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for Golf Club Playa Dorada, Dominican Republic

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Paul O 1 Review

Enjoy your vacation

I have played this course more then 200 times. I have played better courses in Canada, States and Europe but I keep coming back. The condition of this course could be better but has improved over the last two years because of the Latin American PGA tour playing there. If the tour is playing there two years in a row it can be that bad. Some Caddies struggle with the English language but they try and you really can communicate with them. There are many very golf educated caddies that can really play the game and could possibly help yours if you ask. The course is surrounded by all inclusive resorts, all within a 7 minute walk of pro shop. The layout is flat but very nice. It grows on you after a while. It’s not cheap but if you buy several games in a package they are cheaper. Tipping of caddies range from nothing (don’t recommend) to what ever you feel. Give it a try.

Golf67 1 Review

Great holiday course

I have played this course several times and found it to be perfect for holiday golfers of any handicap. Speaking of handicaps, it appears that the reviewer named Crossan thinks the caddies who are trying to make a living resemble monkeys and the Caddy Master is an imbecile. Perhaps he/she should just stay in their little cave and not travel. Better for them and definitely better for the rest of humanity.

I highly reccomend this course.

BillyBob 1 Review

Much Improved

The course has suffered from a lack of TLC and investment for the last few years. That has however, changed with the Latin America PGA event taking place this Jun (2017).

Work has been done and continues on drainage. Areas of fairways have been relayed and the greens have improved immeasurable in the last couple of weeks. They have top dressed the greeen 3 times that I know of and scarified tee boxes and greens.
The bunkers still require much work.
This is a lovely resort golf course with great vista's all round. The caddies are a must or you would be stuck behind resort golfers for hours. My caddie got us through a 3 ball who hit the ball had a couple of swigs of beer enjoying there day on the course.
The fairways are being shaped and both fairway and first cut fed so it is beginning to show some teeth.
I played the same day as the qualifier for the PGA event and trust me their are some great pin positions on these greens.
The new President and his team should be commended for the improvement and given our support.

crossan 1 Review

Crapy golf club

This golf club is a lot of bullshit. It is expensive 79usd plus a caddy car 18 usd plus a monkey caddy (obligatory) at 18 usd. Nothing special for all that. The staff is unqualified stupid, the caddy master cannot put two words of English together and think that golf is related to Baseball. What a fucking imbecil. Forget this place frankly and I would rather go to Playa Grande.

Paul Jeffries 1 Review

Avoid this place

This is a overpriced tourist trap. Course in bad shape Greens are saggy, pins haven't been changed for weeks. Caddies mandatory only for tourists... Balls at driving range are broken and full of mud, you have to clean them yourself. Let's not talk about the rental clubs that are 15 years old... save your money.

Caribe23 1 Review
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A wonderful place

Like the two prescribers, you should not take the "game" too seriously.
To complain about caddies or fairways, but enjoy the whole Caribbean flair, the vegetation and especially a drink on the club terrace.

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