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Adventure playground

A little crowded it is already, the golf course in Semily, more or less crushed between the Jizera River and steep hills. This of course is also advised rather short, only - even small can be "powerful".

To save space, you have the driving range located more centrally in Semily, about 1 to 1.5 km away from the actual place that can be reached by a small parking lot just across a bridge. On the "street side" right of Jizera you also get then the first impression of the "powerful" The haircuts 4 and 9 extend across the river, the Green acts 4 despite a par 3 as the size of a postage stamp, behind begin the Wald, the Drive landing zone of 9 is then already at about 140m, which beginners probably could cost some balls.

The tiny "clubhouse" to reach so over the bridge, the green fee between 300 and 500 CZK (12-18 €) - on weekdays for 9 or 18 holes put a smile on someone's face. The Greenkeeper were pottering busily on, the place is in good condition, unfortunately, "may" the lords of getting used to knock mats. And not only that is used to, but costs the place a "good" - namely the history of the fairways. The fairway of 1 simultaneously serves the counter-rotating 2 (and 8). 1 and 2 cross the 5, the 5 then of course 1 and 2.6 and 7, although relatively "isolated" intersect also that 8 is a slope tee, almost a "blind shot" in the middle of the fairways 1 and 2. Attention is paramount, especially for players who do not know the place.

And then sometimes you can on forest tracks up the hill, with constant Beware of tree roots, they call for "foot fishing" would apply rather to.

The place deserves 4 stars, it is a dream, is maintained and not easy to play. By the mats and a crude layout there are only. 3

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