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Danut Munteanu 55 Reviews

4 and a half stars!

I will start with no like :
- they don't have water dispensers along the course
- they don't have hole's description on the teeing ground!
But... of course they have stroke saver and score card has a map, you can't miss anything!
Except that... is a REGAL OF GOLF! When you say "LEADBETTER" it's enough!
1. CR = 71,4 ; S.I. = 124. They accept payment with credit cards, their PRO SHOP is gorgeus!
2. Hole no. 5 is the second most difficult PAR 3 I ever saw in these 28 countries I have already play. First place is a hole from BUENOS AIRES, Centro campo de golf, which has A FOREST IN THE MIDDLE OF FAIRWAY. You don't have any chance : above the trees (maybe they are around 300 trees) , or through the trees. This hole no. 5 has a lateral water hazard along the fairway, and only 2 water frontal hazard one by one, on the fairway. I was very pleased when I saw my ball on green with a FAIRWAY HOLZ no. 5, from tee...
3. Green stimpeter value : 10 feet, and this was after a rain! You can imagine what is here, on a dry weather...
4. Keep in your mind : if you are not playing golf as DARTS... it's useful to consider few boxes of balls. The staff is very friendly, despite the rough!!!
5. All the facilities are 5 stars, no doubts! Honestly, I would remind next time to take my water with me.
Strongly recommend! I am agree is a very high class of golf, from EASTHERN EUROPE!!!

piero ricci 13 Reviews

Functional and Elegant

I am a high handicapper so take my advice for what it is. Functional and elegant club, quite easy course in perfect conditions with the addition of the Leadbetter Academy. the first in Eastern Europe. Definitively nice.

druide 23 Reviews
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Super care in interesting place

All shortcomings from the previous reviews have been resolved. Best signposted 180 zlt. So 45 for the place very ok. Very great clubhouse very very great practice opportunities, great greens... very loyal and medium fast easy to have fun putting. Great nature just a great place.

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Uschka 6 Reviews
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The property is spacious, especially the club area, unfortunately, is required for the showers € 7.50... The course is rather boring and not signposted, the vegetation monotonous. Once through and is well...

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Nichmama 22 Reviews
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Light and Shadow

Light: The whole plant is reminiscent of top courses in the holidays with gate and spacious club house, service is the best. The fairways are hügellig and make quite fun to play.
Shadow: way too expensive, 90 euros the green fee, plus 5 euros for the use of dressing!
But the hammer is: There are no signs and numbering of the fairways! Nothing! Also no Birdiebook. The only thing you have to focus, is the little sketch on the back of the score card. That's incredible. You need the buggy to the PAR abzufahren 4 and 5 lanes, so that one ever knows where one must first legs.
I was the completely annoyed.

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mattam 1 Review
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A very, very beautiful 18-hole golf course. Very interesting fairways, varied, calls athletic prowess, one of the best facilities in Eastern Europe, extremely well maintained, excellent drainage, no puddles, no mud, above average (at European level), some German club could pose as a good example. During the week, very little going on, you can come in and play without starting time. Tip!

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