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Natasha S 2 Reviews

Great experience

The Black River golf course is tough but great experience to play. Course itself and fairways were in good condition. We enjoyed the design of the course with many water obstacles, but I must say, only for experienced golfers. We were lucky to be accompanied by the marshall, so he gave us tips how to play. This way we thank him too. Club house is beautiful renovated castle. Wide changing rooms, all nice and clean, great restaurant and service. We were also staying in one of the rooms, I felt like princess, it was just great. I can not say nothing else just that we will surly come back again.

Rado Foltan 2 Reviews

Real challenge course

We played on September 8th this year, and the course was in excellent condition. Frist 6 holes in the historic park was easy and nice to play, from the hole no. 7 the challenge started :-). The Black River headline is the toughest court in Europe, what I can confirm. If you do not like easy and boring play, this course is a must. The club house is magnificent. Complete renovated old castle, nice and open space changing rooms, good restaurant. I can only confirm to visit this place.

Danut Munteanu 55 Reviews

No way! Nothing else, except differentiation marketing and lies!!!

I was playing there, today. My HCP is 30,4 and I get 108 strokes, which is around 21,7 (regarding C.R. and S.I.), and I had 47 Stableford points. The course is NOT close in the morning for maintenance. The restaurant is complete boring and very poor for food. About the pitoresque??? Making me laugh... This is a boring course, without any maintenance, A lot of people were picking champignons on the 12th fairway, there were a lot of leaves everywhere... Ok, they put every green from 7th to 18th with great slope (even 1,5 m !), they made a lot of blind fairways, they have hole no. 17 with an insle, they have hole no. 8 with a great view, but that is all!!! And this is very common for Germany golf courses, by the way...
If you want to choose a good golf course in Cech-Slowakien, why you shouldn' t choosing Praha golf club, or Karlstejn golf club (pitoresque, slopes too, on the fairway, but at least they are fair !!!)...
If you are looking for long holes, why aren't you choose some nice golf course from Switzerland (as Appenzell, by the way), if you are looking for pitoresque, why you shouldn' t choosing Aphrodite Hills from Cyprus?
All the details from Bernolakovo informations are just for publicity, lying publicity. Never come back here!!!
PS : Slowakia is the 18th country on 6 continents where I was playing golf, this year... I know what I am speaking about quality golf play!

Golf-Enthusiast 33 Reviews

A fantastic course you must play! Do not miss it.

We played in August 2012 on a Thursday afternoon: practically alone on the course. The first six holes are boring: just the old park of the castle. Too bad the castle is falling apart: it would be a super luxury hotel!
The fun starts with the 7th hole and continues through the end even though the 18th is a bit unfair. "The most difficult course in Europe" is the official claim of the course. With my handicap of 26 I got a playing Hcp of 40! That tells enough.
The fairways are thrilling: hilly, with waves and valleys, narrow parts, lots of water and hidden greens. And long long long... Everything you can think of. You must play carefully otherwise take many balls along! The most thrilling is hole 17 where you tee off to a thin island and then continue to an even smaller island for the green: good luck!
Get the birdie book to help you find the safe areas. It is well illustrated. I have never seen more complicated and demanding holes: truly difficult but super!
We rented clubs: pretty old material but OK.
Get an electro cart: the distances between the holes are long and the orientation on the course is not so easy. The price/value is excellent. Worth a detour!
We will certainly come back!
One of the best courses in Europe!

MIZ52 2 Reviews

Difficult and demanding local knowledge but very nice

I played two rounds in July 2012 and am very happy to have a chance to play this course. To be honest first time was a bit of a shock how difficult some holes/greens are, but at the same time it was obvious how beautiful the course is. Greens in very good condition, good fairways and in fact all is local knowledge and your skils... Have a chance to introduce the course manager and that was a very nice experience, it seems like a great small team together with the reception and the small bar/restaurant there. Very good food and fair prices too. Looking forward to go back. Thans all! Zeljko

MarekS 1 Review

Black River golf course - a great challenge and a great fun to play

From Simon Weeler,

A golfer from US, who played Black River golf course for the first time on Thursday, September 15 2011.
I just wanted to email you after my golf yesterday.

I hope you don't mind some honest thoughts about the course...

