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reiner2304 320 Reviews
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At the highway and care condition well

Played on 10.9.2018. Meanwhile, the 9-hole course is called Ruhr Golf. (5x PAR 3.4x PAR 4) and is located on the Kemnader lake (no lake view) but unmistakably south of Bochum right next to the A43, which has the advantage that the complex is easily accessible. The first three tracks and the 9 are flat, the rest goes uphill and downhill. Highlight is possibly the track 4, where the tee is a larger moat / biotope to play. Also track 8 (PAR 3), again offers the challenge to meet the green or rather submit. Tee 3 is extremely tight in a corner where there was just enough space left. Unfortunately, the fairways and tees presented me in a pretty bad condition overall. I understand the past hot summer and the corresponding effects, but here I would use the formulation cow meadow, because not mowed, or even field. Some haircuts were also, eg at the 9, locked / resp. just stuck next to it. Ladies / Gentleman haircuts usually plugged in the same. The greens were acceptable but extremely slow. Basically, the facility is probably something for beginners or for the quick practice round in between. Also, the clubhouse consists only of a restoration, where you as a guest also quite manageable green fee can pay. Changing facilities are only on the toilet. The staff behind the counter was in a good mood and still explained to me the way, especially for the first and second tee. Good listening, especially the way to TEE 2, if you do not want to get lost. The game operation on a Monday late afternoon was still busy and there were also waiting times. Otherwise, the atmosphere is rather casual. Teammates, also in jeans, greeted friendly. Driving range and practice area is available. In conclusion, I would say, due to the current state of space rather for the special round of golf not particularly recommended, but suitable for casual exercise.

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Chubbs Peterson 1 Review
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Acker Royal - annoyance of a special kind

A star is still too much! Catastrophic care state space layout of a three-year and greens that would slow down a F16 when landing on an aircraft carrier. Ne friends, this is just too little. The greens are so small that a Green in regulation would be impossible even for Tiger Woods. Even the bunkers will not be avenged... absolute subclass. Those who want to have fun at the game of golf should be active elsewhere. Here the duration outweighs frustration in amplifier. Sorry, because the really nice environment brings no counterweight on the scales. I wonder how such a place at DGV can be declared Golf Course. Just incredible. My suggestion: The meadow unlock for livestock. Thus each would help.

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Matratzenfritze 1 Review
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For golf beginners right place!

As a newbie in golf I have not really possible investment Kemander lake compare with others. The 9-hole course has to offer several tricky challenges and admits the possibility to test his stamina, because it goes from track 4 uphill and down.

To the individual tracks:

Lane 1 is a par 3 at the Met Ball and just something dosage is quite possible with the discount to all or to land near the greens. The green is guarded by two bunkers, which are also often made.

Track 2 is also a par 3 with a slight left turn at the end. The green is guarded by a large bunker. In the back of the Green `s it going uphill, so that the balls can appear perhaps too long by running back out towards the hole.

Train 3 times now a par 4 with a narrow fairway on the first 100 meters.
The car makes a right turn at the end, the green is therefore not visible from the tee and is verdeidigt of a water obstacle. In good blow with the second one is on the green, but that rarely works because a lot of trees are on the web in the way.

Lane 4 as a par 4 is an almost insoluble problem not only for beginners. Many good players already on the tee is despair. The web is divided by a moat over which one must first away from the tee. After passing through the moat, it `s really uphill. I have heard from some that you can be on the top with the second top (this is where the green), but the emphasis is on "may". Reality is losing possession, penalty stroke, at least 3 over and gasping.

Lane 5 is a par 4, after a beautiful view from the hilltop down to the valley. The track bends slightly to the left, the green is not visible from the tee (you should have a Vorcaddy used by) and lost like a ball in the rough.

Lane 6 increases as par 4 now back to where the green, very private, is in the amount of the discount web 5th The train makes a slight right-hand bend and loads again a to the other or to look for a ball in the rough. At the top of the can is green again enjoy a beautiful view.

The 7 train is now a par 3 downhill again. The flag of the greens is easy to see the discount is somewhat difficult because it is not straight but slightly sloping hillside. This will change soon, as the discount is returned. Once the bottom of the Green caution. If the impact on the green not be dosed correctly, one must look for his ball in the ditch behind the sloping green.

The web 8 as par 3 looks quite simple from the first sight. It is relatively short, but has a Tricky "lane" on the green. Links dense thicket, a bunker on the right, next to a moat.
Here you will find next to his own lots of other, forgotten or not found balls. Empehlung: tried it with a PW - works wonders!

As the last track you just go to the 9 as a par 3 The bunker short of the green invites you to linger. If you have the green touch of realism is achieved through from an Eagle. Also here you can knock off with the PW.

Conclusion: a great golf experience to be enjoyed.

After the Gulf to get the "clubhouse" with a drink in ungezwunger atmosphere with every week. Here you can meet ground-employed people who simply like the Gulf.

