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Danut Munteanu 55 Reviews

Very interesting choice

I was playing there last year, in november. The staff is very warm, the course is very well maintained. I found there a very valuable PRO who helps me a lot to win after work challenge in december, in BELEK. The Oliviers Course is a little sportive, i would strongly recommend a buggie. About the caddies : if you really need some advices, they could be useful. But you can easy play without them, don' t worry!
I will be back there in the last decade of february...
A valuable tip : if you want to reduce the green fee for OLIVIERS, or FORET, go in SENTIDO FENICIA HOTEL. You' ll get around 30-40 % discount. And this is an EXCLUSIVELY offer!!!

kappelzink 6 Reviews
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Super place in great condition

Foret place on citrus highly recommended. Clubhouse reception very friendly. Space excellent layout and exceptionally good care condition. Greens in top condition. And the weather in late January good, despite the wind.
Since there are hardly any guests playing golf is really fun.
The good restaurant in the clubhouse helps to keep the place in good memory - and to look forward to the next visit.

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Nordgolfer um die 40 36 Reviews
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Every year again...

Every year we fly to Hammamet for one week only - each in February. In summary, it is to say:
- The two places, including greens, are always in very good condition,
- The climate is ideal - even for 36 holes daily,
- The prices are very good and more than fair and
- the service is exemplary.
At the time of the season, the place is not overcrowded, so you do not have to wait, or we could play each one fast.
Whether you should or want to travel to Tunisia, everyone has to decide for themselves. If you just want to play golf from dawn to dusk in excellent conditions at reasonable prices, there is probably nothing comparable.

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Hexeonline 7 Reviews
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Super conditioning

We played both courses in October 2017. The reception in the club was very friendly and accommodating. First we played the course Les Oliviers. The fairways are wide and nice to play. There are virtually no water hazards. Even beginners will feel comfortable here. Disadvantage: some tracks are parallel to the highway. Too bad, it's really loud here. Scenic, the place is very nice.
One day later we played La Foret: My personal favorite. The place is much narrower and therefore a lot more demanding. There are several doglegs and also water comes into play. Tee offs across canyons have their appeal. This place is much more difficult -
but still makes much more fun. Scenic very nice.
The condition of both places is great. However, I had the idea that both places are flat. Error! The terrain is already hilly. A cart is no mistake for a city dweller.

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bavariagolfer 1 Review
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Top state

I have the "Les Oliviers" Course as well as "La Foret" Course played in the past two weeks several times and have seen the courts rarely in such a good condition.

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anton-fritz 137 Reviews
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Two good places

Both courses have been a good experience. Challenging, but not too difficult, if not unfair. The price / performance ratio was right, the staff are friendly and helpful. The course maintenance is good and the greens were in excellent condition.

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JackPalat 4 Reviews
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Both courses are fun

We played both courses in January 2015, more than once. La Foret has narrower fairways and is therefore more demanding - less precise strokes often lead to loss of the ball. But La Olivier is - particularly the last 9 holes - quite refined.

In January, it is also in Tunisia winter - although warmer than ours. And for that, the fairways were absolutely ok, the greens well maintained and very fast (and neatly curled).

We have both places much, the price-performance ratio is absolutely ok

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Engelchen40 16 Reviews
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Very beautiful places in different designs

I played La Foret us Les Oliver in November 2014. Both were very quick in good condition and the greens. The Olivers stands at the beginning by wide fairways, which also prepare the higher handicapper enjoy the game. The back nine are somewhat hilly and erforden something more precise match. The La Foret is more demanding and also hilly, it is important to carefully read the greens. Long drives must be well played.
The staff around the golf course is always helpful and make many things possible. Even I, as a woman traveling alone always felt in good hands. I also used that offers a free shuttle to and Yasemin Sindbad Hotel. I drive in Mäfrz down again. Completely successful golf holiday at an affordable price.

