartmut 1 Review
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I also find interesting is what is written here

I never intended to write a review. But what has been written in the previous post has annoyed me a little. I have already repeatedly repulsed in Mahlow, so it must also be a golf course and not claimed as my prescribing: "Actually, it's not a golf course!". Since I am also a bad-weather golfer, I also like to play in the winter. It makes me always, even in winter allowed to play on summer greens. The greens are not in the winter in the state as in the summer, may be clear for a "non-scientists". But rather on a non-optimal summer green as the winter greens of many golf courses. The criticism of the length I do not understand. I do not know which pair 4 is now meant. There is a short pair of 4, which is among the heaviest in the whole of Berlin. I myself have never had downplayed my handicap, because the space is very long but not very sophisticated through the narrow lanes.
Most but annoyed that would smoke in the restaurant. This is not possible. I as an absolute Non smoking would smell and would have struck me with security. There is a separate smoking room. In the gastronomy area Smoking is strictly forbidden.
I like to play here, because everything happens easily and at times one wants to fast times golfing a round.

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kalle 745 Reviews
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It's interesting...?

... What is there anything written that way.
Here is an equitable evaluation of Süddeutsche. This is not a golf course! The greens are better winter greens (both by the size and quality), so it went well I've played this course as part of a winter golf day, a summer day would have been a waste. The much too close to each other adhesive fairways with their unusual lengths (Par 3 200m Par 4 220m Par 3 98m) are truly no eye candy.
Visiting smoked some old Club members in the restaurant of a kind Stammtisch sitting.
The only saving grace was the extremely friendly and tried Lady of Clubs! The place deserves max. 1stern and is empfhelen only for a short winter round, when all other winter greens.

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Thomas G. 1 Review
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Golf for all

After some of my acquaintances told me about the great atmosphere here and have made me very great photos your mouth water, I wanted to get to know the golf course once. I take it in advance - there everything was just perfect.
It started with the weather. I was (the name as I no longer) warmly welcomed during the registration of a blond lady, so when I was a permanent resident here. Then I put the matter straight to the 9-hole course. It was really fun and I was reminded once again of how important the straight punches.
After the round, I have taken a drink and was a lively discussion on why not fly balls are not always so, as everyone wanted. It was scary funny. Super atmosphere and great people. I am happy to be back, may even imagine that it is my home club.

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Tommy1960 1 Review
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Texas Scramble in Mahlow

For the first time in my life I've played here on the 9 hole course Texas Scramble. Now is one or the other question: What's that?

A Texas Scramble is a form of play in golf, at least two players form a team, but you can also play 3 or 4 Texas Scramble. A Texas Scramble is a Team stroke play.

First, all players hit. The best ball of a team will be selected to play on. This does not always have the Farthest be, if he has a bad location. The player whose ball is taken, must play his ball as it lies. Before he makes him a tea is stuck into the ground next to this golf ball. After the ball was played to take the other players of his team their ball they have now been lifted, place it within one club-length of this tea away and not closer to the flag, and play it. Are all the balls played, is again jointly decided which ball is best and all team members must play their ball again by this point. We will proceed to the final putt. Since only the lowest team score is counted, must under all circumstances not putt to end.

We had so much fun that can imagine no. Immediately, we are always on Wednesdays there. It's fun to meet so many new people. After the game there was to eat tasty and drink. Toll-run club with very friendly owners and club members.

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Hartmut P. 4 Reviews
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Some reviews I do not understand, especially the last not.

I suggest more than a year from here. Of course, even with 3 hole (tee).
I have until now never had heard blaspheming. On the contrary, every time I tee off is absolute silence on the terrace.

The tee at hole 9 is about 130 meters from the restaurant. Sorry, but such lies should not distribute it. As for the golfers there is someone listening? Despite the social imagination, the writer yes "Superman ears" must have.

