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Wiljami 3 Reviews

5 Star Mountains and Oranges

Visited La Galiana on a Wednesday in early March. As expected after reading the reviews, the course was magnificent! Great mountain views!

The course is definitely worth a visit. First and foremost the location is a great golf course. Not a resort or a tourist attraction like some courses in the area. The clubhouse is rather small and purely functional. However, lockerrooms and a cafe are available.

Our tee time was at 12:30. I would recommend not to tee up any later. Rather, morning tee times are preferrable because the sun will set behind the high mountains and create shadows on many holes.

On our way to the course, we managed to miss the main road in and the navigator showed us a "Monte Carlo" style back road entry with tight turns and narrow roads up the hill. However, the road was blocked and we could only reach the maintenance area. Luckily a friendly greenkeeper hopped on board and lead us to the right place. Therefore, try to find the La Galiana/Golf signs on the main road and follow them. At least Google Maps might lead you in the wrong place if you miss them.

+ Great layout and views
+ Challenging
+ Good value for the money
+ Friendly caddiemaster staff with very good language skills
+ Nice cafe at the clubhouse (however, not a full restaurant)
+ Easy online booking

- Greens where soft and "holed"
- Play was slow (5h even though it was a rather quiet day)

Eskimo golf society 1 Review

Best I have ever seen or played.

What a golf course! The most stunning layout I have ever seen. Tough but fair and tee positions to challenge all handicaps. Built on the side of mountains it provides spectacular views from the elevated tee positions on the majority of the holes. Will definitely be back. Sadly, pace of play is a big problem and needs to be managed. Eskimo Golf Society - London.

colin and julia 1 Review

wow what a course

this is the 4th time we have played this course this year and it just gets better and more challenging every time, the views of the course are stunning, moving from hole to hole, the fairways and greens are very well maintained the staff helpful and polite even when out on the course and as for the 15 tee what a drive its a must to do be back again next year

Crocclarkson 1 Review


Played this course 3 times and each time was better than the last. Although my scores did not show the excitement I had for this course, I can not recommend enough. The driving range is not the best but hey ho everything else gets 10 out of 10 even the Spanish señorita who works the office.
If you are contemplating should I shouldn't I it's no contest it's a must..

rip it and weep 1 Review

Wow what a golf course

I have played on this course 4 times now and each time it gives you a little more insight to its magnificent fairways and greens. It is with out doubt the best course that I have ever played and the enjoyment factor is off the scale. It will take your breath away. The greens and fairways are immaculate and the views are stunning. The club house is a bit basic but the beer wine coffee and food is very good and it is clean and run by a very good friendly English speaking staff. I only wish I could give it more than 5 stars. PS there is even a cool box built into the buggy for the odd tinny! Ho Hum I say

Johnny S 23 Reviews

A Fantastic Course

If you love golf you must play La Galiana. The designer Santiago Luna has done a superb Work. I drive from San Javier and back just for playing this course 2 times every year (400km every time).Next time i will play it in november. JOHNNY S (ARASLÖV GK in SWEDEN)

nicklyne 2 Reviews

A lovely course, one of the best in spain

Played this last week with a friend. We teed off around 3.30 and pretty much had the course to ourself. The course, which is challenging, but not mean-spirited, runs along one side of a beautiful valley, and is unspoiled by housing developments, with woods and hills all around. It's a bit windy in places, but that is just an extra element of fun. The greens are wonderfully kept: like snooker tables. There is a wide variety of fairways and holes, and one in particular is spectacular, teeing off from a high point. Staff were friendly and helpful. Until now I have played Oliva Nova, about 40 minutes away, but from now on, when in Valencia, this is the course I will be playing.

Peter B 1 Review

La Galiana a real treat.

As a group of 8 golfers from 7 hcap up to 17hcap we all thought this the best course we have played in spain. Believe me this ticks all the boxes, perfect greens, stunning views, great layout, green fees very fair, its just superb, we will be playing again in April 2013 and cannot wait.

wolfi1973 14 Reviews
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Very, very hard

After El Saler the best place of our trip! But also very, very hard!
Our Hdcp. 21/24/25/32 were almost no match! Nevertheless, very nice round.

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Stot1414 17 Reviews
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The place is very nice in the mountains. The fairways are correspondingly varied and demanding. Despite the season, the fairways were pretty good. The greens were unfortunately sent but despite amazingly good to play. It is a place that you always like to play and even take a detour.

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Sauer 36 Reviews
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The place was in good condition... we unfortunately not

Played the course twice in October, both times in heavy wind - this does not make the place easier.

Fast greens, good haircuts, Faiways excellent.

There is a lot of work going on at the square. Toilets were built, paths improved, beds laid out...
The course is getting more and more beautiful from year to year ... (have been there every year since the beginning of 2011) Therefore do not share the opinion of Trifnix!

Staff very nice, pre-booked T-time on the Internet works very well.

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gerrys 1 Review
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Golf La Galiagna

At the beginning of November 2018 we played the course twice. The course is in very good condition and it was the right decision to play the course twice. The view from the clubhouse on the square is excellent.

