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Stanyek 6 Reviews

Mixed feelings

I was there n November 2015. Actually this course has a very nice layout, is challenging and has practice facilities as well. Although my golf was just tragic I enjoyed playing here - first time. The club house was not really in function and the buffets were not really open either. Anyway, I didn't go there to live social life but playing golf. And I decided to play there regularly on the rest of my holiday.
People were kind even if they didn't speak English and the price was reasonable. Two trays of balls (50 or 60 all together - I didn't count) were 80 baht, 18 holes with caddy was 310 and renting a set of clubs was 300.
As I stayed in Loei for a longer while, just three days later a went back for another round. And I decided not to go back for a while although the buffets were open this time... The same guy asked me 500 baht for hiring the very same set of clubs. He was actually the only one who spoke some English. I told her three times that three days ago it had been 300 only. He "didn't hear" me...
Somehow I cannot stand a this attitude. He made extra 200 on me and I won't go there this year anymore. Maybe next time when I bring my set of clubs with me. Luckily, there are other places here in Loei to spend that money...

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