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Cass 1 Review

World Senior Games Player's Review

I have played (4)four rounds of Golf during World Senior Games 2012.
The golf course has everything You can expect from very good Golf Course. The greens were perfect, the manager even brought me new umbrela, when I 've demaged my one during play in rainy weather.
Overall I give the gol course TOP RATING.
Kazimierz Wojtowicz, 4th player (age 60-70) World Senior Games.

tu 1 Review

Wrong Greenfee Price here

I never have been to Mazury Golf Club, so the number of stars I gave is only to place this comment, but there is an error on 1golf. eu regarding the greenfee: look on the website of the golf club, not 150-190 EUR but 150-190 PLN, that's a big difference, that's 38 - 48 EUR.

Austriaco 24 Reviews
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Great golf course in an excellent atmosphere

A beautiful 18-hole golf course in northeastern Poland. Slightly hilly, the course is set in beautiful scenery, the design is outstanding - a masterpiece by Martin Hawtree. This is topped only by the great atmosphere. The clubhouse is sophisticated, the rooms excellent and the restaurant fantastic. And the prices really moderate. Recommended for all golfers who want to spend a few days low-cost vacation in this somewhat remote area.

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stezy 24 Reviews
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Beautiful grounds

Square, clubhouse and hotel make a very well-kept impression. The course is very diverse and offers a lot of fun for all handicapers. The location is beautiful, but you can only find it with Navi.
The restaurant offers a small kitchen, but is highly recommended. Also the staff are all very friendly.

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tomgolf79 2 Reviews
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Good training possibilities for beginners

As a beginner who is not permitted on the big plant, I played in transit the 6-hole par 3 course. The receptionist was very friendly but spoke neither German nor English. An adventitious other person could then competently help out and help me get my rental clubs. These are, as far as I can tell, OK, definitely sufficient for the short course. For the great place I was me not so sure.

Other teething problems were to find the 6 par 3 holes at all. As inexperienced beginner this can probably happen, but the 6 holes are located between outbound driving range and hole 10 of the large square and inbound between holes 10 and 18th Unfortunately, this is the place to overview map not drawn, and also on the short course holes no labels or similar references are attached. After long explanations of the receptionist in Polish this came on to instruct the present Pro with additional explanations, which was ultimately effective.

The short course was in an acceptable condition, although the freshly mowed and left behind Fairway Lawn spotting the ball difficult part. The holes are designed interesting and clever applied midst of that infrastructure. ideal for a beginner and extremely cost-effective. The people are friendly and the facility is at least on weekdays little to do to the chagrin of operators, which of course the players will benefit.

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Kat 13 Reviews
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Interestingly course in beautiful surroundings, with potential for improvement

Mostly links-style tracks, with a lot of water, lateral, frontal, once even through faiway, fortunately not overly tight along the middle, with reasonably accurate game, the balls survive well. Rather small, but fair greens. Decent but not perfectly maintained. Very heavy sand and heavy field rakes in the bunkers. Quiet, no road or railway noise, but since a new club house and apartments are being built was to hear a little construction noise in August 2014. Hilly terrain, with a few blind blows that were not well marked (No goal posts).
The exciting for me (w, Hcp 24) that I had to constantly vary my usual game routine Driver from tea / wood / Wedge, because the water hazards were strategic in the way and had to master my "automatic" course management entirely new challenges.
The labels / sketches on tea / distance posts are capable of improvement, the next time I would buy a birdie book (the lady in the shop per now we have not recommended).
Good value for money, Monday 50% discount at GF-course maintenance (it was OK, no big fault) The access road is poorly marked. No restaurant, a makeshift bar, as well wardrobes. Mini-Proshop. The whole makes a somewhat provisional impression, even though the place there is already a few years.

Overall: an exciting challenging course with good potential, though still great need of improvement, I would like to play again, not perfect, but worth a detour.

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