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for 1. Golfclub Leipzig e.V. - Golfplatz Dübener Heide, Zschepplin OT Hohenprießnitz, Germany

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Reisender1 15 Reviews
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Pleasant heath place

Flat, heather grass as a rough, little water, but interesting to play. Due to the length and some strong doglegs it is quite difficult. Care condition in order.

You should maybe think about lane 4, this long straight across the field somehow doesn't fit with the rest.

The courses in the north of Leipzig (Dübener Heide, Seehausen, Machern) are unfortunately all of the same type, but I find this one the most likeable. The nicest secretariat I know!

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Eschenried 108 Reviews
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Heideplatz - Interesting to play

Played on the occasion of a stay in Leipzig. The place is quite far out, between fields and farms - but that's what makes the charm.
It's not the super-top-top place now, but it's fun to play such a heath place - every heather is different.
In the sometimes high grass troughs you can find - thank goodness - many balls due to the sparse vegetation and can continue playing (:-)).
With an Albrecht voucher it is also a cheap affair.
If you are around, you should play there.

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Yomi 28 Reviews
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Ok it's still April, but

I just can not imagine the greens, the fairways and the tea boxes getting better in the next few weeks. I'm sorry, the place is just in a bad condition. In some cases, however, the paths to the next tees are designed in a strange way. The place, despite the generous areas, laid out thoughtlessly. The two stars are there for the lady in the gastro and the lady in the registration who are very nice and friendly.

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dheide 3 Reviews
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Beautiful place in a quiet location

I visited the place recently and was greeted very friendly. The staff and the gastro are recommended.

The place had a few minor flaws, but for the green fee everything is OK.

I will definitely come again!

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Tosal Golf 33 Reviews
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Good place, but the hole diameter: (((

We played the course again this week, and despite the ongoing heat, he was in good condition and the greens were in very good condition.
But the holes did not even match the old measure of 108 mm diameter.
We have measured for fun =
95 mm. Following the rule change of the R & A GC and USGA from 2016.

GC Leipzig, please change the piercing tool, thanks :)))

Excerpt from the publication on the rule change from 2016: "More joy on the pitch" "In the recent past, we have received some criticism from amateurs around the world that the game is making them less enjoyable, which has never been our goal, so we are now taking a step in the hopefully right direction. "Also, the ban on fixed on the body putt methods had a decisive influence on the release of the new rule."By banning Belly and Broomstick, "Dawson said,"we've protected the idea of ​​golf to move the club around the body, and with the new rules, we want to meet the golfer's desire for more enjoyment on the field. "Thus, the hole diameter of all places will be increased by almost 25 percent at the beginning of 2016."The measure was set more than 120 years ago and never questioned. "Til today."It was an arbitrary number set in 1891 unrelated to the ball, so let's change that. "From 2016, the new diameter will be increased to 134.05 millimeters - currently it is 108 mm. The exact calculation of the diameter is as follows:

Diameter of the ball (42.67 mm) x Pi (3.14159 ...) = 134.05 mm "With this formula, we also ensure that we are also protected in case of a change in the ball diameter."However, the most important thing is, according to Dawson, that the enlargement of the hole should lead to more birdies and thus more pleasure on the course. "Every amateur wants to deliver as good a result as possible." In addition, this measure also adapts the excessive importance of putting and increases the importance of the long game.

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BlackFang 1 Review
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Useful for the beginning

Only driving range and short course used. Secretariat is friendly, but awfully slow. The driving range is nothing special; Negative is that the ball machine systematically emits dirty balls. Since only € 16 balls are spent per €, they should at least be exempt from coarse dirt. The 6-hole course is actually a 3-hole course and laid out completely uninspired. The tight arrangement of the tracks creates tightness even with two flights; luckily we were alone. The condition is also not the best, and I have to agree with Tosal Golf that the holes are not measured correctly. Instead of driving over the course by car, the greenkeeper should rather do his job here. The greens were really bad. On the plus side, the place is very quiet.

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Golfer mit Hund 1 Review
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Beautiful golf club

Top golf course in quiet surroundings!
Have played the place this year already several times.
Care condition top! Secretariat friendly and competent!
Excellent food.
Unfortunately, on the round on 18.05.2017 I have violated the etiquette and left my dog ​​short of the line.
This was seen by the managing director and was justified by him rightfully with a reference. Then my immediate action and my apology did not help.
I was just as once at the barracks court.
Pity - 5 (legitimate) stars as farewell gift!

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WernerBhv 38 Reviews
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Very beautiful place!

Played 4/28/2017 (hcp 12.8).
Welcome very friendly and with admission to the premises. With two members played, characterized obtain additional information about the tracks, Birdie-book available.
Tees, fairways good well maintained. The greens were not impeccably according to the season. Water comes in some cars into the game. I found very interesting the web 15, a dogleg with the possibility of the greenery, 176m Carry attack. Note you should but the bounds areas the green.
Service and restaurant were good.
Conclusion We'll be back and thanks to Frank and Wübbe.

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Indiadee 5 Reviews
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Just beautiful...

..waren on Easter weekend. We were welcomed very nicely. They had the same feeling that you are there really welcome as a guest. The place was for this season in good condition. Greens freshly sanded. Must be also taken hold. After the round we were still in the clubhouse. The food looked good. But Have you eaten anything. Highly recommended is the Gin card. But then better take NEN chauffeur :-) love to come back

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Response from Ekkehard BECHER of 1. Golfclub Leipzig e.V. - Golfplatz Dübener Heide
April 11, 2016
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You are always welcome. We are delighted that you had a nice time with us. Best regards. Your Ekkehard Mug Vice President aD 1. Golfclub Leipzig eV Am Sport Panel 3 - 04105 Leipzig Tel .:… More

You are always welcome.

We are delighted that you had a nice time with us.

Best regards.
Your Ekkehard Mug Vice President aD

1. Golfclub Leipzig eV
Am Sport Panel 3 - 04105 Leipzig
Tel .: 0341-71164-12
Fax: 0341-71164-19
info @ golf club-leipzig. de
www. golf club-leipzig. de

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Tosal Golf 33 Reviews
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Golf in Dübener Heide

We have these links or whatever played space.
The operator shall have to decide whether to invest a links course.
The conditions are there.
The models so far but rather mediocre. The course designer was determined an amateur gardener.
The fairways and greens were good in the state, with eingen smears.
On the greens in charge Greenkeeper should times using a measuring instrument.
The size or diameter of the pin holes corresponds to only about 60% as the default.
Tournament play well ...- impossible!!!
Good putt does not go there.
That should get you realized yet.
A statement from the Betriebers this would be interesting times.
Then you can even come back.

Change provided.

Greetings and see you soon

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reiner2304 473 Reviews
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Nice area with good service

Nice and neat place, but no special challenges! The club house is new, but somewhat stocky. The changing rooms behind the bar are a bit too small. Very friendly club secretary.

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