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Rob 1 Review

Nice Little 9 Hole Course

I played Vilsbiburg, twice, with a member in June 2011. It is a friendly, quiet, little 9 hole course, with vastly different tee locations for the "back 9".

Layout is generally flat, with very little rough to lose balls, although, several ponds will capture a wild shot.

The overall condition is excellent in the damp German climate - lush green fairways with perfect lies, and, thickly grassed greens that are quite slow by Australian standards.

Head professional, Norbert, spent 25 years as a club pro' in Australia so speaks perfect English, and knows the game.

The course is about 50 minutes drive from central Munich and the cost is cheaper than the larger courses in Munich.

Overall, a nice little day trip out of Munich, and a comfortable course to play for a social round of golf.

Andi Pfaffing 1 Review
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Great 9-hole course

We played 18 holes there today.
In many holes, the tees on the front and back nine are different, so you don't play the same 9-hole round twice. Furthermore, water comes into play on every fairway, which also makes the course challenging and exciting. On the back nine we played with two members of the club and had great fun and nice conversations. We didn't notice the "stench" mentioned in many reviews.
We had a great day of golf there today, for us it's the best 9 hole course we've played so far, hence 5 stars (and we've already played quite a few). In our opinion, value for money is really great and we will definitely be back!

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Skyrim 15 Reviews
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Playful flat, good course with different tees on the second 9 holes in the middle of the Vilstal with lots of water.
Nice beer garden with nice gastro.
Layout ok, if tracks are also close together.
Care place is ok, even if dew is not removed from greens early in the morning.
Price / performance absolutely ok and mlt 2/1 for 20 euros for free on WE.
Playfully best (unfortunately not scenic) 9 hole course in the area 50 KM.
Of course, 18 holes would be better

Unfortunately only 9 holes

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Tiger37 7 Reviews
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The B388 has more to offer!

I usually don't write reviews, but I've played almost all golf courses in Bavaria, more precisely, there are only 7 courses missing.
If you are in this region, I recommend Landshut, Mainburg, Eggenfelden or Reisbach! These are 4 really good courses in Lower Bavaria, the Erdinger Golf Club and the GC Altötting are also beautiful golf courses, even if they are already in Upper Bavaria.
If I read a good cheap place, it already stops with me. A golf course is either good, average or weak, that has nothing to do with the green fee, this search for proportionality is annoying, so I usually don't write reviews. My wife and I were on this narrow, loveless place built next to the main road this year in July and we will definitely not come back! The trenches are so badly maintained that sometimes you can't see the marking posts! Memory value is zero! That doesn't tear out the much praised food and beer afterwards, even if that was actually the highlight of our visit! Eggenfeldener Platz is also completely flat, that's the only way to imagine a challenging parkland course! So, if you want to golf cheaply, go there, if you are looking for beautiful golf courses, simply continue in both directions on the main road after 40 minutes. Driving time is Eggenfelden or Erding!
But 9 hole courses can also be great.
In midsummer 2019 we were in the evening at the Falkenhof golf course on a 9-hole round, an old 9-hole course that belongs to the Altöttinger Golf Club, a dream!
Vilsbiburg, on the other hand, is one of the most boring and monotonous places in Bavaria, both in terms of design and location, it didn't stink during our visit!

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Augustiner 69 Reviews
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Surprisingly good place

Completely uncomplicated and very nice helpful people there. I'm still a fan of Lower Bavaria. The place is much better than the reviews.
It was cheap but low budget places look different.
The course is long, man, woman anyway, did not lose a ball. On course nine, all 4 par played. Fun. If you play the 2 round the tees are somewhere else. Good space and time organization We will definitely come back often. Once it smelled like manure. Yes that's true. It is not Valderama. It also costs 8 times more. The Bundesstr. Incidentally, I didn't hear it. Nice Italian beer garden with Grünbacher Weisse

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wolfi1973 14 Reviews
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Fast 9 hole round

In good weather we played 9 hole on the golf course Vilsbiburg. The tracks are completely flat and have quite their lengths. The greens were slow and too long for us. The fairways stick to each other and we were often on the neighboring train. The design is rather boring and simple, not a big memory value. In the evening, during the week the B388 was very busy, the traffic noise disturbed us only at the 9 and the tea of the 4. Only at hole 9 caught us the smell of the country, but something like that is everywhere in the country, not bad for us. My conclusion: a low budget place which is simply laid out. The 9 holes can be played quickly and quickly. The host is funny!

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Blacknight 1 Review
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9 hole course in good condition

A place where the hard-hitting summer has passed without a trace. Juicy fairways without bald spots. Greens were also in good condition.
The place can not compete with a large space, but the operators do not want. I found the facility for in between quite interesting and the value for money is also ok. I did not notice the traffic noise, as well as no country air.
Conclusion: The course and the area did not deserve the previous reviews.

