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Czexican 62 Reviews

Best value for your money. Quality.

Green Resort is one of the golf courses with best quality in Slovakia, with the price they charge it is definetely the course with best value for money you paid. I gave 4 stars just for the reason that course is still under development, there is many construction going in surroundings. Club house is newly build, nice with great atmosphere. Course also offer very nice practice area. Standard here is the cleaning station after the game with compressed air and automatic cleaning of clubs. Course itself is in flat area. Front nine is kind of links course, with not many trees, but with some water and waste bunkers. Fairways are wide and really soft, so no pain for your joints. Greens are nicely ondulated as well as whole course, speed and quality is on highest level. Weakest parts are teeboxes, they are a bit worn out. Back nine starts with nice par4. Style of it is more parkland course. It takes advanatage of some grown trees in area. I prefer myself back nine over front one. What I would call signature hole? Probably 9,10, and for sure 16. In few years this course will be very busy and also very loud, nevertheless its worth to keep coming back.

Jano 1 Review

Super course for super money

Even that is my home course, I have to write this review to this course. For me this is the best Slovakian golf course, even that Penati is superb too, but not for those Money at all! Fairways like some off Slovakian courses has a greens and Greens even better. And fee is 39 euro during week, for me less due discount (Iam not playing enough to buy a year membership) becouse I am a basic member for 66 euro with 10% discount, but for those Money you are not able to play any course close by (Austria, Czech( 1050Kč) or Hungary (12300Ft), weekend are higher - 49Euro. Clubhouse is not that big but restaurant is fabulous for golf club. I see only one problem that this course is becoming so busy that during high season you better book your tee time to get to play.

Robert0903 13 Reviews
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Very awesome

We were recommended by our trainer and we were just thrilled!!
Super nice clubhouse with great views from the super nice terrace!
Reception and staff in the restaurant super friendly!
Golf course very varied, very well maintained and very exciting to play.
Top strikes top fairways top bunker top and sometimes huge waste areas!
Greens very exciting and well maintained!

Is an insider tip for us, which we will certainly like to play again!

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Chris11 2 Reviews
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Just awesome!

Nice that I found after more than 30 years Golf HPC 11.5) still such a trouvaille of a place. Quality 1A +
Have on recommendation also Sedin in Veľké Úľany played, but we agree that the green resort is even better. (Loud at the highest level) In both places the staff was very friendly.
Come again!!!

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kazooo71 7 Reviews
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From insider tip to must play!

First, the Green Resort GC Borsa was not on our itinerary. Had we not played it, we would definitely have missed something on our golf card. Super exciting and fair place with cool and huge bunkers. The railways and especially the bunkers and Waste areas are very well maintained - as some other golf courses can see what. The greens are not good, they are VERY (!!) good and at the same level as Penati.
The people in the office are very nice - above all, I would like to highlight Nikoleta, who made the pre-communication and also during our stay perfect.

Then I have read the criticism of my prescriptor regarding the connection paths and must comment on the exact opposite. We walked and never got lost. Only the way from the 9 around the clubhouse to the 10 is not yet signposted, but this is probably more due to the small construction site here just brings in a little illogic.

Keep it up - in a few years, the young trees will be a bit higher, then Borsa will compete for the ranking for the number one place in Slovakia!

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anton-fritz 135 Reviews
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In sum, a nice resort, but you could make a very nice out of it. The greens are good, the tracks interesting, average well maintained, how many routes. We were also happy to have been with Carts on the way. Because as often as here, we have never passed away!! The signage is really poor and why the panels were not present at the tees we do not know. Hopefully they will only be restored. The staff is friendly, clubhouse and the terrace are excellent.

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DJMJ 1 Review
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Goods 23 & 24.09.17 to guest. Unfortunately, the staff were not very friendly and not very motivated. Room was ok. Bunker partly a shame. Plastic films visible. Greens are great. Unfortunately, a lot of players do not improve their devots and pitch marks. Clubhouse very very small.

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helmut pöttler 21 Reviews
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Much better is not

Had 17.7.2017 today the pleasure to play there. My overall opinion Reception: we were segr early, the ladies in the clublokal - very nice and polite.

A little later the lady at the front desk: very nice and polite.
The space:
Rarely so well-kept and beautiful fairways seen as fontana in the best times.
Top teeboxes, black, white and yellow - great - level and very well maintained.
The greens: huge greens in top pflezustand

The bunker. Soft floury sand - easy to play.

Some wasteareas - just good.

Partly on the left, partly in the forest, some on very beautifully maintained ponds.

For this time the whole place juicy green, and very varied, you never have the impression I was already.
Great holes 9/18 with halbinsegrüns.

To the accommodations: it is placed there all kinds, great apartments and houses. There is too little information

Any time.

A 5-star star for the whole package.

I can only recommend


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mulligan 84 Reviews
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Good potential

Golf: Undulating fairways, numerous bunkers and large waste areas characterize this beautiful place. Usually one finds wide player-friendly tracks which are also manageable by the lengths.

Course condition: very good

Conclusion: A Place to Share. The mix of moving fairways, water and bunkers makes a beautiful picture. The relatively newly planted trees - especially on the front nine - need a few more years.

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KommR StR Sepp Sailer 2 Reviews
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In Green Resort is a great Golf Course. Best kept, harmoniously to play and very elegant fairways. Water accompanies the player - but does not come into play dominant. We love the place - but also the local support and the very good restaurant. We look forward to the match day in Hruba Borsa - just 20 km south of Bratislavia. On the way back we take the ferry (free) on the Danube storage power plant and escape the "Rush-pure" in the nearby town. Anne Maria and KommR StR Sepp Sailer I www. sailers. at

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