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Fozzy 1 Review

Paradise Lost

I have played Playa Grande golf course 11 times, beginning in 1999 and ending about six years ago. It was a beautiful course but because of the location it was never really busy. This piece of heaven has turned into an unmitigated disaster. How the local government could allow this wonderful place to be run by a bunch of greedy investors is beyond me. What should have been an attraction for golfers from all over the world has been turned into a joke because of the ridiculous green fees and the destruction of much of the course on the back nine. I am so happy that I got to play there when it was affordable and I would highly recommend that golfers STAY AWAY.. The place is a total rip off and their proclamation that "all guests welcome" is laughable.. So sad..

visunfun 1 Review

Course closed to public

Unless you stay at the hotel or have a villa at Playa Grande you can not play this course. I live close by and went to Play and was told I would have to stay at the Hotel to play the course. Needless to say I was disappointed. It was a good thing I live close by as I would not wanted to have had to drive a long way to be told this.

Aguila1910 25 Reviews
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Beautiful place

We evaluate the place from the perspective of hotel guests.
We stayed in February 2017 to the Amanera and the adjacent golf course.
Meanwhile, this is no longer part of the hotel, but has been outsourced, or now operated by another company.
In front, the place is just fantastic. The holes are usually quite easy to play. But you have a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean.
The only downside is the fairway. This really is in a catastrophic condition and justifies the extreme high green fee of 300 $ + unfortunately not. Apparently this is to be completely reworked or renewed (so it was at least by the manager told). When this should happen, he did not know exactly. It was probably until 2018.
Super nice was also our caddy.
We played 3 rounds and each time we had the same caddy. Surely he is not a professional, but he was always very hard (and I mean that in the positive sense) and always had a smile.
If we come next time, we hope the fairway is in a state that corresponds to the greenfee :)
And we will surely come back!

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riedzell 2 Reviews
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Place only for hotel guests?

The anticipation was great as we wanted to play the course on 20 December 2015 respectively. The disappointment then even greater than we had learned from the receptionist that only guests of the member hotels (Amanera Group) can use the space. So much for the note in the description "Guests always welcome". Obviously, hotel guests are meant...

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schnauzer 3 Reviews
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Playa Grande Golf on the north coast of the cathedral. Republic in Rio San Juan

Beautiful course, some located directly on the sea cliffs.
Paths with spectacular section and trajectories over the cliffs onto the green. Consumption is to calculate a ball, but so many can disappear in the Atlantic.
Tropical rain showers are always possible.

Often facing a stiff breeze that can complicate the club selection.
Well maintained paths, and Gruns with tropical vegetation and atmosphere.
Panorama of the sea and the hills of the National Park ¨.
Little operation, because the adjacent all-inclusive resort is closed for prolonged time.

A golf enjoyment you should not miss!

The place and the paths are wide, generous and not very difficult to play. Enjoy golfing in a beautiful tropical setting.

The staff and caddies (caddy forced U.S. $ 20) are friendly and helpful. For better score you should listen to the advice of the caddies.

A large driving range, putting greens are available for importing and also very well maintained.

In the clubhouse, located directly at the 9 gibts good snacks: Hamberger, spaghetti and drinks.

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