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Golfgerd 1 Review
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Beautiful place with great views

Granted, when you arrive at the parking lot and green fee has to be paid the "stall" really weird.
Arrived at the place that is soon forgotten. The 9 holes are great fun. It is of everything. Hole 1 to 3 are still flat, but it is difficult from hole 4. The first takes over a water hazard, in which I have "lost" a ball over 300m. On the water obstacle follows a steep and long climb. Holes 4-8 are then in the mountain. Hole 8 is certainly easy for rounders. However, I have to hit the ball when trying to hit the green from the tee, lost 2 balls.
The ninth hole is then a flat, which forms a pleasant finishing the round.
Negative Me hole 4 the dreary area between the tee and fairway noticed. Since it felt like in the boonies.

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theobald tiger 3 Reviews
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Ideally suited for quick kick

On a sunny Sunday with only small change in the stock of Kemnade site is the right destination. For just 20, - Euro you are on a real golf course. This is important to mention, because the "right" places at least HCP wish to see 40th Here the handicap ranges. So just right for beginners.

Lane 1, par 3 is intended to get you started. 127 meters long with sand bunkers right and left and behind the green. Good players will certainly put the ball with a punch in the vicinity of the flag and do the job in two, at the latest in three strokes. Others just braucnen more blows.

Not quite eideutig the path marker is where it goes for now. In addition, one or the other pathway meanders through the golf course and through / over. Lane 2 but have found ;-)

There, the golfer and the golfer expects a 175 meters distant hole, which was classified with a par of third Lane 2 looks like a 7, wherein the little stick of 7 ;-) is only about 25 meters long and located at the end of the green. Before that, however, are cumbersome two sand bunkers.

Lane 2 is parallel to the narrow field of lane 3, par 4 and a total length of 215 meters. Closely, it is at first ca. 175 meters because right fence and fruit trees are left, which constrict the matter maybe 10 meters. In addition, the green is behind a massive collection of bushes that "rampant" on the right side after 150 meters not identify. The railway, so that the green is in fact a right bend in the last piece appears to have been deliberately hidden ;-) Before the green there is a pond! Caution - even in water, which is only ankle high, you can lose balls and his life.

Lane 4 is for someone to play the course for the first time the horror. 336 meters are the ones that lead uphill. With almost alpine claims, you climb up the semi-rough. Again, you do not know exactly where the green has its place. Because the web has a right curve and the green is on top of the crest of the hill. From the bottom of the tee and also from the center of the web is the flag, let alone the green, not to recognize. According to the score card can you have holed with 4 strokes. Here you lose and you will find as a freshman a lot of balls in the rough :-))) Once at the top you though is to play sports, a little short of breath, but compensates the views of the Ruhr Valley. Therefore this car is not only the horror but also gorgeous.

Lane 5 shows the valley. Logical that you can not see the green from the tee now. The car has been in the middle of a left turn at 130 meters, reveals the scorecard. Thus requires sports gambling colleagues are not taken from the flying ball, it is a place rule that a player or someone from succeeding Flight plays the guard and the discount is virtually free and it respects where the Bal flies. Also here you can find mainly left a lot of balls in the rough, but also lose ;-) The green itself has perhaps the thought that it is in the valley and was built just increased. Down as well as left and right behind it goes up to 120 cm, so that the slightly faster played ball almost falls off the table and must be laboriously hinaufgepitched again. As for who no longer creates par 4 then, eh.

Lane 6, par 4 and a length of 226 meters and then goes back uphill also has a not to be recognized green from the tee. After 180 meters there (because parallel to lane 4) a right bend. Here too beautiful to blow if you do not trot but sportet. Again, because there is wonderful view.

Lane 7 is at 190 meters again talführende a train. Overall, having a slight right, you can see the green from einre height of 190 cm and Lufsprüngen from the tee. All other dwarves have to even go 20 meters to the front to see how it goes. Par 3 here is the duty.

The penultimate track is rather short and enticing, with a length of 143 meters to a blow directly onto the green. But be careful! You have to meet exactly, otherwise the white Pelle lands in the bushes, which really overgrown around the green. Behind the green, and then behind the bushes along a footpath leads. It is advisable not to make full swing and NEM Driver the tee, otherwise there will be holes in the head. Also you should have wetted by 3 strokes.

Finally, cross the walkway just mentioned and passes (over the dead bodies rising, which have just been hit by a golf ball * joking *) to the tee on Hole Nine. With 105 meters, the shortest route, which had to cope with three strokes. A bunker on the right half can cost shocks.

Overall, this track is quite challenging for the golf beginners. In contrast to the flat, manageable systems in Herdecke and the Cathedral Square in Witten has a well-fitting sports fitting. The standard of golf course is missing. You meet more women without dental profession or sons, but the tattooed VfL fan and the hip DJ with Trend T-shirt. The clubhouse consists of containers and you Pilsetten enough in the bottle. The garden furniture on the "terrace" are Oktoberfest benches. All in all I would give the club a 3 +.

Here are the Scorkarte as. jpg image:

http://www. myphotos. yahoo. com/s/20vu88l4swjboflxy893

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