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BoSy2111 1 Review
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Challenging places - Patience is required

Both courses I have played in May 2012. Very challenging, well kept, the descriptions of the other voters to make. As I felt the disturbing but very noisy highway that is in close proximity to the place Les Oliviers and Yasmin golf course. Sit back and relax as much protected, but is also much frequented as Les Oliviers, also because of the beautiful place. So it often happened that one - although reserved tee times - was asked to play the other place, because it was just so full... Many golfers take a caddy (are super helpful, speak good German) and then run in the four-Flight 4 caddies walking together on the court. Who needs there to take the second afterwards Cart (La Foret is very hilly and a cart is highly recommended), must be very practice patience. It is also not unheard of that tour operators offer organized tournaments for their holiday guests and then a playthrough is not permitted. That was quite annoying. The start times are the way every 8 minutes... The staff is very friendly and the grounds are very well maintained. Who wants to play alone, should - at least as of now in May - Start prefer afternoon. Conclusion: Overall, absolutely lohnenswehrte golf course, great practice facilities, great scenery. The biggest drawback: the noisy highway

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golffreund 118 Reviews
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Price / performance ratio is great

We (HC 18) have played both courses in October 2010. The week before, heavy rain, so everything was soaked right tw soft and very slow, long-haired bad puttende greens, but this seems to have been a special feature this week.
Les Oliviers is of course easier because of the simple first 9, built in olive grove (sic) which are essentially almost flat and very wide fairways have completely different image from hole 10, it goes into forested hills, big up and down, the par 4 suddenly felt 100 meters longer than the first 9 Basically a combination of two completely different 9-hole courses.
La Foret are short 18 hole as the 2.9 Oliviers. Visually beautiful place, very demanding, very hilly, going through the hole is like no other. A pleasant but not to be underestimated task. Beautiful clubhouse, competent Start time management. But the two Citrus places are MUCH fuller than the competition next door and the start time guarantee for guests of the owners sleep in conjunction with a holiday regions often encountered self estimators (which would certainly have felt better on the Academy Course) occasionally led to overcrowding on 1 Tee.

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Ralf 3 Reviews
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La Forêt is more fun

We played both courses about 2 weeks ago.

- La Forêt makes definitely more fun because interesting and varied.
- Wind can make things even more difficult circumstances...
- Greens are very well maintained and fast.
- This little operation and comfortable to play

In principle, the evaluation of Bodfried else is nothing more to add.

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Bodfried 1 Review
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I was on 6-13th March 2010 on the spot and have played both the La Foret, and the Les Oliviers.

Les Oliviers (18)

The first 9 holes up and down a bit monotonous, but well suited to warm up. Good fairway, rough flat, good greens. The second 9 holes very nice and Sophisticated. Often uphill / downhill, difficult greens.

La Foret (18)

Beautifully situated in rolling countryside. Each hole has a challenge for beginners but also for advanced users. With the topography of the place you should already have a little fitness if you are traveling without electric cart.

Executive (9 per par 3)

A very diverse practice area, you should definitely play again. Bunkers, water hazards, bunkers from the tee. And more. One of the Par 3 - 257m even has holes, because it already requires a huge markdown...

Range / putting / chipping greens

Everything exists, everything good. 10 range balls about 0.50 Euros.


The reception seemed to me sometimes a little overwhelmed, but the manager directs it already.

In the pro shop, everything was available except for rain pants. Also, it was possible to buy lake balls there. Price-wise fashion at slightly cheaper than in D, balls etc. same prices as in D.

The green fees are priced modeled on the prices in D. However, 30% discount if you are staying in one of the hotel operator.

Trolley / Carts priced as in D, who wants to save here should bring his trolley.

Caddies are very cheap, about 15 euros / round. Depending on what you caught here, we improved through the help of a few strokes per round caddies who know exactly how the greens fall.

How competent are the pro's, I can not judge myself am neither pro, nor have I taken lessons. It looked from the outside, however, considered like, as if they know what they are doing.

Overall, I can only suggest you to spend a week there.



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Extravaganza 11 Reviews
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A treat, especially when it rains in Germany

Both courses are well maintained and have more holes overlooking the sea.
Les Oliviers is also suitable for beginners. With wide fairways and rough, which actually does not exist, it prepares all golfers delight.
La Forêt is a real Herusforderung. Each hole has its pitfalls, narrow fairways framed by forest, fairways along the water, play on forest land and not least require the ups and downs that a proper condition.
In both places the greens are in very good condition.

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