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for Bavarian Golfclub München-Eicherloh e.V., Eicherloh, Germany

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Ritchie 89 Reviews
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For fast lap

Everything was very comfortable and staff very friendly! Price performance is ok!
Partly tight holes and an island green are also available!
Reductions were bad, fairways in order and the greens great!
If I'm around and want to play briefly anytime again!

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Augustiner 29 Reviews
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Better than expected

Bzgl. he who seeks finds. In an MB round trip I drove straight from Landsham over the dike that divides the reservoir and hit exactly on the "golf course". fascinating as you can feel like so close to Munich, so from the world over again. (I mine positive) I had read the reviews here and looked curiously at the place. So the 9 hole short course is framed by lakes and stud farm. Great location, unfortunately brettl-flat and a bit boring. For 15 € you can play before. The place was just mowed and looked well cared for. There were several players on the web on a Wednesday afternoon. Where the forth to come? The surprisingly large gemültliche brand new wooden clubhouse with terrace would also attached to a Championsship golf course. The discount was somewhat devastated but everything else cared! Respect. Probably some players not on teen. But all they clearly!! for more golf than the other low budget "place" near. You can find it if you go to the airport from the ICM trade fair on the Pampa also randomly by car, to get just past it. (In Eicherloh keep left)

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Green-Vieh 27 Reviews
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Seek and you shall find

End of April 2013 we have played the course and in a few holes still on winter greens, but only for € 10 - for 9 holes.
Basically, I can only echo the other opinions here, the driving range is a risk; And to expect precise with beginners / teaching groups play on the Range Needless to say - there are inevitable accidents.
We have therefore specially played one with colored balls, otherwise the fumble would be unbearable because of the many range balls on the tracks.

But not only the location of the range, but also of the individual webs to each other can lead to conflicts, precision is required, but unfortunately not always the case.
It may also be due to the late onset of spring that the discounts were not always immediately obvious. An example is hole 3: Actually a web with dogleg on the driving range, but only in the Tournament mode. All well and good, but where is the knock out of a tournament? Unfortunately, the fact sheet from the office was silent about it. A sign (eg, 3A and 3B) would be desirable, since we were not the only ones as guests who had difficulty understanding.

And since we're on the Search: to find the place only with difficulty, because neither the B388 (Munich - Moss inning - Erding), nor on the St2062 (Ortsdurchfahrt Neufinsing) is a reference to this golf course.

So all in all: Seek and you shall find

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BoogieKing 1 Review
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Remain always fair

As already mentioned several times, there is a small square with narrow lanes, which requires an exact match.

The DR is really a bit inconvenient but since brauchts stop then some consideration to where we are on the subject of kindness. The attendees were all very friendly and elitist posturing in vain.

Whether sufficient space on the duration ambitious players unfortunately I have doubt, but for a beginner like me, it's PE without an opportunity to breathe golf.

The gehässsigen commentators should keep in mind - everyone starts small, a golf course!

The operators try hard, the place is far maintained, possibly mow something großzpgiger in the already narrow lanes.

I wish the Bavarian Golf Club Eicherloh that it goes on and maybe there is indeed times a safety valve for the DR :)

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kalle 417 Reviews
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Only in emergencies

So really, this is the weakest golf course far and wide! when the people are very friendly and a totally relaxed informal atmosphere prevails! Space is unfortunately a joke!

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Hans Dampf 4 Reviews
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Would-be golf course

Even if the place has developed positively over the last three years, and this place is a wannabe golf course. Someone could also say that it is much worse and no longer went. The starting level was so low because the space could only get better - or disappear into oblivion.

As before, it is not immediately obvious on some holes where it goes to the next tee.
The paths between green and next tee are sometimes longer than the play itself railway The driving range is more than dangerous.
The relaxed atmosphere is quickly lost if one has a very relaxed playing Flight on. By playing is on the short holes, PAR are also usually to the other 3 holes, makes little sense. This works only if the space is empty.
Players on the course who want to take their second nine holes in attack, have no right of way to discount 1 only just beginning players.
Since the range running across the fairway is only open for tournaments, EDS can not play, because then the rating is no longer correct place.

For membership of the course is too short and too boring. The much-touted argument they could refine his short game and iron play, has been digging too short if and when suddenly a proper place to play his driver or a fairway wood to reach the green in accordance with the handicap. The same is true with the stamina and concentration. 3570m for 18 holes is a joke compared to a normal place (good 6000m).

For one or two small rounds in the no-frills and if you're already in the area anyway, the place is ok.

How to build a short course also shows the Valley Golf Club with its golf park. This is not only 300m longer, but has also on greens that bear that name right.

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Darkyngve 5 Reviews
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Golf course the other way

The 9-hole course in Eicherloh something falls out of the normal range. There we very friendly and down to earth, the people are friendly and the prices low.
If you just want to play a fun round of fast times and ambience is a value that is already there, have fun.
But the trains are more like on a short course, wood can be left at home for short game practice but perfect.
The place have a couple of crazy golf a few years ago created accordingly much is still very tentative, but it will put a lot of love and leisure in the expansion.
Do you still can not expect too much.
Big minus is noted as with the previous speakers, the driving range, which is directly adjacent to two fairways and is not even limited to a network or the like. Since there are also many beginners on the go, it gets there, sometimes even dangerous if a ricochet hit on the fairway shoots.
Therefore, my conclusion: Funny, nice place, because of the range for me but unfortunately no-go.

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Forggensee 1 Review
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Small relaxed golf course

Safe: Anyone looking for a high-end golf course is certainly out of place in Eicherloh and will be disappointed. What is here, however, is:

- A nice little place that is basically well maintained.
- Narrow, short tracks, which require a very precise game.
- Cute, enstpannte atmosphere without elitist posturing. You play far gehnd Normalos golf who simply have fun at the game.
- The place is cheap and open to everyone.
- Often little gaming operations without waiting times.

The Driving Rage is partially covered but unfortunately lies between two paths, Driver can not always just practice.

So who wants to play just once relaxed and a round of golf is really cheap here.

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HaiMUC 2 Reviews
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To post Adrastus...

This place is highly recommended. He is constantly being expanded and improved.

An accurate and straight game is recommended, as some paths are narrow.

The only downer is the driving range, which is located between two fairways. But this only comes into play in tournaments and then it is locked. Therefore I can not understand the fuss.

A clubhouse with a friendly staff is also available. Is also provided in the neighboring Gutsstüberl for food and drink.

All in all: highly recommended for a relaxing round of golf!

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golfer18 1 Review
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Good value for money, narrow fairways

Located in the NE of Munich 9-hole executive course calls through its narrow fairways usually an extremely accurate match. Who simple, broad "highways fairway"
expected, will be disappointed here.

The staff is helpful and friendly, nice and the players mostly "down to earth".

The place is ideal with its value for money for a quick round or an after-work round.

The restaurant is located in about 100 meters from the idyllic "Gutsstüberl Eicherloh". Here especially recommended the schnitzel.

The only negative point: the unfortunate situation of the DR between the fairways.

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Adrastos 5 Reviews
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How to play golf habit is...

The place looks like a large garden on which you have configured the Green of the individual holes of several parts like Frankenstein's monster. The staff there is extremely rude and gastronomically there is nothing.

The driving range is between the middle between two fairways without a net. This is not only annoying but also gefährtlich. Played a white golf ball? Have fun looking between the others who were beaten by the range of the square about 70...

Mostly you do not look through where the tee for men and women is and where it goes to the next green. Makes golf so not fun. Or. This has nothing to do with golf...

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