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dh 1 Review


Over the Eid holiday, There wasnt enough water ! !
The till was broken so we were sent out, and told to pay later, no one is interested about tee times it seems you start when you want to.
It took over five hours to play, they dont have marshels on the course The course should be great, but the whole thing is very badly run I would suggest they bring in a professional management team in.
We had to ask for cards, there isnt a club cleaning service basically its an expensive municipality course
couldnt even get a good coffee, wont rush back

J K 1 Review

What a shame

Looks all a bit scruffy and neglected The pathways need sweeping, They have some damage on the bridges leading to two of the holes, it doesnt seem they are in a hurry to repair them...

The sand in the bunkers.. well, full of shells, rocks more like builders rubble really.
The fairways are good, but as there isnt a first cut.. 15cm (6in) off the fairway you lose the ball (you need LOTS of balls).
Some of the greens are in a bad way, they do seem to be working on them.
It would help however to mark them GUR on the worst areas.

The odd thing though, is the packs of wild dogs on the course. They dig large holes in the bunkers to lay in to keep cool, quite off putting to jump in a bunker to find four or more dogs looking at you... Im sure they could find a way to keep them off the course.

On a positive note the staff are very helpful and friendly.
I did however expect a club cleaning service at the price they charge, the service is not as good as in any of the other middle eastern countries, for simalar or even less green fees.

PD 1 Review

Pearl of the middle east

Although not yet finished the course is stunning, beautifully in keeping with the Omani landscape The greens are wonderful for a new course, and the lush undulating fairways are a delight.
Some of the holes are a bit tricky, makes it more interesting, In my opinion, still playable at every level.
The staff are brilliant!!
Its worth every Omani Rial.

Rolo67 22 Reviews
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We have been playing the course for 5 years and unfortunately it is going downwards. The long journey is no longer worth it.

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PValentin 6 Reviews
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Price - performance ratio not appropriate

Although much advertised way too expensive (even compared to the other places like Ras Al Hamra, Ghala Valley and Almouj) gasoline powered old carts, bad labeling, the greens indiscussable (no care), played on 2 February 2019,

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K. Per 297 Reviews
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Horrible greens

Extremely unkempt, dull greens overgrown with brown sand and earth balls have spoiled the fun of the game in part.
Course has nice fairways, especially the par 3 of the 3 lane I liked it, but otherwise the place maintenance is not intoxicating. Many Kahlstellen, much "ground in repair", no panels with description at the tee - all very rustic.
Space skills are extremely sought after.

We were carrying the bag at 33 degrees because there were no trolleys. It is recommended a car, rightly, because you have to play some ravines. But it works anyway!

Played at 10:00, no other flight in sight.
From Blau (second longest track) about 5,900 m long, without space knowledge a challenge.

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Stableford 96 Reviews
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Exciting place

We played the course as part of an AIDA excursion and were thrilled. Layout very successful and the care condition top! For the guides of AIDA the place belongs to the highlights of the tour! Very fast and tricky greens. Cart is recommended because occasionally hilly and especially from the tee to the fairway some "gorges" to drive through.

We were there on a sunday and we were almost the only ones on the court. Very pleasant. The place is surrounded by (holiday) houses and to the left and right of the fairways or greens you will find only scree and stones and the above mentioned, some not all finished houses. That evaluates the overall picture a bit.

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Munich Shank 28 Reviews
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Good, but there are better ones in Muscat

I played the course on a Tuesday. There was, of course, noise everywhere on and around the fairways. Other golfers were virtually non-existent, but very many job-seekers. Since the place on its hilly structure includes a lot of blind strokes and the workers sometimes work in the middle of the train, where they were not to be seen, rather nasty...
It was not a problem to dub the gorges, but the sometimes steep descents through the gorge. The GPS-controlled cart then slows down the drive by itself.
The course state was OK, the greens also. Of the four places in Muscat mMn last place.
You should book a tea time online, then you get the round significantly hilliger. I paid 25 OMR. The following weekend they wanted 65 OMR and that's definitely not worth the place.

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Seuzacher 18 Reviews
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Recommended play Friday / Saturday

Since I was there on Friday, I can not agree with regard to the construction noise the other writers. While it provides some sites, but the villas near the fairways are finished. The place has me pleasantly surprised, ingenious layout, varied tracks and perfect greens. Price / performance ratio was right to build such a place in the desert, comes at a price.
We were about 16 hours in the restaurant, the Guinness has well tasted, so no problem getting what.

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bobdelle 32 Reviews
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In the bizarre beauty of Oman, such a golf course. It has been praying the holes in the karst environment. A challenge for any HC. Disturbing currently the many construction sites around the golf course.

The license for operating the clubhouse is unique. 3:00 to 6:00 pm, the clubhouse was closed. So no drinks and no rest.

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stobs 29 Reviews
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Undulating with wide canyons

We played the course on 3/27/16. It is offered as a complete package from the ship AIDA with transfer, rental clubs and buggy. The course is in very good condition, the greens are at Championship level, fairways are also top. It is always hilly 'Hills' perk up and down. It must be overcome about seven holes larger ravines in males approximately 150 m, in the women's 120 meters. That's a nice challenge! It is still built on very many houses and so there is often construction noise. But I found it acceptable. The clubhouse is finished, but nothing special.
Overall we had a great Rundeund I recommend the place.

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Mogli 3 Reviews
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Golf noise

Have played the course on March 3,2015. Since felt 100 houses are currently being built at the same time at the dock, the noise is a disgrace. Even worse, the so-called Club House is a tin shack with sanitary facilities are dirty.
Positive is the condition of the course fairways and greens are their best.
The place is very hilly and therefore a widely Cart is advisable.
The holes are challenging but fair.
Résumé: Value does not fit. We have 125, - € per person paid.

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ot44to 4 Reviews
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Much Ado

Yes, we have spent a lovely secluded Golf Day 2015 on the system, the "club house is still a barracks. The club manager quite rude, but the marshal very accommodating.

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MS_Golfguide 4 Reviews
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Perfect golf course in November 2012

I was found in November 2012, two times in the Muscat Hills Golf & Country Club and have the place perfect, the greens very well, maintaining perfect. Top modern golf cars, two Marshal of place. Service and friendliness of the staff exemplary. Only the clubhouse is still tentative, but should be replaced with the hotel building.

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