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UrskaP 1 Review

Lousy golfing experience

Were looking forward to check a new golf course in Croatia. They describe it as 9 holes, not really regular (8 x Par 3,1 x Par 4) and with artificial tee offs&greens. But great, difficult, first heated, with possible evening playing (lights)...
- the reception is in the hotel; not bad per se, but the reception personnel doesn't know zip about golf. We wanted 3 green fees for 9 holes, we've got 2 hours of golf lessons!?!?!? But no PRO around of course, which did not come as a bothering fact to receptionist.
- artificial "grass" on tee offs really means, that you can not tee off. As you cannot put tee into concrete below grass carpet (same as on many terasses, don't believe Golf hotel website). So you tee at the side, on a hilly terrain. Lousy.
- holes are between 65 and 100 m. It's a practice course basically. Should be stated as such.
- greens are same "grass" carpet as tee offs. Ball flies like you were trying to putT on the pavement. No joy.
- many holes have wrong info boards besides tee offs... no comment.

Club house is an empty, ghostly, never-has-operated house on Hole 9.

All in all - it is a big driving range with 9 range holes. It is not a golf course and lookinG forward to play golf there necessary means being pissed off and dissapointed.

If you invite guests to play King's game, be sensible to expectations dear Spa&Golf Hotel.

alterfux 6 Reviews
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Golf under floodlights

Neat place and beautiful scenery.
No chance for long hitters. We must precise the ball and make the best with a lot of backspin so the ball stays on the artificial turf green. Poorly hit balls punished the premises immediately. Reductions of mat or artificial turf where teas can also be used.
The course can also be played evening!
Sorry, nothing to clean derAusrüstung. (Shoes, balls, bats)

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