About social deficits I would not write here. We came with 10 people from another golf club, because here was the etiquette of humanity. Both are important in my opinion, and lived here in Mahlow. This cooperation is characterized by respect and friendliness.
My Golftrolley shove and I schupse also. What is so reprehensible.
Of course there are more juicy Green, beautiful water hazards, pasta with truffle sauce and a Petrus red wine for over 1,500 EUR in other golf clubs.
Mir rich chilled drinks and tasty snacks, the rest get restaurants, where, incidentally, I do not play golf!
Dear Owner, Club members, joy and guests: Stay as you are, from all classes of occupation, I have a lot of fun with you.

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Tobias12 1 Review
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The Members...

I do not want to say much about the place. This was already described and has not changed in recent years.

What bothers me as extreme at the club and that is why I will also leave the club, are part of the members. The tee of hole 3 and hole 9 is just outside the restaurant / terrace. There is often gathered a Old men's squad. The every tee and Putting each accompanied by blasphemous estates. Not subtle, but so loud that it can also hear the golfers.

Ever a good part of the members has social deficits. Golf Trolleys are times shoved aside, if someone thinks they have to go right here on the lawn, etc., etc.

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Zaro 1 Review
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Where I learned running

With has a "Michael Karl Horst" in his review certainly right: the golf course is actually nestled between highway and railway track lane. He has not forgotten the power pole!

But that was then, so he's right.
For what distinguishes this place is this calmness and normality, with this great sport is here. The owners are friendly and normal and everyone has to be here to feel welcome.
No snobbery and arrogance of any material inflated players who think they can play good golf with money.

And the place is certainly not easy. Narrow lanes and maybe not perfect greens and fairways. As another review wrote: a perfect training ground.
I have with Vlado, the local pro, learned and now when I play other (great) places, I am pleased every time how much space you have for his wonderful haircuts there. This comes to me then compared with hole 1,2 and 3 in Mahlow like an airplane runway.

Oh, the previous speaker has with something right! The place and the membership are actually cheap and inexpensive.

In my eyes, this club is perfect for those who play golf because they love to play golf, want to improve themselves and with nice, normal people.
Golfers who want to splurge on fantastic panoramas and scenes with their latest equipment and look for potential business partners out this place is certainly inappropriate.

Oh, one more comment on the driving range. Without a car, you could always not the place. But since I know a few other golf courses in the world. For this you can then park the car almost on the practice tee and leave his bag in the trunk. Cool!

Thank you for all the wonderful hours.

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MichaelKarlshorst 1 Review
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A mixture of aircraft noise, railway noise and poor accessibility

Although the prices are quite cheap, but the golf course is right next to a railway line, and in a lane on a busy highway.
The driving range is only accessible by car and not located directly on the grounds of the golf course.
The 9-hole course itself is not very neat, but very easy to play.
The owner, I feel anything but friendly, even the greenkeepers should take tuition in dealing with customers.
My tip:
Rather spend the extra money and try other places, Brandenburg offers a large number of good golf courses!

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tankwart 1 Review
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Golf can be as low

I always like to Mahlow again. Although the tracks are very close. Although some of the fairways look like a field. And although the greens are not exactly the best.
But the value for money is unbeatable. € 15 for a 9-hole round during the week. 20 euros for a whole day. And Mondays and Thursdays are the day's green fees even for 15 euros. So why go to the driving range when it can be so good here and cheap to practice on the course?
The owners are also very friendly beyond, and a small cafe / restaurant with a large terrace are also available. Conclusion: 4 stars for the perfect Preisleisungsverhältnis. If only the place out, but it would be less.

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FirstClass 4 Reviews
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Harder than you think

9 There are some very treacherous paths. Lane 1 has already aan times closely at the green forest wall play along to achieve a good result umd. All lanes are very narrow and require precision and degree game, which is also the disadvantage. Up to 7 which has a narrow entrance to a plateau, the pins on the relatively short distances are good to see.

Conclusion: the training pretty well.

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