Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.

18/9 Hole

Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.
Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.

Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.

Golfweg 22, D-14109 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 8067060


18-Hole -Meisterschaftsplatz

Terrain: Water hazards

Technical difficulty: Moderate

9-Hole -Platz

Practice Facilities

  • Driving Range
  • Putting Green
  • Pitching Green
  • Chipping Green
  • Practice bunker
  • Ball tracking system


18-Hole -Meisterschaftsplatz

Visitors are welcome Monday - Friday (except public holidays). Guests accompanied by a member are welcome every day.
Advance booking is essential.
A valid handicap certificate from player’s home club is required.
Handicap limit: 36

VcG-Players are admitted.

9-Hole -Platz

Visitors are welcome Monday - Friday (except public holidays). Guests accompanied by a member are welcome every day.
Advance booking is essential.
A valid handicap certificate from player’s home club is required.
Handicap limit: 54

VcG-Players are admitted.


Softspikes required.

No dogs allowed. Mobile phone permitted on course.

GPS devices approved.


Club Amenities

  • Clubhouse
  • Conference room
  • Locker rooms
  • Charging station for electric vehicles
  • Tested lightning protection huts
  • Thunderstorm warning system
  • Birdie card
  • Club accepts credit cards
  • Bar


Marco Koburger Privatkoch und Catering
Phone: +49 30 806 706-92 oder -98
Credit cards accepted.

Pro Shop

Pro Shop
Phone: +49 30 806 706-19
Credit cards accepted.


  • Clubs for hire
  • Trolley for hire
  • Electro-trolley for hire
  • Caddy on request

The Club

General Information

Founded: 1895
Membership: Available


PresidentAlbert Türklitz
Managing DirectorMichael Siebold

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Huong Nguyen 1 Review

Too high price for just an average course

We heard nice stuff about the course so decided to pay 180 Euros in green fee to play on week day. It turned out to be just a mediocre course, comparable to many other medium class courses around Berlin, only with a green fee 3 times higher! Nothing special, the whole course is consirably boring, no signature or impressive hole For me it was a big waste of money & thus can not recommend it to anyone given the terrible fee which seems to rather scare people away than attracting! A total frustrating exprience!

reiner2304 504 Reviews
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Parkland with tradition but unfortunately too expensive

9-hole course played on May 6th, 2022.18-hole course played on June 22nd, 2022. The parkland facility with the 18-hole championship course and the PAR 31 9-hole course is located about 20 km south/west of Kurfürstendamm in the posh Wannsee district of Berlin of the same name. It's not far to Potsdam. The car park in front of the modernized clubhouse can be reached via the A115/B1. However, you will look in vain for access signs! The 27-hole course is surrounded by tall, overgrown trees and runs through wooded terrain around the Helmholtz Center. On hole four of the 18-hole course, you also play alongside mighty satellite dishes. Again and again you have a view of a mighty radio tower that stands behind the main road. Overall, you play through absolute peace and nature. You can feel and see the tradition of the club everywhere. Promotion of young talent and team sports are very important. You always meet children and young people during training. Most members say hello. The clubhouse with pro shop and restaurant offers everything a golfer needs. Even if you've forgotten your driver, you can borrow one here and it's even free of charge. There is also a fitness center for members. The driving range is rather narrow, but has two levels. At lane 1 it is possible that you will find one or the other stray ball from the range. We were received very friendly as guests and everything was explained and asked if we needed anything else. I had received start times beforehand by e-mail or by telephone. Tee times for guests are only available on weekdays when there are no tournaments and can only be booked by telephone 7 days in advance. By the way, guests cannot play on bridge days either. Unfortunately, the green fee is steep and not only on the 18-hole course where you can play for €180. Again and again you are carefully pointed out on the phone or at the counter. The round on the 9-hole course (5x PAR3.4x PAR4) is even more expensive at €90. Thus, Wannsee is probably the most expensive golf course in Germany for green fee players, at least on weekdays. According to the motto, we select the guests based on the price, if you really want to play with us, you have to pay for it! After all, the balls on the range are free of charge. You also don't have to pay a surcharge if you don't have a regional code in your ID. The game operation on a sunny Friday evening or on a sunny Thursday morning was very manageable and not only on the 9-hole course, but also on the championship course. The start is every 12 minutes, so there is no stress. The starter was also very friendly, as was all the employees, including the greenkeeper. Practice opportunities for the short game are sufficiently available. The tracks of the 9-hole course are basically not wrong, the place is short but not a short course in the sense. The main challenge on the 9-hole course are the well-placed bunkers around the greens. Caution is advised on tee 3, as you play over the fairway of hole 2 there. Lane 7 with an elevated tee is the highlight of this short round for me. Unfortunately, the condition of the greens on the 9-hole course was a disaster, to say the least, due to the many holes. For the sake of fairness, I have to say that I was told that again when booking the start times and before the round. But what I can't understand is that you still take the full price. A 50% discount would have been appropriate. Unfortunately, it was also very annoying that there were a lot of mosquitoes on the pitch during my game on a sunny Friday afternoon. The 18-hole course was well maintained for our game. One or the other brown spot on the fairway but otherwise everything is OK. The greens are rather fast. There is only one real water hazard on the 18-hole course directly in front of the 17th tee (PAR 3). Otherwise there are a few higher discounts. Overall, the place is slightly hilly but easy to walk on foot. Most tracks go pretty straight. The difficulty lies on the one hand with the many bunkers that defend the greens and the almost always heavily undulated greens. Here and there there is sometimes higher but mostly not very dense rough. Most tees are quite open, so you can often tee off with the driver. On many tees of the 18-hole course, the visual tee boards are even attached on both sides, which I haven't seen that often. By the way, after 9 holes on the 18-hole course you are somewhere on the other side of the course and not at the clubhouse. But there is a nice halfway house with modern toilets and vending machines for snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks. We ate something in the restaurant after the round. You can also sit on the sun terrace with a view of the 9-hole course. The menu is not particularly extensive or unusual, but the food was tasty, the prices were okay. The service was also very friendly. Overall, a more than solid and very well-kept facility, at least on the 18-hole course. Those who love parkland will get their money's worth. Actually five stars, but the green fee is definitely a defensive price, hence only four stars.

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torsten 95 Reviews
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Great place - 9 holes well playable in 1:15

In 2018, all the greens on the 18-hole course revised or completely redesigned - a challenge for every golfer.

The 9 holes are played quickly after work in about 75/90 minutes,
Dee place is short, you have to play exactly by the design

Restaurant - great

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