The first 5 holes are strange. In excellent condition, but just seem a bit crammed in, and short... However, the long par 5,6th is a nice hole, and then onto the 7th... to the 17th... just fantastic. I have played some good courses, and these 11 holes are some of the best I have ever played. The condition of the course was perfect, the greens, a little slow, but immaculate and fun to play.

The course is difficult. I play off a handicap of 12, and I found, off the yellow tees, it was too long for me. I am not a big hitter, but it was just too long, however, that not a criticism, that part of the course was stunning.

The staff were excellent, and I like the fact greenkeepers stop and turn off their machines when I played, very good.

I think, that as the whole of golf operates in yards, it would be quite easy for you to put 150 YARD makers in, and the holes into yards. I now the Europeans use Meters, but the golf world doesn't, and it would be too difficult to do.

I didn't like the 18th. I though it lets the course down with a final hole like that. For me, I found it impossible to play, unless you can hit a drive over the water onto a very small landing area, to then approach the green, how else can you play it?

These are small criticism of a wonderful course, in great condition, and great fun to play.

As I write a blog read by many readers, I will write a review about Black River. I want to play it a second time, as a first time player, I played blind on many holes as I had no idea where the safe zones were, but again, a great course, and I will play again.



SchickerM 4 Reviews
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Have 27.8. made a round on the heaviest golf course in Europe. Interesting yes. Hard only due to lack of care condition. Grüns stump and verwildert, fairway unkempt since these are also available for a football golf course. Many blind strokes and no signposting. We were very disappointed

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Chris11 4 Reviews
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Unkempt space, greens and fairways. Very good and friendly castle restaurant.

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Klaudia 1 Review
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Hard golf course, but very nice.

Very nice golf course. One of the hardest I played, but beautiful. I recommend to visit the game and enjoy it.

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kachlik 2 Reviews
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Challenge for experienced golfers

The golf course is rated 79.8 according to its parameters and the slope of rating 155 is definitely the most difficult in Europe and can only be played by experienced golfers who primarily control defensive play. The yard divides the players into two groups... those who love it as a challenge and those who do not understand it and almost hate it... Nevertheless, it is a real challenge.

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McLott 1 Review
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Very well maintained and very tough!

Confusing is the start - starting with hole 4 to 9 on the Park Course (1 to 3 will not be played), then starts hole 7 on the Black-River Course. The 12 Black River Holes have it then but in itself. Stage greens; Mountain and valley fairways; Bottlenecks on the fairways; Water you can only imagine (no Birdie-Book available); but also a brilliant island green.
Lousy is the signs - plates with the information given in meters are ambulantauf boulders and indicated meters not dtimmen with those on the scorecard match. The fairways are well maintained and bumpy; the Greens alternate between furztrocken and soft.
Beautifully that is currently located in Renovation castle.
Whether Bernolakova is the most difficult place in Europe - possible; I can not judge. But surely it is the well-kept on lausigsten place I know.

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anton-fritz 137 Reviews
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Is exciting when you have to look for his ball despite a good blow and then realizes he has disappeared in a small pond or the like of course, was not to be seen. When playing the 2nd time it was already much easier. Important here is a good tactic. Full attack is useless. After the first 6 uninteresting holes in the castle grounds it comes from hole 7 as the real thing. Absolutely difficult slightly unfair to. But, a challenge anyway. Price / quality is good. A little more care could not hurt the place.

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fuimfa 1 Review
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Under all sow

This is probably not only a place of the most difficult but also the worst-kept throughout europe!! incredibly, the state of the greens. some were aerifiziert with tons of sand, other couples provided filters with bare and still others resembled a moonscape.
The holes in the park are ok, from the 6 the adventure begins. hard to find discounts, weathered boards and flag positions which can sometimes only can guess. Moreover, there is to this place even soccer golf. also provided with white flags. Therefore, you never know exactly which is the right-hand flag. the design of the square must have perpetrated a heavy drinker. shame about the beautiful landscape and how it has ruined it. the clubhouse resembles a kontainer, the restaurant does not deserve its name. Conclusion: once and never again!!

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Golfenthusiast 1 Review
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Only strategically playing well playable

Some reviews are consistent with previous:

Tee weathered boards! Relatively invisible on stones Lying?? mounted and no information given in meters! Although in this square if the many obstacles that would be a must

The place is well laid out in the area, holes 1-6 narrow and park-like then it is spacious

Very few people (Saturday) go! This time for relaxed railway study

Fairways ok! Greens in excellent condition but very very hard, lots of exercise and partially stages! A real challenge

From my perspective always sufficiently fair landing zones and even some semi-rough playable.

