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Golf4 9 Reviews
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Nice place next to a large construction site

The place can be played well. We played it today and two days ago. The day before yesterday at 28 degrees and calm to hit each of the wide faurways without any problems. Today much more demanding with a lot of dense grass in medium wind. Find balls very hard. So two completely different rounds. The fairways well mowed, the greens as fast as an arrow and in top condition with no pitch marks.
Unfortunately, many railways accompany the noisy construction site which is also not nice to look at.
All in all, a good place without enthusiasm. The construction site is sometimes very disturbing.

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pingping 2 Reviews
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Flat place with pitfalls

Wide clear fairways, which have their pitfalls with bunker, water, rough and thicket. Not without in the wind. In good condition and well cared for. There are only 18 holes left. Around 500 holiday bungalows are currently being built on the area of the red 9-hole course. This makes the course clear: first the yellow nine and then the white nine. Start times in 8-minute intervals, but ran pleasantly. A recommended facility with a large practice area in the open dune hinterland.

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Paar_OS (Deutschland) 13 Reviews
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Conclusion beforehand: A challenging golf course, especially in medium wind. We enjoyed the rounds and will definitely be back. We recommend him to play

We played the course (Geld-Weiss) in May 2018 2 *. A few years ago we have already played the course and had a significantly higher HC. Again, he put us to the test...

Club: The club manager greeted us very friendly in German. Green fee (350 DKR = ca 47 EU / 18 holes) and tokens (30 balls for 20 DKR = approx. 2.70 EU) pay and it works.

The driving range is a bit away from the clubhouse. It may be advisable to drive there by car, to play in and then drive back to the clubhouse to get into the game.

There are no fixed start times, so we were able to start immediately at 11:00 am on both laps. The site was in good condition this time. In some places there is no turf (mostly blue). This hardly bothers. On the fairway you often have the feeling that you are walking on a soft carpet. The rouge one avoid, since it is demanding and one gets stuck easily. Off-road, strategically placed bunkers and cross / sloping streams often provide nice tasks. The greens were in top condition. Hard, smooth, fast and sometimes heavily undulating, challenge the golfer at any time. Often also ponds come into play, partly cleverly built around the greens in the area. The paths between the tracks are usually very short. E-carts and pull trolleys are easy to rent.

We were lucky that the wind with medium wind strength was a constant factor. A golfer from the golf club said after the round that you usually needed 2-3 headbands longer in headwinds. It's just fun to overcome this difficulty. It just did not always work...

In the clubhouse you can take one or more drinks after the round. As the Danes are very relaxed, we quickly started talking.

Conclusion: If you are in the area should definitely play the place. There is little traffic on the 3 * 9 lanes. The club manager taxed this, so we had no waiting on the teas. With us on the second day a friend played with HCP 54 and had her fun, because everything was very relaxed. No one jostled or played the hoe. When we had two groups precomposed, they thanked each other. Unfortunately, today no longer a matter of course.

Thanks to the club for the beautiful day with great sunshine and lots of wind.

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beba 6 Reviews
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Coast Middle Golf Course

The site offers 3x9 holes, is flat, pierced by innumerable ditches, clean and suitable for all levels. Wind is felt it is certainly a challenge. This recording is friendly.

Especially nice: Holmsland Golf Club is a partner club in golf-Pas Vestjylland (www Golf-Pas dk..): 4 green fees for 900 DKK (about 125 €)

The 5th star I can not forgive. This is simply not exciting enough with the court.

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WaterHazard 8 Reviews
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Golf on the North Sea coast of Denmark


Caveat: We for decades have been going to this wonderful part of Denmark, the Ringkoebing Fjord to spend a few days relaxing in the beautiful dunes.
This can also connect me to a relaxing game of golf great, because this place is in close proximity to the coast. This "left-typical" square is dominated by the ever-present wind, and thus also requires a custom game. The course itself has 27 holes. Like most about us personally, the white Course, followed by yellow and then red (since this is almost exclusively on a busy street). The place is fun, the prices are denmark-typical fine and everything runs very relaxed from. One is even on vacation ;-) Nice Club members, friendly staff and great surroundings - the beach is just a few minutes. Alone because of the superb holiday destination is always a journey and a round of golf worth.
LG from DK

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Paar_OS (Deutschland) 13 Reviews
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Vacation on a course links

Hello, yesterday we played the course (18 hole and setting / yellow).

The place made a very neat impression. At the clubhouse are plenty of parking spaces available. The driving range we did not use because we had arranged to meet with Danish golfers and those wanted to start right away.
The club house is located a beautiful putting green. We would have better recorded only there to get a feel for fast greens.
The registration takes place in the clubhouse on their own. Since we were quick to erkannen as guests helped someone from the club office immediately very nice on.
Green fees: 9 holes 200 DKR = 27 EU / 18 hole 300 DKR = 40 EU, 27 holes = 400 DKR = 54 EU / The launch is currently without registration, it is advisable to bring the green fee due.

The first Green should not forget to put his ball into the tube to be classified. There was lots of activity on the field on Sunday. During the round, however, was never pushed from behind., Although commanding flight had to wait a little now and then. We were a 4-flight and only three flights came after us. A playthrough would have made no sense. Our flight partner of the club meant only that it was always like that and you have time.

The course is in great condition.
Data: Round yellow-looking red tee: Par 71 5716 m CR71 SL 125 / yellow: 71 4799 118 71.6 Fairway: short mossy ground, the balls roll out long, lots of water / water side and very many bunkers (especially around green). The streams on the court are partially already small rivers. Therefore, we have presented the balls nacher prefer.
Semi-Rough: OK, the balls could be found good and play.
Rough: still mowed short, it is difficult to play. Lt. our company can be found from June barely balls again, unless you know the exact point already partially dune grass. It may now no longer be mowed nature conservation reasons.
Greens: Great condition, hardly pitch marks, at the time very quickly, we had real problems with the balls, sometimes very undulated and slopes, even down to the waters! Caution: Many greens are island greens, just behind the Green into a sheet pile wall and the water when the ball is too fast, it disappears very quickly on forever.
Gastronomy: we did not use, but it makes a nice impression, modern and simple reductions: Red partially far behind yellow, the faiway often began after about 170-180 m.

We had the pleasure to play with decent wind for the first time a links course. The round was great fun. Man looking quickly why you should play flat.
Conclusion: We can recommend the place and will come back clear.

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astramaris 27 Reviews
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Very nice!

A great place to be reckoned with on the wind and you always have to be careful not to get a sunburn in cloudy weather. Extremely friendly welcome!
All lanes are flat, but somehow created through the many interesting water hazards all.
On weekends pretty full!

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ildos 1 Review
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Beautiful holiday

Each year, Denmark again :-)
This year I get to pleasure, also to test the golf course.
Well, if you have just started with golf ... -54... every place is actually great.
But, even if I can not or only little Danish, one is very friendly reception.
Green lawns, beautiful greens... but viieeelll wind. I found it SUPER The tracks are good to play in the home less than Neptune Club :-)
There are three rounds of 9 holes with. Yellow, red and white when it is said a pay what colors you should play. So there is less congestion, since most of the flight after 9 holes of a different color more plays before a. Very well.
I paid for 18 holes 40, - € thus normal.
I say Tak & fun

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