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Sofie B. 1 Review

So natural, peaceful golf coruse

Excellent day in nature, different kind of golf course, nice host Vanja, and so many animals running over course while you playing... Brioni are heaven, and play in heaven is exoerience we never forget!!

antti62 1 Review

Lost balls

The grass there everywhere was long and with animal feathers, rocks etc. There would have been some excitement if you did not have to look for your ball several minutes after each shot and even in the middle of the "fairway".
Älkää kokeilko, pallot katoavat keskelle väylää ja etsimiseen kuluu yli puolet ajasta.

Puttputt 1 Review

A great day out

As Brioni does not claim to be a normal course, I found it quite challenging a the "greens" . Forget your handicap and enjoy a great day out.

Anriv 2 Reviews

Blast from the past

This course is like the blast from the past. Since you are playing in a National Park, everything is done without spoiling the nature and thats why there are no greens (it's impossible to keep them without poisoning the soil), the nature around is beautiful, the wievs are extraordinary. You get to play around deers, there is no stress, nobody is rushing you, everything is very relaxed and people you meet there are friendly just as the experience itself. It's not a posh course.
After golfing you can enjoy great sea food served by frindly staff.

This was the first golf course otside England (1922)!!
Fairways are very natural, tee off could be kept better, greens (no gras just sand) are kept very well.
It's a plesure, not a real business and so the service is frinedly in that way. It's not possible to come there for a first time, not look at anyone, play and leave without socializing.
Club house is small, pro shop also but the esencials are there... a bar, locker room, toilet

Susanna6 1 Review
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A golf for fine palates

The camp is in a paradise, a breathtaking beauty of nature. I recommend taking the cart so you can see all the various attractions on the island at least a nine-hole tour ended. Roe deer, hares, peacocks can be found safely in the field. Not very demanding holes but really, playing with it is beautiful

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butschis 3 Reviews
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Nature before golf

Fortunately, we have read the sometimes very accurate reviews and therefore knew what to expect. Of course we also like to golf in park landscapes, but such a natural place with all its animal and plant diversity also has its "natural" appeal. The tip with the cart is worth, is not so expensive. So who is not the only golf, top. Definitely worth a trip.

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FreudeamGolf 1 Review
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Pure Nature

We were in April on this beautiful natural place and had lots of fun and encounters with rabbits, deer and a peacock.
The greens are certainly not for ambitious golfers, but who are looking for relaxation and an unforgettable experience of nature, this is the place.
Old rare trees and varied views make this place a gem.
Next visit in Istria we will certainly come again

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Augustiner 40 Reviews
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Cross Country Golf nothing Offerings

I have worked and lived for several years in Croatia. I then played with Croatian friends in the former Croatian golf league.
Golf was a very new sport and actually Brioni next Karlovac was (which there is not) the only golf course. We drove to the HR-Tournament far -on Italian (Grado, etc) and Slovenian courts and Brioni (at that time only 9 holes to play 2 x). Therefore, I know many people from the Pula Golf Club still there. There is no cart. The electric car of the hotel is so expensive because it does not belong to the Gulf but rich / Russians to explore the island. The tour of the island with crossing is much more expensive than the tour with golf clubs. Witzig actually. That's why I always solvent Golf. "Green fees" Tickets are incl. At the ferry Fazana. The children are, you can not break anything, no label, no rules. There is even the tides. Man proposes sometimes afloat. We have the bathing suits here and are then at a hole to cool down in the sea and have the balls get swapped. Eventually it will namely be boring so without fairways, greens, heat. Who is playing 18 holes is a hero for me. Then revel in the hotel on the ferry a few Karlovacko and in memory while waiting. Z (sch) ivili

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AEckenberger 1 Review
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A golf course from the last century

At once a warning: This course is for people who want nothing to play only on handicap. Due to the fact that the place is located in a nature reserve and will be without irrigation and mechanical course maintenance, a tournament excessive golfing is not possible, especially since the "green" does not necessarily provide (stand areas with small pebbles) for smooth running.

But if you even want to play an original space, which corresponds to the origins of golf on sheep and deer "mown" Fairways, rewarded one of these square with breathtaking holes, wind, sea, and this unusual "green". The drought, which bumps the square and the brettelharten "greens" require a different approach than the well-kept in a well burst. Mature trees and the natural obstacles through bushes and uneven terrain make the use of bunkers (almost) superfluous.

All in all an excellent experience when embarking on the square and the restrictions which bring the plant in a nature reserve with it understands.

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CorneliaMarcus 1 Review
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Hop Nature, Golf flop

Let golf clubs at home and run only on the island. This has got to do with golf course nothing.

Nature is really worth seeing. The layout of the "golf course" is stunning and in 1930 it was determined a show it to play golf.

We had in the run-up to really looking forward and the crossing was already legendary, but to play... because we lack the words. And it has nothing to do with the fact that we perfect blows (which does not exist anyway) want to play, but a bit fairway and greens a bit would have been great.

The recovery factor is certainly given as the total Location decelerated, but as I said, let golf clubs at home, pack a bathing suit and explore the island so.

We tried to take our disappointment in words, but also to remain true.

As an other has noted this "golf course" should be taken out, because it's just a field.

And to conclude with a note: For what this green fee is paid, there is virtually no place care!!! Pure disappointment!!!

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tigrinum 1 Review
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An experience!