Slopes come into play when you miss the fairway, otherwise the place is very fair. Next to the fairway, the course can be a big challenge.

It is recommended to drive the place and not to run.

Incidentally, the makeshift restaurant serves delicious food and with the view mentioned above, it is difficult to leave.

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Trifnix 16 Reviews
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From "okay to avoid"

I played the course in mid-September and concluded "Alright until Meiden"
As already written by many, there is no infrastructure; no problem it is about the golf course.
The first problem then was that our start time was simply brought forward because a larger group was promised a gun start. Have I never experienced this before?
Condition of the place:
Holes 1-9 were in good condition, no more and no less. The tees were worked because they were in bad shape. Greens in order.
For the holes 10-18 there is only one word: KATASTROPHE. I have never played worse holes. Of course I complained afterwards to the manager because of the full green fee price. I have even received a written statement from the Headgreenkeeper stating that you are aware of the bad state of affairs. The manager, however, insisted on the full price. Therefore, my advice to avoid the place, because you have no idea what you get and must pay in any case the full price.
Other maybe useful information:
Be sure to take a buggy; not playing handicap higher than 20; you should be used to sloping, because you are never on the whole round; nice views and holes from the layout interesting. (Handicap 4 and already played many places around the world)

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Response from Arturo, Manager at La Galiana Campo de Golf
October 12, 2018

Hello, We have been speaking about this…. In the back 9 holes, only the holes 15 to 18 were not in the best conditions, but you pay the green fee throw a tour operator and paid the half price of La… More


We have been speaking about this….

In the back 9 holes, only the holes 15 to 18 were not in the best conditions, but you pay the green fee throw a tour operator and paid the half price of La Galiana.

Normal price in La Galiana Golf = 85€ + 35€ (buggy)

Price TTOOs = 58€ - 65€ (buggy included)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Tigerline 55 Reviews
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Definitely games

We played an 18 hole round in July 2018-
The place is very hilly but not unfair. The layout is varied. Blows that miss the fairways can be found despite the hilly course again.
Quality (1 Excellent, 2 Good, 3 Satisfying, 4 Well, 5 Too bad about time and money):
Deductions 2
Fairways 2
Greens 2
Conclusion: Great place must have played times.
Showers and clubhouse are unfortunately in the container reduces the space but by no means.
Cart - absolutely recommended.

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rolf.christe 1 Review
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Even better!!!

We played here 4-5 years ago and it was not finished yet. Everything is perfect now and it's a dream.

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SecondShot 10 Reviews
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Just beautiful

We played the course last March and honestly did not know what to expect. By far the most beautiful place I have played so far. Lovingly cared for. Beautiful panorama. Pure goose bumps...

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Jefe33 46 Reviews
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Everything has already been said about the place. Absolutely 5 stars.

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MarkusAC 3 Reviews
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An unforgettable experience

I played my first round at the La Galiana Golf Course on 14.02.2017 and have to say that the previous reviews are formulated fully applicable.
The place itself, the environment and the condition of the plant were just great.
This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever played.
I will definitely come again.

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Sauer 36 Reviews
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If every year more beautiful

Very accomodating staff!
Greenkeeper get a particularly strong praise from us! They make incredible!

We played the course at brisk wind - makes the place not just simple..

Goods for nearly alone.

Our absolute highlight Place! We -28,30,57 and 59jahre him play since 2011 every year.

Looking forward to the next round!

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Etaner 1 Review
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Must have played!

Very neat adventure playground for men (and women!) Cute Marshall gives instruction for newcomers. E-cart included and without the green fee you go either. The views of mountains and the plain is great from several holes and one can only hope that the subsequent flight is not angry about any delay. Those who can not play exactly have to go with a corresponding supply of balls on the round. Container clubhouse! Triffts exactly! But Sanitation is perfectly (for the women) in men: high tolerance requirement.
All in all, can only be recommended.

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M'cello 1 Review
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Great experience Place

The square end of January 2016 played.
Very good place state fast demanding Geens and partly. Spectacular discounts with large height differences.
A defensive play is recommendable.
Very happy again.

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Rocio Drive 1 Review
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Spectacular golf

Spectacular golf course and magnificent... Very well maintained facilities. Exquisite humanely. Back.. Highly recommended...

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stobs 30 Reviews
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Challenging golf course, without claims

Motto: Experience a highly challenging golf course, which is to play him no claims.
Since this was the hottest day of the year (40 ° in the shade) we were alone and could leave us much time. We had high expectations by the very positive reviews, and they were fully met. Really great how the paths winding around mountains and valleys. But the view from the tee 10, wow. The 15 is also top, here is well worth the view from the white tea, as one sees only the green.
Club House is a container, but a great view from there. And there gush showers.
Nice introduction to the place from Marshall.
Driving is also straightforward;
From the AP-7 exit 60 on the N-332 towards Valencia - Tavernes. Then follow the CV-50 to km11. There orange sign Golgplatz and Hospital Aguas Vivas. Entrance to the left. It then goes over the mountain from the golf course.

