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Smartcore26 1 Review

Welcoming and accommodating

I arrived from the United Kingdom golf clubs in Hand.
After the usual gate entry. I found myself on the driving range. Breakfast was fantastic value for 40 rand and driving range ball discount. MET two very welcoming members Vladimir. HuBert. Both seniors after a short discussion after hitting a few balls I made arrangements.
To come back Monday seniors roll up 07.30 Peter the organiser was welcoming and very well organised. Played 18 holes with three members who could not of made me feel most welcome. Although the course was not physically demanding the social golf was. The wind increased the challenge 33 points of 10 handicap. A must visit for any golfer especially seniors roll up on a Monday. Alternatively hit the driving range. Just for the breakfast. It's worth it. Thank you to all members for making a good day great.

Franziska_Roland 51 Reviews
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Worth a round...

We, both Hcp. 10, played the course on 17.3.2019. The place was in very good quality. The tracks are long but fair. The place is totally level and good to walk. There is only a water hazard at train 18. It is always worth playing the course.

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U. Jaeger 3 Reviews
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OK - but you do not have to play

The first nine holes are clearly more interesting and were also better maintained and watered than the second nine. These had partly very dried fairways and a "construction site character" in the area. Altogether a rather boring plant with nice but noticeably slow greens.
We paid 550.- Rand / Person (Wednesday)

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Brunoo 2 Reviews
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Dry matter

The Positive: The "best" golf course in the area and very cheap (335 Rand / 18 holes).
The fairways are very dry, sometimes there is no grass. The tracks are not very original. The greens are very slow.
For once a round ok.

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mike15 1 Review
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Simple but relaxed golf

The place is in a perfect conditions.
For players who do not have a single handicap, they can play very relaxed place.
One can find every ball, water hazards and bunkers are barely in the game. The fairways are very wide.
The greens are in very good condition, but rather slowly.
The figures provided. Prices are not correct

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Berlin Golf Bear 65 Reviews
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Much Gänsekot - and also otherwise rather dam...

Played on 11/27/2015, HCP 12

The best thing about this place: it is about 10,000 km away from home and from Cape Town there are still about 100km - thus I probably will not fall again into temptation in this life, to play here. The one time is enough, or more precisely was ever too much.

Why the place is often referred to as a links course, remains a mystery. It's not a train even remotely close to the sea, or of the design also produces only left-similar.

The landscape is more like a very ugly parkland course. He has exactly two beautiful views - from the clubhouse terrace on web 10 with a large water hazard with a fountain and a nice uphill leading Par3 with nicely arranged, limp like rocks. Otherwise you could play golf directly in any big city - house to house, everything ugly gray blocks, interrupted by construction and bare-brown scrub. In the middle of Berlin or London, there are significantly more sizable green areas!

Game Technically the place is easy.
Just boring.
Usually quite wide fairways, practically no obstacles (water or bunkers) are really in the game, the running of the webs is un-original, the greens are hardly waved.

The condition is bad. In particular, the greens are a disaster - rough, tall grass by repeatedly larger tufts protrude. Balls holpern arbitrarily from the track, Putten becomes purely a matter of luck. In addition, much of the greens are "patched" with tile-like pieces of turf, partly explains to "ground under repair". As larger areas of the so-called Fairways. Instead neat semi-rough repeatedly sandy soil without vegetation. Instead sandy bunkers bigger, with mussel lime (?) Filled waste areas, in which one has to worry about the integrity of the bat.

When you're almost glad that the round tends to end, comes on the last tracks even a busy street the square loudly disturbing close.

Also the only nice thing about this place proves to be a boomerang. There are quite a lot of animals, among others also springbok, but especially birds. Some flamingos, many gulls and especially geese, goose, goose... the verdrecken the space in places so that you have to wade to his ball through true fields full Gänsekot. But somehow that's already indicative of the overall situation ... "I am unsatisfied with it."

Even after the end of the round is the trouble is not over. The restaurant offers afternoon only a very limited card (pizza and pasta) - and in the evening the Club members only...

A cart is actually not required, but in the strong wind probably often ruling recommended for those who want to save a little strength.

Conclusion: Never again. Although the maintenance state should amend, landscape and space remain ugly and boring. 1 star, although I do not know what actually. (In "Golf Ranking Bear": 2 out of 10 points).

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