What to expect:

Beautiful scenery and animals (to and on the golf course)
Greens of pressed sand
-Undulating (perfectly taken balls to jump the rise in unpredictable directions but that conversely, bad proposals but may lead to a positive result)
- Partially stony ground (balls must be enabled)
-Yellow to no grass (depending on season)
Fairway and rough are indistinguishable
Three tees over water
-On some tracks, the ball is very difficult to find due to the springs (best use yellow or orange balls)

I recommend:
-Renting a golf cart on Brijuni. But the eingache walk to the golf course is approximately 20 minutes! The price is 700 kuna. This is not exactly cheap, but it can be great additionally explore the island
-Hire. additionally take swimsuits
Not to be taken too seriously, the golf course and to pay attention to no case to be handicap
Take beverages (club house not open all day)

The golf course can be reached by ferry (runs about every hour at irregular intervals) of Fazana (north of Pula) from. Tickets for the ferry and green fees can be acquired at the tourist office opposite the investor the ferry. Alternatively, you can also green fees on the island of purchase (the left of the hotel Neptune). There is also the golf cart. The road to the golf course starts on the right side of the hotel Neptun (there is also a card) and is signposted.

Brioni offers the opportunity to play golf like 100 years ago. Who can order what is have fun. The scenery is definitely worth seeing.

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alterfux 6 Reviews
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Something different

All right what has been written.
We played the place as Winter Green = under half putter length - given.
It was an experience!

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yorktest 1 Review
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Everyone should know what you can expect to Brioni - and this is sensational!

Granted - all who have posted here are at least partially right...
Any reasonable golfer but usually asks before he would exhibit in one place... and here it seems with the "hack" to one or the other.
Brioni is a golf course from a different time in one place from another world!
I have been for years over the Easter weekend there and geniese my "first event of the year."
A fascinating scenery, an incredible collection of animals and polite and friendly staff of the hotel of the place, and the national park that read every wish from our eyes.
Like others here anmerkten CORRECT: forget your HCP - and do not take your newest set of clubs with - and simply enjoying nature and the peace and serenity of this place.
My conclusion: if you want to savor even know where the fascination of golf was 100 years ago - starting to Brijuni! ... Those who see golf as a competition with yourself, who can only lose there.
All that is a compensation for the Gulf and escape from the stressful everyday will leave the island with a tear in his eye... and come back!

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arnoldpraesent 1 Review
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Gulf of another kind

I can relate to the prescribing only partially. Who travels with the expectations of a top gepfelegten golf course on the island and all the money umbedingt to this world and always wants to play anywhere and be HCP, which can save yourself the trip. But if one is to leave anyway in the counter, and is tired of the concrete "beaches", is the island with the rest, super natural reward and a great place. The layout of the holes is just great. Knock off several times over the sea's great. The price keeps so well in borders and in the "Club House" there is enough beer to relax after the first 9 holes looking to recover from the strenuous ball. Besides, there are no tee times, theoretically yes, but not really, I rarely played such a relaxing round in such great scenery. Whoever takes along a scorecard and also really describes this is your fault, it will bring nothing and verdiert any "feeling" that conveys the place.

Conclusion: For golfers, which is always about every bump, which is sometimes not sustain a loss of possession on the "fairway" of course not! Filling all the those who simply appreciate the landscape which covers the day and the free running nature interested and an interesting layout of space, which should invest the few euros! Again, for the time pressure is not available, even drink beer 1-2 after the first nine, something "talk" with the people there (if they understand English or German) and just play the back nine. If I'm in the area again, I will "sacrifice" definitely another day to have this experience again (but will take more than 10 balls - from experience). This is my few euros, say and write the 7.5 hours for 18 holes all times and the value of some balls! Who makes more claims, according to Spain, Turkey, Italy, Scotland, England, Sweden, Egypt or anywhere else go and not to Croatia. :-)

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Sylvie 1 Review
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Golf fairways and greens without

I can only agree with the two reviews.
One can not imagine that this place was newly reconstructed in 2006. We played the course in early October 2010, and was honestly disappointed.
The boat ride and the subsequent half-hour walk to the first tee are quite special. When I saw the first track, it was still considered an exception that a "stubble" leads to a flattened "sand hole". If you manage to other tracks to play around the piles of feathers and droppings, it is partially "playable" - except for putting. (If you would practice on a concrete garage floor, that would be an advantage.) After we had decided to emphasize this day as "golf day", we had fun with it, never to returnbouncing balls, the deer and peacocks etc.

The scenery is great and every old tree is a natural work of art in itself.
The island is worth a visit, but not to play golf!

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Nichmama 22 Reviews
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There are no greens. There is only sand. There is also no difference between rough and fairway, all made from both the sun flat. Without my Croatian friend logging on land would have been impossible for me. It took only 15 minutes! On the island would then have 105 euros for a cart, completely lifted! It's horrible, Tito and Honnecker can greet... Service = zero. Positive is the beautiful nature, the deductions over the sea are ok or if a deer runs across the web. Still no golf!

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Andreas 1 Review
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Einach just horrible!

I was in summer 2009 Istiren and have visited this place.
The place is ausgwiesen as golf course, no golf course, but with a field ankle-deep furrows and pine needles mixed with rodent droppings. The greens are made of pressed white sand of which jump off the ball as if you played on concrete. He stays because there are times, one must hope that the coarse sand, the ball deflected in the direction RICHITGE. No one in the barracks, which is disguised as a clubhouse. There is no way to buy drinks for the round - but it erfodert a tee time reservation, which must take place on land, after you receive the glossy brochure into their hands, where everything seems wonderful (just ridiculous).

All those who really want spieln golf, avoid this place and also the other 9-hole golf course in Istria (which is still terrible, but has few grass on the greens). Istria is not suitable for golfers.

Please dear editors - take this course out - it is NOT.

always a nice game
A. Methling

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