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for Patricks Pitch und Putt, Münster, Germany

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agendo 1 Review
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Small and fine

The course and the practice possibilities are in a perfect condition, all a number smaller and very fine.
I enjoy playing a quick round there and still enjoy the time.
From me for this plant a clear thumbs up and keep it up...

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rufus 1 Review
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As you would in your own garden, just for golfing much better

A small friendly place that has great facilities to offer neither yet super great terrain, but ultimately offers everything you need for a shorter or mid-length golf pleasure. Not that we misunderstand us, the whole thing is lovingly made but just a little smaller and more modest. Just a little bit more with heart than with unlimited financial possibilities. It is just place for ne 1/2 hour or hour there, practicing or playing a little too small ne time round. Everything was really comfortable and the wooden benches and tables outside better than any beer garden. What we still have to mention: the owners and staff are absolutely friendly and facing, and if you need lessons they are there. And do it well.

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theobald tiger 3 Reviews
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Short and tricky ;-)

With these words, one is located in Muenster. Rightly as it turns out, because the driver and the iron 5-7 you can safely leave it at home. Here one needs a well-groomed "passing game"!

In the clubhouse you pay the fee (20 € / day pass or 15 € / 9 holes) and everyone is welcome who brings enough balls or buying in the clubhouse. As a beginner, it takes a lot of balls anyway :-)

After warming up on the driving range, its about two dozen places have sämtlichst unroofed and with the usual green carpet, ready to go. All lanes are par 3 Löchsgen.

So then you stand on the tee 1, comes straight from the Range and is full of energy, then you look at the scorecard and notes that the green is to be reached within 55 meters. Consequently, one for a high griffelt iron. Some were observed as they want to reach the hole even with a P or S (can). In any case, the ball flies, if properly taken way too far out on the Green. The first indication that is sure to take speed out of the swing. In small mini bunker right of the green balls probably end up as the fresh sample indicating the rake tines.

Lane 2 features a mini pond in front of the green, which is now 65 feet away. Again, one should curb his enthusiasm so that the ball does not disappear here in the bushes behind the green. A well-tempered shock with 8 iron and you can reach the green. Also, this green is not huge. In diameter, maybe 5 or 6 meters, not more.

It then stands on the tee to track 3 with mini pond right of the green, you have to be careful not to accidentally have 4 train to play. Because the tees are right next to each other. So then you have to when you have pocketed 80 meters distant hole in the track run back to next tee 3 chasing the ball for three yards in the air tee 4.

Because this time you can really slap right times. Namely lane 4 has a length of 123 meters, making it the "marathon train" the system. But who is matched with a slice here, needs a lot of balls because the directly adjacent cornfield swallowed so hit balls. Without any obstacles but you should be with 3 strokes in the Hole here.

Hole 5 is then removed only 80 meters and has to offer a mini pond left of the green. The Green itself is also very closely surrounded by shrubbery - Warning - also threatens loss of possession.

Lane 6, as I find most interesting. 108 meters long and equipped with a row of bushes and three trees in the middle as the division.
So you go through the top over it or since. Who also believes, with plenty of power to drive the momentum in lifting the ball to new heights that must find that 108 meters are closer than you think. Behind the green that is waiting for a pond habitat including scrub. Again, it is worth looking at the clock if you need to adjust after five minutes looking for the ball! ;-) The green itself is created sublime. So you have a about 20, maybe 30 cm high located pitching green.

Short and tricky, this is the short description of the plant. And seems particularly tricky path to a 7. The route to green measures 52 meters, the shortest distance on the course. Of these, the first 40 meters so "tunneled" with a fence, shrubs and trees, that one has the impression that William Tell would have designed this narrow alley. And it applies here - cool down the pace!

8 track surprises with a biotope in the middle of the track. Placed so you see only the flag for target acquisition. Again, the 102 meters with three blows will be defeated. One finally reaches the vicinity of the green, so you can learn on the approach that the Green is also increased and was also built convex. So there is a huge green spots, from the center out peeps the flag. Here you have his pitcher, then have his putter and finally his muscles under control. Otherwise you always play over the mountain over and over again back and forth over the pimples and again ... ;-)

The final hole is 71 meters in length and a pond behind the green uncomplicated Hole. As for all the tracks is also par 3

Then you can simply start again at 1 discount if you had solved a day pass. In most cases you get better scores in the second round, because you're now familiar with all features. At this rate I find a Ben Hogan: "Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing."

The conclusion of a double pass at pitch and putt could be as follows. For absolute zero point incompetents in golf the course is gorgeous! For beginners and intermediate space is a challenge because it requires precise short game. For advanced users and those who have even left this status already behind him, the place could be a lower demand, although a session every now and again may seem sensible in terms of short strokes.

The state of the system is good. The place made a very neat impression. For golfers in newbie status highly recommended.

Here's the scorecard as. jpg image:

http://www. ZumoDrive. com/share/7WinZTViOW

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