Golf Vacations in Liguria

Golf Holidays in Liguria (Portofino)
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Golf Holidays in Liguria

Liguria is a narrow strip of land, enclosed between the sea and the Alps and the Apennine mountains, it is winding arched extension from Ventimiglia to La Spezia and is one of the smallest regions in Italy. It is limited in size, but not in the variety of its vegetation and wildlife which is amongst the most diversified and interesting in Italy. The coast-line, which is geographically divided between the Western Riviera and the Eastern Riviera at the sides of important centre of Genoa, from the scenic point of view is characterized by an alternating series of magnificent high coast-lines and flat, sandy coast-lines, whilst in the interior the steep hills meet up with the Apennine peaks.

Liguria boasts an abundance of natural beauty and the various names given to it such as "Paradise Gulf", "Siren Bay", "Bay of Silence", "Bay of Fairy tales", "sea's echo" are all a testimony to the magnificent beauty of these marine landscapes. The host of hotels and seaside facilities ensure that the tourist can enjoy the very best kind of holiday.

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