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georgemannix 34 Reviews
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Cheap challenge

Neatly maintained and due to the long paths moderate to severe space. Interestingly, the castle nearby lanes 1-6 and 16-18; Unfortunately only a few tracks with (distant) view of the lake. Fairways partially difficult to see, so a real challenge. A number of hidden fairway bunkers make a preliminary study of the tracks absolutely necessary. The best are the low-cost Green Fee rates that make the place definitely worth playing.

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Berlin Golf Bear 28 Reviews
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Played on 27 and 28.08.2014, HCP 13

Moderately hilly meadow with unpleasant Rough areas (off the fairways, not in the middle!), But they are not in the game, if you reasonably JUST is - but who is already...
Greens relatively slowly and slightly bumpy - the use of pitch forks seem to be frowned upon here. Condition otherwise good.
Some longer routes between trains - also because of the Hügligkeit is golfers who like to march not so good or to advise a cart.

Landscape the course is interspersed with some larger trees and tree groups, forest fringed parts of the plant. The name "lake" is a bit misleading - said the lake can be seen only by a few tracks off in the distance, he comes into the game at all.

However difficult strategically placed water hazards the game. In addition, the court waiting particular the back nine with some longer tracks (lane 14, Par 5: 559m of yellow, for the ladies of Red sind's still 453m) - the wind is quite crisp especially in (counter). To compensate, however, there are also quite short par 4s (track 13: 269, or 217m) - but you should also avoid the Rough! Par 3s not short - between 149 and 185m (from yellow). The bunkers are rather unspectacular. In some cases, unfortunately, very hard - but whether the low edges can then remove the ball pitching well, without having to really beat in the sand (so to speak "scrape down").

Beautiful is the peace of the place - only one or the other jet fighter thunders times over the terrain, but is quickly over. Oh - and in nearby hotel (lanes 1 and 18) before a happy child spontaneously yelling (many guests with small children) in the downturn ... - alas, if I catch the - still owes me a ball !!! ;-)

Speaking of the hotel (as a side note, since some readers might nights in Teschow Castle consider): Our room in the old (pardon "historic", as put by the lady at the front desk) was part of the castle A DISASTER!!!
Smelly, stained carpet, a tiny window in the room in overhead height, so that the so-called Park-view in the so-called Castle Garden (6 trees and a statue) by only one step in front of the window, pressed belly to the radiator and on the window sill clamped possible is (otherwise you stare at the sky), bathroom window wg. keep the insects please closed. You can reach the hotel only by a steep, narrow stairs (2nd floor), elevator or bell boy nil. Mattresses harmful worn - to replace, at our request, the mattress there was a wooden board for wearing underneath Insert and told that new mattresses for the delivery time would be at least 2 weeks...

Conclusion: An interesting, scenic pleasant place with some playful challenges that can be played well on several occasions, without being boring. Knappe 3 stars (the "Bear Golf Ranking": 5 out of 10 points).
Housing should be however possible elsewhere than in the so-called Castle!!!

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kiwi 22 Reviews
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The wind plays with

We were not guests at the hotel, just wanted to play one day on the course. As already impressed the access road, still on first cobbles to reach an imposing portal.
The pro-shop must then indeed looking in the back room, but no matter if you are not progressing in the enjoyment of the castle (but would also have been interesting).
Since the place is still quite young, there are no large trees / shrubs, the wind has easy game, just the players themselves are surprised that one time or another where life takes the ball.
Otherwise the place newcomers to the floor boards is described exactly how or where you should play the ball. Whether this will succeed - but one can master even blind discounts.
With sunshine brings man / woman to sunburn easily (!), Because the heat is not perceived by the wind so...
It was fun and we are once more went there - so true is already familiar with some quirks - but could the good greens, one more time enjoying.

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tw08 7 Reviews
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Beautiful plant

We stayed for a long weekend in Teschow castle. The hotel is really perfect designed for golfers. The driving range and putting greens are not 50 meters from the hotel. The same applies to the first Tee and the 18th Green!
The golf course is playing very nice overall. I have the lanes 1 and 18 personally like best.
I can recommend the place and the hotel fully for golfers!

