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molinero11 1 Review

My favourite club on the coast

I have been playing both Guadalmina South and North regularly over the past 10 years and every time I get to the 10th and 11th hole on the South, I get goose bumps with its views of the ocean and the open space right along the beach of the par 3 11th. Depending on the wind, you get to hit anything between a 4 iron and a pitching wedge. There is just no other hole like it on the Coast.

The unique setting apart, I noticed that both the courses and the overall installations have been improving a lot over the years. There is now a modern Pro-shop and caddymaster, good practice facilities (albeit the Driving range could be longer for today's big hitters) and an excellent Restaurant. Also, quite liked the Tortilla in the little kiosk right between holes 6 and 14.

Now that the Ladies European Tour has chosen the course for the 2017 Ladies Spanish Open, I believe the quality of the place will only continue to improve.

The North course is very narrow and quite a few houses are close, but I always find it very entertaining as it is shorter and provides a lot of birdie opportunities.

Santiago 1 Review
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We were robbed in the south field

Lamentable and disastrous experience There are several holes near the national road without any protection or surveillance what the thieves in the area frequently take advantage of to steal from the unsuspecting players the belongings that they transport in the bugles. The direction of the field is not responsible for these facts and leaves the client lying and without any protection The police receives complaints but can do little if from the club they do not take care of avoiding it by putting surveillance, cameras, fences of isolation etc...
They know it and they even announce with small posters the holes where they happen to be 3,4, 15 in the south course
Ultimately I do not recommend that they go if they do not want to suffer a mishap as happened to us

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Altgolfer 100 Reviews
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Some pre-posters have already reported quite ambiguously about Guadalamina. We played the south course today. Apart from the fact that the reservation has not worked out and our tea was moved, the range was already second-class with completely worn mats, no reasonable pitching green etc. The borrowed etrolleys were in such good shape that one is already faded at the 2nd hole and had to be exchanged.
Really bad but then was the place. All fairways deep brown, completely parched and the grass suffocated. Felted and rolled down, so that especially with every hit with an iron with contact with the ground abruptly the racket got caught and each time the wrist was compressed. The greens littered with scars, no one is apparently improving its brands here. Only the sand in the bunkers is impeccable, but you do not have to drive here, as well as not really...

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jjgolf 1 Review
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One of the best courses I've played in

Hello, today I visited the facilities of the Golf Club Guadalmina, I played in the South Field, I was quite surprised to see a field at the edge of the sea with such a high level of maintenance, if I have to put a catch is the number so high of players, I recommend the visit to this field of original design of Javier Arana that was why we decided to play there. To emphasize the hole 11 with the beautiful day that towards today, a par 3 in the edge of the sea, spectacular!!! and by difficulty the hole 13 par 4 with a lake that only lets the drive to the big catchers, where the rest of us mortals we become fishermen

I said one of the best courses in Spain and I know many of them.

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SeveTheLegend 1 Review
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One of the best courses on the Costa del Sol

I was playing with some friends a few months ago (we played 3 rounds, 2 in the South and 1 a NORTH) and we were delighted.

The SUR travel design is amazing, with its 10th and 11th hole as crown jewels. We found a fair and varied field, you need to stick all the sticks of the bag and if you know to fail for good sites you can do good results.

The course was the 3 days in almost perfect conditions, fast greens and with great ball ring, good tees of exit, solid streets and mowing uniforms, the only but, there were some bunkers with more sand than others.

Staff friendly and quite prepared. We got the feeling that the club had a lot of social life.

We will certainly repeat.

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Ben 4 Reviews
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Quite a round value.

The place (North Course) is maintained and does not spektalurären, but quite beautiful holes. The clubhouse is rather not so nice and the staff unmotivated at work.

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Daddy Mueller 14 Reviews
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Neither the hotel nor the place is enough. As is true too little. There are many better alternatives along the coast.

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Tigerline 55 Reviews
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Unfortunately there was nothing

I can give my speakers just right.
We (my wife and I Hcp 18 Hcp 5) were mid-August on the spot. The "better" South course costs € 95 discounted Besides that everyone must go through the golf course (the round lasts forever) is the charm also underwhelming. Extremely many holes to play alongside more busy roads.
In short, there are plenty of better and also cheaper golf courses in the area.

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westwood 15 Reviews
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To forget!

We played this place in the past five years over and over again. He is getting worse. Register here for everyone is left on the Green's whether he now has PE, PR, HCP or nothing. It is important that the green fee is paid. Raucous beer and groups over the place fighting veterans without double buggy are common. The condition is questionable in comparison with other places in the region. Such as concrete bunkers, fairways brown is not soaked in March there and tee boxes have never seen a roller. In addition, but a Ranger is specifically lacking would be that there would probably Ettlich "Golfer" no longer come to this place. Play time more than 5 hours Have fun!

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Ollibubba 13 Reviews
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Golf requires precision

Played in August 2011

I have played both courses (North and South Course).
The fairways of the two places are sometimes very tight and you almost always plays very close to houses and along roads. At some points in my opinion safety nets would be needed, for example on hole 11 of the North course. Who tops the ball off the tee here soon end up on the roundabout from the busy main coastal road. To nothing and to endanger anyone, I was rather struck behave in some holes or sometimes chosen a shorter iron than usual.

Both the fairways and the greens as both places were, despite the high temperatures and little rain, in good condition.

When you start early in the morning at hole 11 of the Südkurses (possible as a guest of the Golf Hotel Guadalmina) we had quite often waiting times because the green keepers were busy with the course maintenance. At tea one came again to longer waiting times because initially all the regular flights started on the 1, took precedence and we were not threaded, even though we were on the first holes within the given seasons.

The staff on the whole place could be a bit friendlier.

The bottom line:
There are places in the area which I find better.

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Rosen14 22 Reviews
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Places with indigenous planting and partly sea view

Game in mid-May 2011:

With 18-hole green fee of 80, - (North Course) or 130, - € (South Course), one expects a very good place. Unfortunately, these expectations were not met.

In detail: on both courses diesel trolleys are used, there is little benches to rest, the signage is poor and on the scorecards, the courts are not shown. Encouraging is the large pool at the clubhouse, which offers non-members. There is a large pro shop and a nice restaurant with a terrace. The GF for guests of the hotel "Guadalmina" is 36 - very fair. The staff is very friendly and helpful, emails are answered promptly (English).

Both courses are located also located right on the South Course Golf Hotel "Guadalmina" only by car in about 10 minutes. The entry hole at 10/11 of Südplatzes is only in the morning until 10 clock possible!

To the north course:

- Little beautiful view, usually played between houses and hotels

- Nice kiosk with tapas, drinks, etc. at hole 9/18

- The toilets are not an appropriate place in this category

South Course:

- After a week of closure because of the aeration condition of the course was not well

- Especially those taking place after the reopening mow every hole really have bothered us (noise, exhaust fumes, waiting time)

- Everywhere were the 2 cm long grass "stamp" rum

- The signs with details of hole number, length, par, etc. were new and very nice

- At hole 6 there's a small kiosk

- The pump houses are in an unacceptable condition: rusted roofs and doors, heavily flaking plaster and paint

CONCLUSION: For the price you can expect more!

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