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BKTest72 2 Reviews

Trockene Stellen, dennoch gut zu spielen

We were received with a very warm welcome and again everything had been well pre-arranged by HuaHinGolfCourse. com.

Driving Range was OK for warmup but was a bit crowded. The course conditions were OK with some dry spots on the fairways. Greens were in a good condition. There is a possibility to buy drinks and fruits in a broad variety every couple of holes.

The caddies were helpful, well organized and more than friendly. Pickup for retransfer to the hotel was organized by them from hole 17. Although I personally prefer walking I recommend taking a cart due to distances and easier job for caddies.

So, to summarize a great experience. Just the dry spots on the fairways did not allow a 5 star ⭐️ ranking.

Millman 1 Review

Such a shame!

The layout of the course shows what could be if there was;

1. investment in water management
2. investment in quality green staff
3. Investment in the restructuring tees, bunkers and surrounds

At the moment the green fee price asked is far too much for the experience.

As one of the oldest courses in Thailand, and operated by Singha, why they cannot put reasonable investment into a potentially prestigious facility is really a shame.

Spend your money on the better courses in Hua Hin and give this a miss until the powers that be can be bothered to give a value for money experience.

upex 12 Reviews

Upex golf tour.

Nice little course for the price. Some great holes and interesting. With better managment it could be great. Greens very wooly. So made putting a problem.

Monica 1 Review

In very bad and sad condition

No maintenance. Expensive. No one seemed to care. Lots and lots of mosquitoes in the locker rooms. Staff could not speak English. Gravel in bunkers instead of sand. Desert like fairways. They don't water fairways, only the greens.
Played this week May 1st.
First and last time.

reiner2304 502 Reviews
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Oldest golf club in Thailand at Hua Hin train station

Played on March 6,2024. The oldest golf course in Thailand is located practically directly behind the Hua Hin train station, right in the center. The announcements of the arriving trains can be heard clearly from almost the entire square. The train station, practically directly behind the clubhouse, is currently being completely rebuilt. The entrance to the club is marked with a sign; it is best to use navigation. At the entrance to the parking lot the caddies take the bags from you. By the way, there are even some male caddies here. However, the clubhouse is functionally a little old. There is a pro shop. Registration is set up next door in the style of a ticket counter. The employee was busy and friendly. The standard green fee is currently 2,000 Bath (€51.50), the Caddy costs 350 Bath and the Cart costs 600 Bath. There are also packages and EarlyBird or Sundowner tariffs to book. A cart is not absolutely necessary as the course is generally flat with a few slight inclines. The course is overgrown with trees, but without the big highlights. The 14 (PAR 3) over a dip is certainly the signal hole. There are a few water hazards and some bunkers. Most of the tracks go straight or have slight doglegs. After 9 holes you are back at the clubhouse. There are also toilets and aid stations every few holes along the way. The condition of care was mixed. Many tee shots didn't look good. Bald spots or even erasers and rather uneven. The greens were maintained differently. Some were good, others sanded and others extremely dry. Overall, the current drought is probably causing problems for the place. The games on a Wednesday afternoon were lively but not overcrowded. We were able to start on time and only with two people, but we immediately ended up in a flight of four. Our caddies then decided to skip the 2nd lane and go to the 3rd, only to go back to the 2nd at the end of the lap, which wasn't a problem thanks to the buggies. It was also noticeable that some individual players should have joined forces, which would certainly have helped the flow of the game. The caddies were good and helped with reading the greens and finding every warped ball even under the leaves of the trees. After the round we ate something in the restaurant. The menu is extensive, the quality and prices are absolutely fine. There is even a German pork knuckle on the menu (not ordered). What you need to know is that the waiters will only come to the table if you use the bell that is on the table. All in all a rather average course, you can play, but you don't have to.

