Bassac River Cruises

Bassac River Cruises
Bassac River CruisesBassac River CruisesBassac River CruisesBassac River Cruises


The Bassac take you into the greener areas of the Mekong delta, overnight on the river and into the middle of the life about the river. They are entirely built of wood in the Mekong delta and according to the local marine traditions, and adapted for discovery cruises, open to outside and offering an immediate contact with the green surrounding of the ship.

The 12 cabins feature soundproofed partitions and double glazing to protect the passengers' sleep from the noises of the river. These partitions are also heat insulated and meant to slow fire in case of an emergency. The access to outside is immediate. The cabins are scented by Laurent Séverac, perfumer in Hanoi.

We have air-conditioning in all the cabins, with split systems to allow for a quiet night - indeed the boat's equipment themselves are quiet even though some must run all night long.

Golf Packages with Bassac River Cruises

Mekong Fairways

Mekong Fairways

Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia

Round Trip, 13 Nights and 6 green fees, Date of your choice

Amazing Indochina Golf-Roundtrip (6 Greenfees): Highlights in Vietnam, Laos und Cambodia 13 nights (5 Star) - individually bookable

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