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Aldülülü 1 Review
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The Golfmarquis

... is not the first one. Hcp with 12 thinks he can play golf. Joking aside, there is nowhere (in the sense of not a single place on the square) Rough zones on the fairways. And good punches land on the fairway or the green, but not in the rough.

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jan00 1 Review
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Very nice Golf Hotel

I was late September with my partner in Teschow castle. Despite the very wet summer the place was in a very good condition. The staff in the whole hotel was always very friendly to us, especially in the pro shop first class!

We have also taken an hour at coach Mitch, which has helped our golf game! Thank you Mitch!

We are definitely coming back!

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Golfmarquis 9 Reviews
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Unfair and bad

We have now tried the 18 holes golf course on 2.10.2011 and I have to say that the court should wait to take a course as you ausmäht fairways, rough cuts, ect.
With HDCP 12 I think I can play golf and yet I was taught.
After some knocking is a middle of the fairway or rough, the landing zones are narrow and wrong mowed that has no chance to play regularly or sometimes attack.
Good shots are punished as soon as the ball is in shin high Rough verschwidnet.
While we played took place in a tournament and you could see that even its own members and every flight in the rough suchtee.

Bottom line: you save money, or waiting until the greenkeeper have made a course.

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schneebrett_com 9 Reviews
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Hole 1 and 18 absolutely outrageous...

After frequent visits to the hotel and after numerous holes on the beautiful 9 hole course, I wanted to finally test the Seecourse. Staff in pro shop as always correct and very friendly. The 1st tee is near the hotel. A breathtaking sight! The following holes are varied and generally quite long. Very good place of maintenance. The highlight after a long round the hole 18 With the note at the tea that guests follow the goings on of the last hole closely, you can already play the Drive to the green. (Caution water obstacle) and the great crowd of hotel and Mecklenburg countryside to enjoy a nice round of golf.

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Hcp 10 2 Reviews
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Positive surprise!,

Stay late July 2010.

We bays, the 4 day golf package with game improvement course.
The hotel terrace, the landscape, a feast for the eyes. It was the first time I was in the new Länder in a hotel without having felt the breath of the ancient East. There's nothing here, as is usually improvised. It was all consistent. Great praise!
The course is well laid out. If optically behind the surrounding countryside him something back. Good maintenance condition. Quite long. Good greens start times were not really a problem.
Very good is the provision of child care. Next to the castle there is a horse farm on which one the kids all day, "like" can and where they can have all the fun in the world. For those who still fall off the horse, there is the dwarf house lovingly decorated.
The game improvement course is well designed and edited all the basic elements that belong to a good amateur game.
Mitch is a pro! Reserved, not to enthusiastistisch, with lots and lots of know-how and: He can also communicate well. Because of the temporal density of the course, it was hardly possible to savor all the amenities intense. Why we love coming back!

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Birdieman 1 Review
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Maintained courses

We stayed in September 2009 for 1week at the Golf Hotel Teschow. Since our focus in the game of golf was, our impressions on the hotel and the golf course limit. Hotel: very friendly staff and good food. Recommendation here Gutsschänke something in front of the hotel in a separate building. Home cooking at reasonable prices, class bakery products directly from our own production. Wellness and beauty as you would expect from a hotel of this size can-large pool. We had deluxe room with good facilities and size, only the bed was too unbeqem (everyone sleeps differently). It was nice that we bring our dog accounts. Golf: putting greens around the hotel building and Range at the hotel, all in very good condition-extra kudos to the team of the greenkeeper! This applies to both places, 18 - hole starts right at the hotel, 9-hole about 5-10 min. removed. The Pro Shop offers among other things a game - to optimize the price per Mitch Bligh, who is very recommendable! A big thank you to Mitch at this point, was a great and informative week! We will be back for sure!

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