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Vestr 5 Reviews
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A terrible situation

We “played” the course in March 2024. There is more dust, leaves, and dry patches on this "golf course" than grass. The greens are miserable. In the places where the water probably once was, there are only hoses.
The driving range is a dry area with no grass and mat tees. Under no circumstances should you play here!

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Lackmeier 2 Reviews
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Unused potential

I played this course at the beginning of November 19, at the beginning of the dry season in Thailand. Since the reviews here vary very much, I would like to give my own impression:

+ Perfect location right in the city. Very easy to reach.
+ Great layout with very old trees. Difficult and less difficult tracks alternate well. The sporting challenge is quite given.
+ My caddy (Noi) was very experienced and competent. The fun was not too short.
+ Very friendly and competent staff in the clubhouse.
+ Great clubhouse
+ Good food
+ Very good supply at very fair prices on the round.

- The fairways are clearly lacking care. The fairways are hard and the transitions to the first cut rough are often not recognizable.
- The bunkers are rock hard and only very superficially "raked". Scratched it feels better. A little sand would not hurt most bunkers.
- The quality of the greens varies greatly between almost perfect and gruesome. One of the greens was a patchwork rug made of different types of grass, although the patches were indeed used with distinct "seams".
There was garbage everywhere in the roughs. This is not worthy of a "Royal Golf Course".
- After my round I learned that there was no water in the clubhouse that day. That's probably not the club, but the enjoyment has clearly limited.

Finally, unfortunately, I have to say that I felt the round with almost 60 € for 18 holes, in this space, as too expensive. The good potential through staff and layout is given away here. Too bad.

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johannes weyhmann 2 Reviews
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Played on 26.4.19. Actually a jewel, 900 meters from the beach, 500 meters from Hua Hin city center. Greenfee reduced from THB 2000 to THB 800: Space is dry. Masochist, if you like a "bald head". Lack of irrigation, the grass on the fairways has dried up. In addition to the tracks is still the dry leaves of autumn. The greens are ok and fast. The obligatory, female. Caddy was nice and had a clue. Platzanlage simple, no highlights, exhausting rather by the heat, am run for sportl reasons, there are refreshment stations.

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WoH2008 30 Reviews
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Defects? So what!!!

Unfortunately, some of the shortcomings, as described in previous reviews, are correct.
I still love this golf club for

- his tangible tradition
- for his nice, friendly caddies
- for its varied layout
- for the many nice stations
- for the proximity to the traditional station

I played this course 2x during my 14 day stay in Hua Hin and enjoyed it every time.

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K. Per 462 Reviews
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Old place, nice layout, ...

... but unfortunately the course care lags sharply. Although casinos are beautiful, the fairways could be better maintained, the bunkers are very hard and are also used as sleeping places by the innumerable dogs.
No water hazards. Greens - well, some with bleak spots, but are faster than they look.
Place of the men tees approx. 6,000 m long (according to Scorkarte).
For me the most interesting hole is the 12, a relative short par 4, but tricky.
Place no highlight, but you should still play, maybe you get friends on the 2nd time!

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KingOfTheTee 23 Reviews
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The place deserves a better operator

We are in Hua Hin for the fourth time and have played almost all the places. So far, the rather bad reviews have prevented us from booking the Royal Hua Hin, but the report from a flight partner from last year made us dare to do it. Unfortunately, a lot has been confirmed. The fairways were partly mowed poorly, but we were lucky and days before it had rained properly, so they were not too hard. Many bunkers lacked sand, but the greens were in a tolerable condition. The beverage stations were partially occupied, the sanitary facilities on the course an impertinence.
The layout of the course is actually beautiful, old trees, varied lanes, great Par3 holes - precise game is required to reach the sometimes quite small greens. Unfortunately, the operator (the railway company), according to our Thai agency is not ready to invest more here - too bad! Since the price of the offer is appropriate you should pay a visit to Thailand's oldest golf course. It's always an experience!

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p.a.c.o 5 Reviews
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Can you play, but you do not have to...