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tomolli 1 Review
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Rarely played such a fantastic place

For golfers who want to play not only a strategically absolutely interesting place, offer to the super well maintained complex also numerous photo opportunities.
The cart (green fee included) is a "must have". It goes up and down, the tracks are often closely at the tee, the drive on the highly-allusive Fairway lets the ball roll down to loss often on the hillside to the other side.
To summarize: a person who resides in Spain near Valencia, must have played this course.
The clubhouse is not absolutely the highlight, the staff should be more friendly and even a little bit, but the overall impression of this relatively young plant makes up for everything.


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kummulas 1 Review
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Sufficient take balls

Great course!
It goes up and down, a lot of punches from a hillside.
Course condition was early March without blemish, the greens really fast.
Some spectacular terrace discounts with top views.
Since the fairways are often related, you have to press the thumb even with precise Drives or play tactically. The wind did the rest on our visit.
Buggy is included and recommended.
Nice lady at the reception.
Directions to a GPS is recommended.
Who is in the area, should play this course in any case. Even a slightly longer journey worthwhile.

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rjaunin 1 Review
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Very nice but hard

Difficult to find, Spectacular design, Heavy Square, not for beginners, Sensational greens fast but loyal, very friendly staff, affordable price, buggy necessary because very hilly, clubhouse modest but adequate! Always gladly again a must for good golfers.

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Mizuno1978 37 Reviews
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Best place in Valencia

I have played all the places in Valencia and this is next to El Saler my favorite. Set in a valley landscaped space with fantastic views.

Clubhouse more of a temporary. Nice staff.

Highly Recommended. Played on 12.14.2013 HCP 14 players

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mulligan 91 Reviews
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Difficult, but great

Golf Course:
It goes up and down, water is partly beautifully elevated tees, sometimes terraced moderate, then a dogleg and, and, and.

Location status:
Very well. Lush fairways as I have found in Spain this time of year still nowhere.

The club house is rather spartan, but adequate.

A must if you're in the area. Great views down the valley from the clubhouse terrace or the 360 ​​degree view from the putting practice green are overwhelming.

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Miller 20 Reviews
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One of the most beautiful places and hardly any people. Great behind the country (hard to find :-() prospect, space everything i O? For me, the most beautiful place between Alicante and Valencia.

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golffriend 5 Reviews
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Somewhat remote, but very worthwhile. Interestingly, hilly course with difficult greens, all in top condition. An absolute must if you're in the area. Friendly staff, incl Cart GF 55 euros, it just fits perfectly!
One of the absolute best places I have ever played!

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golffreund 124 Reviews
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Take a GPS with the place else can you not, He is hidden behind an apparently stuck in trouble urbanization some 50 minutes from Oliva at the end of the world ca. The first look at the exposed under the clubhouse facility reminded me of the GC Castelrotto, the space is also similar to uphill and downhill. Beautifully created by a decision to include natural stone waterfall between the 10 and the 11, Excelent course maintenance and despite just performed aeration and sanding by speedy greens. How is one to play when they are rolled? The clubhouse has a barracks, but does nothing, the coffee is delicious and more you do not get to look at that anyway. I try to provide a two images to. Anyone who is not satisfied here, needed medical attention.

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Lindi22 2 Reviews
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've Played well over 130 golf courses at home and abroad, but this is one of the best games I ever could on the. Great location, great fairways, great care status, insane views. Also, do not constantly need any special villas for sale on the right and left of the tracks. Who is nearby play this course MUST.

Oh, not for beginners or good score like pure charm. Here are fun, views and absolute treat on the scorecard.

Well done ... "Have a nice day and enjoy the great show"

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PT 14 Reviews
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The most beautiful place in the area of ​​Javea! Very interesting holes through canyons and nice angelgten watercourses. Although everything in planting, you can sense the wonderful fauna in a few years. Fast greens, good fairways and tees. incredibly high fun factor when "karting". High requirement of accurate play and read the greens. Nice staff, good solution with the containers-all here! Shower, food, pro shop.
A sporty holiday in an area surrounded by plantations place with great views.

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golfi 15 Reviews
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Adventure playground

Have played the course in March 2012, was in good condition and well maintained. Many cars and hanging partially not visible, but great views of the area and the square. You should play the course and enjoy and do not fret if the ball rolls away again on a slope. For tournaments, not just the right place. The course is not running, buggy is included in the green fee. The clubhouse is still a temporary solution and consists of container elements.
If you're in the area, you should play the course once.

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golfisD1 2 Reviews
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The plant was opened 2 years ago. On arrival you will stop the air. The fairways meander like green snakes through an open and wide valley on both sides of the ridge along. Sometimes extremely elevated tees the transporting drives out into the valley.
Not for players with a handicap over - 25 Very challenging tracks, slopes, water hazards long drives belong.
The clubhouse is probably a temporary solution, but the great views and the space to make a trip all worthwhile.

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silke 63 Reviews
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A must for a golfer

Very interesting Golf Course, the first nine mostly situated on a hillside with spectacular views, the second nine pull over canyons and ridges.
Good condition, is constantly watered, the grass on the front nine on the fairways is still a bit thin.
Beginner to 28 HCP do yourself any favors on this Course!

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