Albrecht Golf Guide

Albrecht Golf Guide


The golf guide for
the whole world.
Now on the iPad.

Search and browse the whole database.
All golf courses. All details. Better than ever before.

All course details. Just a tap away.

It starts with a description. Then follow green fee prices, visitor information and a list of amenities.

Next there are all contact details including phone number, email address, map and GPS coordinates.

You can also read reviews from other golfers and check weather forecasts.

But perhaps the best of all are the photos - they look amazing on the iPad!

Get driving directions.

Albrecht Golf Guide integrates with Navigon and TomTom, so if you have any of these apps installed on your iPad, you can start navigation to a course with a single tap.

But even without these apps, you can still get directions using the built-in Google Maps.

Share your experiences.

Reading reviews from other golfers is a great way to learn more about a course. So when you play a round somewhere why not share your experiences?

With Albrecht Golf Guide you can rate and review courses directly from your iPad.