We played a couple of places in Hua Hin in November 2017:

10.11. Lake View (B = Lake and D = Link)
11.11. Royal Hua Hin
11.12. Palm Hills
11.14. Majestic Creek

Here's something to Royal Hua Hin;
The facility is absolutely close to the city. Almost behind the train station consists of 18 holes in a park. Landscape. No water, beautiful trees.

Overall, fairways and greens were in good condition. Annoying but not to circumvent is the compulsory obligation of a caddy who (right, the, because the exclusively ladies) was very hard-working, but spoke as good as no English. Please always include the additional 300 TBH as an "expected" tip. Only in Majestik was openly pointed out, expected and partly demanded on all squares. I had booked a card, driven exclusively by the Caddy, no driver's license for the guest. Is not at all. My lady had it in a hurry, so I went some things voluntarily.

No preset table. I only found them in the pro shop in Palm Hills.

Accompaniment by a "non-golfer" was not allowed. In some cases, for example, Majestik, an extra charge of 400-500 TBH is due.

Material and also green fees we have a local rental. A full set (Cobra Iron with Graphite R, Callaway Woods and an Odyssey Putter Pro 2) for 500 TBH per day and some 30% discount on green fees were decisive. There are several rentals, we have borrowed at "Fairways Hua Hin" 1 / 11Sasong Road.

We still lacked some of the places around Hua Hin, especially the "hip" Bayan and Black Mountain we have deliberately spared, but overall Hua Hin is indeed a rewarding golf destination.

About Hua Hin as a holiday resort may omit others, for us that was more Tourifang than authentic Thailand.

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Rmuellers1 2 Reviews
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Golf with history

All these bubbling of vermeitlichen world golf experts is annoying and boring.
Clear is not geschleckter Black Mountain or banyan, but this was a place of first in Thailand, built in 1924, and he sprayed with all the trimmings, uncorrupted caddies, the monkey trees on, the sleeping dogs in the shelter, the real Thai Beverages stations hole at each 3rd, a wonderful charm. And in the middle of town. A beautiful layout and well-maintained greens care of the rest.
Nice that I could play here.

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Sandro, Schweiz 1 Review
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Royal Hua Hin Golf Course

What can I say, the Golf Course would be quite nice if someone would care to. Fairways, greens, ..., everything is in a desolate condition, very close to a field that has not been managed for years. Somehow, because the time has stopped. We had besides the caddies certainly always 3-4 dogs to accompany this, so you do not feel so alone at least. You'd have to paint it from the list, which is no longer a golf course.

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gernespieler 9 Reviews
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Old: Yes - well? No!

In view of the previously split judgment on this forum, we are approached with a healthy dose of skepticism to the place. That was just as well, because the disappointment remained thus limited. The place was pretty unkempt, the sand in the bunker may already be there for fifty years... Many dogs roam around the hole 2, but otherwise still on the square. Fairways wet and full of leaves, greens acceptable. The caddies have pulled the bag and gepuzzt the club, but otherwise were no help... a total of only 2 stars out of respect for the age of the place and the beautiful tree coverage.

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fronze 10 Reviews
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Yes you might still see over the unspectacular design of this old golf course - but not about the sorry state in which the course is dzt.! In the rough discounts so that plays no major role - but the fairways are sparsely present, more like a field than a golf course, and the greens are erpärmlich! Who wants to play golf in this area Solte avoid this place!

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Blauauge 5 Reviews
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Beautiful old place with charm

Despite the lack of water hazards beautiful place from 1924 - bordered by mature trees and jungle.
Of a discount you can see an ancient temple and of hole 13, the view to the sea.
Concession stand halfway.

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Jost Ettlin 16 Reviews
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Challenging course with little variety

The fairways are bounded over the place of narrow rows of trees, which makes them appear to be particularly tight and narrow. It has almost no water hazards and little variety. The punks are hard and difficult to play on. Overall, it was nevertheless an interesting round.

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