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for Afandou Golf Course, Afandou, Rhodos, Greece

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Travelling4golf 1 Review


Probably the worst golf course I've played ever. Travelling4golf

jonte 1 Review

- "A little bit dry" was the answer to my question "How is the course status?"

It was so bad. I have never seen a golfcourse that is so bad like this one.
I hired a bag and they must been from the 80's.

Fairway -999
Green -999
Bunkers -999
Clubhouse 2
The lady in the reception was very nice

Draak 1 Review

These people poison dogs rather then fix their own fence

These people put poison on their golf course for dogs because they are to lazy to fix their own fence. So if you like dogs better don't golf here...

https://mobile. facebook. com/story. php? story_fbid=1254662147908828&id=425169064191478&permaquick=true

John Boy 1 Review


We went on Holidays to Rhodes and me and my friends decided to play golf here, being it was the only golf course in Rhodes. it was 20 mins away from where we were staying and it cost us 20 euros which was fine. we had 2 buggies which cost us 30 euros per buggy which was also fine, the clubs we had were not a full set and every club was a different make, which cost us 25 euros each, he gave us 2 tees each and 3 balls!
That i could of put up with but when we got to the first tee i didnt know where the rough started and the fairway began, genuinely!! my first ball landed on the fairway and i couldnt find it! it was a daisy field!! the greens cracked me up, on one hole i thought it was the hole but infact it was an ant hill! my nephew was afraid to go in to the rough cause it was like being on saffari, i was expecting attenborough to creep out of somewhere! DONT PLAY HERE!! i wish i had read the reviews before playing that way i would of saved myself 100 euros. Hope this helps.

Bernd Dresden 10 Reviews
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A disaster

The only golf course in Rhodes a complete disappointment. The green in our hotel was better than on the golf course. Acker is still flattered. There is therefore only one star that you have to give to give the rating. 0 stars would be more correct.

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ernst 34 Reviews
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It is true

Now have to play this course in Oct. 15th All warnings and agree it is jammeschade. The status of the system is so bad that I have no words. In the flow of tourists in a Rhodes kept golf course would be safe to operate profitably. Greece benefits at the moment from the political Situatin in Muslim countries. But nothing more to invest will take revenge in the future.
Ernst, Switzerland

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Konsul 1 Review
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A Karastrophe!

A smooth Karastrophe!
Do not take equipment with there.
The only useful at this place is the friendly reception by a very nice lady. The logo balls offered 3 EUR in Internet cost 4 EUR. The place is full of debris, the bunker unkempt as almost all greens. The Faurways are brown and bone dry.
All this for 160 EUR for 2 people with buggies!!!
Worse is in!!
A golf fan from the Rhineland.

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Andreas1a64 2 Reviews
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For 35, - EURO / 18 hole the fun you can also do time

Before visiting the place we had read through the existing Rezesionen, so we were well prepared and the expectations were low.
The conclusion after the round: Who copes with a Leihschlägersatz, not necessarily the goal pursued to play his handicap and desire has to start a game, is played in almost every shot the ball from awkward situation, can do that. For 35, - EURO / 18 hole and there is no place to expect high maintenance. With a little more effort the place has really potential. He has interesting challenges and due to its location on the sea, do some very nice views. But one must not be a place degenerated.
The Facts: Our costs 2x green fee; 2x Leihschlägersatz (irons, woods, putter, matching the space conditions in unkempt and worn condition) + Buggi 132, - Euro. We have (of course in perfect conditions place!) Not played in Belek (same climatic conditions, low wage levels).
Those are the things that are to some extent be regarded positively.

The rest is aptly described in the other Rezesionen. In our view, this was "Golf with a difference". Who moeche get an idea, here is a link to some Impessions.
https: // www. dropbox. com / sh / yje1onktxcbqalh / AABkXj_OioQKy1OcDvAVMLKCa? dl = 0

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r_nuessel 3 Reviews
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Dried - very different time

First of all, yes the place is open, even if the site looks as if the space since 2010.

To play hard to get for not getting divots, the place to be too hard. While putting little patience and ambition is needed - by the poor greens are in almost every putt is a matter of luck.

Very funny place. We wanted to play 2x, but have omitted the second time. Green fee is 35 euros but with disastrous for 18 holes in order, state space. The fairways not resemble a 14 days cast garden lawn.

So my conclusion. Who wants to play without ambition times a slightly different course OK, otherwise the luggage transportation by air not really worth.

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bisisport 1 Review
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This place can save yourself a man. The greens were mowed with a brush cutter and dried up the rest of the space.

There are no reviews for maybe more than a poor cross court

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