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Sepp1964 3 Reviews
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Light and Shadow

We played GC Vilsbiburg in May. I try to be as objective as possible after reading the reviews.
The 9 hole course is completely flat and optimal to go. We played the 9 hole round twice, here are different tees, this is now nothing special in 9 hole courses. The course is quite challenging and has its lengths on most lanes. Also I felt some tracks very closely assembled.
Also you never feel so completely in the "Golferruhe" because it was quite noisy on the square and he is not really grown. As a guest player, I found the trenches beautiful, but also confusing. The place itself is unfortunately extremely monotonous and the greens are small and little undulating. The landscape offers nothing for the eye (farmland) and the main road disturbs the tees 4 and 9 but very much, as well on the green 3. We also took on the second 9 this strong smell of the country, here you can the golf club but no reproach (pig). The Drivelandezonen are so far ok (except hole 3 from the front and hole 5), but the place is as I said partially tight.
During our visit, the place was in good shape and well mowed I found. The greens were far too slow though, as we are quite used to something else from our greens in the Upper Palatinate.
After the round we let ourselves at 28 degrees in the shade to taste the very delicious pizzas and enjoyed well chilled, very tasty beer! Of course, the place in Lower Bavaria is among the weakest, but still worth playing, with 2: 1 also really cheap! Kitchen and beer great and really nice people in the club.

Golf club but no

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VibBubba 1 Review
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Comment to phil2004

As a member of the GC Vilsbiburg I see myself forced to give a few comments on the evaluation of the user phil2004.

Yes, there is a federal road (B388) past the golf course. In the hotel industry you would probably say that the golf course is conveniently located, but fun aside that a two-lane road past the golf course is probably at 50% of the golf courses.

Regarding the healthy country air, yes, you can smell it in unfavorable wind conditions, that here products are produced, which are presumably consumed by us all, but clearly, you do not want to smell like the schnitzel smells when it is still alive.

As User phil2004, however, is that there should be no Drivelandezonen is a mystery to me! I can not understand the lines too closely, because I know enough places, but I would not criticize them, but a challenge that the place will see to me.

The same goes for our greens, yes they are not strongly onduliert, but small are not! I would say that the greens in point size are certainly on the average. I know bigger and also many smaller ones.

But to describe our golf course as a training meadow, I find something impertinent and shows that this is not really a criticism!

I wish the user phil2004 always a nice game in the beautiful Chiemgau.

A member of GC Vilsbiburg

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phil2004 20 Reviews
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Constant street noise of the federal road and strong "peasant odors - pig stall"!
The tracks are pressed together, all greens lie boards and are extremely small, driveline zones actually not available! No golf course but rather a training meadow.
The place is difficult to play because of the lack of space, which at such a course for the eye does not offer anything annoying additionally!
The nursing condition was mediocre...!
We, 3 golfers from the Chiemgau certainly do not control this "golf course"!
The restaurant, on the other hand, was able to score with a good, simple kitchen and tasty beer!
Food yes - golfen no!

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Green-Vieh 27 Reviews
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About seven bridges...

Three times we have tried to play this place, once we have actually done it. And how it happened: In March, at our first attempt, we were shocked that the Secretariat is only open Wednesdays zwischen 10.00 und 12.00 clock. Contacts therefore equal to zero. The second experiment was carried out on a sunny weekend in May - because the parking lot was insanely crowded and the players were bunched up on the first tee that we took turn distance.
The third attempt was then made in August, we had already to familiarize themselves with a certain permeability and actually, the Secretariat has the following opening times:

Monday-Wednesday 9:00 - 13:00 clock
Thursday 16:00 - 18:00 clock
Friday 15:00 - 18:00 clock
Saturday on tournament days
until Sept. 30 to Sunday 10: 00-15: 00

So we tüteten the green fees, searched for a scorecard and could actually play. A golf course with a "trust fund" and without examination, whether this is a general from the Gulf would have an idea - we had never seen, not even on designated "public" places.

The course itself is flat, crossed by small streams and actually play quite nice, if we are not constantly the Greenkeeper would have opposed on his lawnmower, And on almost every fairway. Sorry, but that was very unfortunate. And the greens --- saw itself as a golf ball, streaked with not repaired pitch marks. A straight putt was not possible.

What brings us back to the starting - here seems to be the behavior on a golf course not to be taken seriously. This is a shame, because the place would have potential.

Also, because of the constant traffic noise from the busy main road you can not necessarily speak of a relaxing round of golf.

Not that quick we come (unfortunately) again

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kalle 731 Reviews
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Of maintenance & design weak!

The 9 hole course is flat and good to go. This one has it all, but what good is mentioned at this place! The tracks stick together and we hear constantly about four call place sound! I give Kalle absolutely right, the most beautiful place does the driving range. Actually, I wanted to play with my mates twice the 9 hole, however, was not only the layout but especially the bad condition of the place! The greens were bumpy and long derat we ended like after 9 holes. However, there is then the best beer and food far and wide in the beautiful clubhouse. Nevertheless, I will not be back!

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leseratte 3 Reviews
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Very nice!

A very nice, well-to-length flat 9-hole course with many watercourses that require accurate play. Beautiful clubhouse and very friendly service in the application!

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kalle 731 Reviews
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Needs to be better

Unfortunately still a Vilstal meadow beside the B388!
You could make a lot out of the flat Arial, but the golf course for anyone loses more and more towards the neighboring plants! A complete Neuegestalltung all paths away from the main road and more in the center of the square (now driving range) would the court laughed Eien a new face!
The renovation of the club house is, however, succeeded!

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