Due to the large areas and only partly fairway irrigation naturally compromises the appearance of the place, especially from web 7 shall be undertaken

Bunker could new sand from the partner club Whiteriver tolerated! I have to say! I played there the previous day and the golf course well with all the trimmings is a good level. (Place similar Belek dunes somewhat confusing with some dog Leg

Hole 18 is excessively design failed, was redesigned! If necessary install the opposite slope fairway stage

Birdiebook was not offered to us, there is absolutely a?
Given a really peppered with many obstacles course are meter data absolutely! Of all the discounts to all Hindernissen- and there are indeed a must genügend-

Towels for 2 € ??? Do I have on any golf course experienced and come to no good. I'd rather pay for a birdiebook € 5( as in Italy), and then that's towel issue solved

No Club home, all very very easy! Standard uncomfortable! Just for a drink, invites not to remain a

With STVG -21 we should play by blue! Ca 500 m. Less, yellow from STVG -13, at the location of obstacles and wide differences on some tracks this changes the gameplay massively, plus about 10 beats Default

An interesting place, which it of quality at many points yet still lacking, but perhaps with the mansion renovation, (which is a Hotel?) Estimated finished 2018 2919 and some adaptations to the tracks with the proximity to Vienna (1h) could it a worthwhile weekend getaway for the discerning golfers! The once or twice a year a difficult and strategically gambling place! Want to conquer... especially with a good score!

It surprises me that whether the existing international advertising but the standard (ranging from ease, quality and equipment) is so low, here the owner or manager would be required, I had the impression that wanted to be on among themselves! Under no circumstances several thousand green fee players annually attract... I know what I'm talking... Diamond, Adamstal and other heavy courses all already played

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golfista 17 Reviews
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Pure bullshit! Has nothing to do with a great golf course!

Getting started is not easy to find the first time as hole no. 1 of the Black River Golf Course, at the same hole 4 is the nice old park course.

We were there from Thursday to Sunday, golfers but we have never met at the Black River.

The first 6 holes are located in an old castle park, and are easy to play, before it goes down to the newly-built 12-hole golf course of the Black River.

In hole 7 the Challenge, small zusammengepferchte haircuts, confusing paths with unexpected obstacles in the middle of the lanes or fairways begin.

The tee panels are mounted on rocks at the bottom, but completely useless!

From the tee, most tracks are not visible, beautiful long Drivers mostly pointless because the fairways are moronic closely in the landing zone, making bunkers and roughs impossible the beautiful game! (Eg web 14 u. 15)

Either you have to present, but did not make the second shot then on the greens, as before barriers are built, or trying a SuperDrive, which must then but already go to the 300 meters, since otherwise the obstacles on the fairway loses the balls.

The roughs are very high, find the balls almost excluded.

It is one of the impression, as public tax dollars were frittered away, because no recognized golf course architect builds something senseless.

You lose the joy of beautiful play, which is why we were there always alone on the square, no locals we saw that were more on the small 9hole places, but not at the BR.

Was supposed to be the toughest course in Europe, but certainly has nothing to do with a beautiful golf course, as we know hundreds of others.

Each of this place more than 2 stars is (and this is already above average generously rated), do not know how a beautiful golf course looks. (Eg Schönborn or Adamstal and similar)

Good Game!

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werner2204 6 Reviews
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A challenge

Very nice place but little hard to find, despite Navi. Signs would be desirable. The initial par 3 holes a bit boring, but afterwards we go right to the point.

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luklas 5 Reviews
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Unfortunately had some bad luck with the weather, but this place has to be seen and played. Sophisticated documents in landscape and bunkers and much more interesting greens are inevitable.
Greens and fairways were in great condition.
For improvement, however, clubhouse & "Restaurant". And also for the warm-up would be less desirable broken range balls.
Together with the White Euro Valley Course but definitely worth a visit.

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cernaruka 54 Reviews
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Very interesting course

ROOKIE too heavy a task, first in the park and then to the extremely difficult holes with many deep bunkers, waters and greens, as I have never seen (in altitude). To achieve a real challenge, from Vienna to 1 h, reduced green fees. Games always happy there. The condition of the course has always been good to very good. Kdo umi slovensky nebo Cesky ma vyhodu. Looking forward to 2013.

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